HTV began broadcasting as Harlech Television in 1968. A dual region, they had a licence to produce a service both for Wales (HTV Wales) and for the West of England (HTV West), although in later years this split would mainly be on a programming basis with branding remaining the same between both areas. The station remained largely independent until 1997 when it became part of United News and Media, owners of Anglia and Meridian.

UNM later sold their television interests to Granada, requiring HTV to be passed to Carlton instead to satisfy limits on how much of the network one company could own. With the later removal of those limits, HTV became part of ITV plc after their merger and the brand was dropped from the main channel in favour of 'ITV Wales' or the regular 'ITV' brand. The original broadcast area has changed with the ownership changes with Wales now still being run as a region, and the former West patch being merged with the original Westcountry to be run as part of an enlarged ITV West Country region.

HTV (Next) - 1989

May 1989 from HTV, and continuity over a computer generated next slide for the station.

HTV (Drama) - 1996

An HTV 'Drama' themed programme-genre ident from 1996. This was one of several idents from the mid 90s which broke from just the regular HTV logo to highlight different types of programming. Here it is used into an airing of Heartbeat.

HTV (Promo) - Christmas 1996

HTV's Christmas 1996 presentation featured stop-motion popup books, quite rare to see in the 90s era of glossy 3D rendered graphics. Here it is seen leading in to a rundown promo for Christmas Day shows, with some of the most realistic snow effects ever seen (which do play havoc with less than perfect reception).

HTV (Promo) - Christmas 1996

The HTV Christmas 1996 popup style applied to a promotion for a Boxing Day Lee Evans show this time round.

HTV (Next) - Christmas 1996

From the HTV Christmas 1996 package, a slide telling us what's coming up next.

HTV (Next) - 1997

A similar style of next slide for HTV, just without the Christmas branding. During this era, genres of programming would appear on the slides too, here promoting news.

HTV - 1997

A watery form-up of gold letters on blue for this end of 1997 ident. Although festive branding was in place on the trailers and slides, this ident was not festively adorned.

HTV (Drama) - 1997

Late 1997 and programme genre idents are still around, only now they've had a makeover. Now looking much closer to the yellow ident that would finally follow in 1999, albeit with more water ripple effects added in. This variant is for Drama, and retains the same music as the 1996 example.

HTV (Entertainment) - 1997

Also in the new yellow ripple style, an upbeat ident for 'Entertainment' - with a music track that almost sounds like it escaped from Central's audio library.

HTV (Next - Entertainment) - 1997

Similar to the ident set, the next boards from 1997 on HTV also had genre theming added to them. Here the channel promotes an Entertainment show next.

HTV (Next - Drama) - 1997

Another next board, this time drama themed.

HTV (Later) - 1997

Part of a very complete presentation kit in 1997, this short sequence gives details of a show coming up later on HTV.

HTV (Promo) - 1997

One of a few examples of late 1997 promotions from HTV now. Promos in this era used several variations of animation and wipes all based around the HTV logo set against a yellow background. Video was then usually mixed into the triangular segments. In this trailer, two different dramas on that evening are promoted.

HTV (Promo) - 1997

A shorter trailer for Talking Telephone Numbers - this time with no opening HTV branding, but closing endboard.

HTV (Promo) - 1997

Both starting and ending graphics on this trailer for Dover, complete with the 'New' text. Although this time the endboard is a slightly less integrated looking clockwipe effort.

HTV (Promo) - 1997

Another variation on endboard style to promote Jack Dee's latest show. No fullscreen yellow. This time some blue triangles just slide on from the bottom left.

HTV (Next) - Christmas 1997

Christmas branding in place on this HTV next slide from 1997.

HTV (Promo) - Christmas 1997

Promoting a movie on New Years Day was this trailer, although not looking particularly festively branded. Mind this was the 90s when Christmas branding didn't generally last a month.

HTV (Promo) - Christmas 1997

A trailer for an HTV programme only a day earlier on New Years Eve however is still fully covered in festive branding with both presents and decorations appearing.

HTV - 1999

A shortlived change of colours for HTV from 1999 in what was to be their last ident before generic and Carlton hearts took hold. Everything is now blue on gold.

HTV - 1999

A different audio track over this otherwise identical 1999 ident from HTV.

HTV - 1999

Another variation of the soundtrack on HTV's last ident from 1999, here being used to lead into the national news.

HTV (Next) - 1999

Although the full generic idents may not have arrived yet, by mid 1999 the ITV Hearts look had firmly taken hold everywhere else. HTV still had next slides at this time, but they were now following the hearts style from the network.

HTV (Next) - 1999

A darker hearts-themed next slide for HTV, dating from a few days before the main hearts idents would launch on the station.

HTV (Next) - 1999

A yellow hearts-branded next slide for HTV, with a reminder on how to claim on your warranty if you're not entirely happy with your programme that evening.

HTV (Menu) - 1999

Hearts branding for a Thursday Evening Menu on HTV West, giving us a rundown of some of the shows coming up. With an episode of The Bill being a change to the listings.

HTV (Promo) - 1999

Promos for HTV were by now coming from the Network Promotions Unit in London, just with HTV branding still replacing much of the ITV branding. This led to 2 slightly different styles of promotion depending on whether a promotion was local or from the network. This one shows a locally produced promotion for HTV with a smaller logo and their web address appearing at the end.

HTV (Promo) - 1999

Coincidentally another trailer for an animal show, only this time it's a trailer from the network. The block for the HTV logo in the corner appears larger suggesting they were covering the ITV logo at the time and no local web address appears.

HTV (Rugby World Cup Break) - 1999

A specially tweaked HTV break bumper to mark the 1999 Rugby World Cup, which was being held in Wales that year.

HTV (Crimestoppers) - 1999

Another community slot, Crimestoppers, was usually a serious and gritty affair. But HTV West decide to try and add some excitement and faster paced music to the slot in this film from 1999.

HTV (Fairground) - 2000

HTV was one of the many regions to adopt the generic hearts idents when they finally arrived in late 1999, replacing the short lived local blue-on-gold ident that had been introduced earlier the same year. The fairground variant of the hearts formup seen here. Although HTV initially used the same hearts idents that had been used on the Granada and UNM stations, they would switch to using a modified Carlton set later in the hearts era after a change in owners.

HTV (Lines Purple) - 2000

The overnight automation wasn't always the best timed as no one would ever be watching at that time of night. So crashing here into the generic purple lines version of the hearts ident on HTV.

HTV (Lines Orange) - 2000

From the middle of the afternoon when station staffing was a bit better, a somewhat tidier cut into the orange lines version of the hearts ident.

HTV (Weekday Promo) - 2000

A promo for weekdays on HTV, specifically in the West region. With an endboard based upon the purple hearts background.

HTV (NPU Promo - Year of Promise) - 2000

To highlight ITV's 'Year of Promise' in 2000, specially branded endboards were added to the end of every trailer supplied by the NPU in London. With the flop of the whole Year of Promise project on the network these were to be shortlived, reverting to regular branded ITV endboards by the summer. HTV continued to overlay their logo in the top left throughout this era, but left the network endboards intact.

HTV (Year of Promise Report) - 2000

HTV West's local news programme gets on the 'Year of Promise' train in 2000 with a special report on one of the many things done as part of that region's involvement in the campaign. Complete with more of the special Year of Promise branding, just with a slight HTV twist. And a web address that includes a stray dot at the end.

HTV (NPU Promo) - 2000

Network Promotion Unit produced trailers continued in a similar style into 2000 on HTV as they'd done the previous year. With the HTV logo appearing top left, before using the main ITV branded endboards, here having dropped the 'Year of Promise' styling by May 2000.

HTV (Break) - 2000

HTV received its own version of the 'splash' hearts break bumper, as part of the second generic look for the network. Unlike some regions which only contained the 'ITV' name, HTV remains prominently featured here. These didn't appear on the channel until the main heart idents also launched, in contrast to some regions which received them a year earlier.

HTV (Next) - 2000

An updated next slide design for HTV after the launch of the hearts idents, now featuring the blue hearts background, and the updated logo that came with the idents. Although the HTV logo itself had been the same between their Wales and West variants since the early 90s, the slide does reference the HTV West web address.

HTV (Community) - 2000

A reminder of some of the regional service commitments that were still in place for the ITV regions even into the new millenium here with an HTV Community Service Announcement. Still being produced on a budget of 10p as they had been forever.

HTV - Christmas 2000

Christmas 2000 on HTV saw a festive addition to presentation. A small adaption was made to the regular lines formup to add in the clockwork robin that had already been seen in use on the network trailer style for that year, as well as reintroducing a remixed version of the hearts jingle that had first been used on HTV the previous Christmas.

HTV (Promo) - Christmas 2000

From Christmas 2000, the main promotional style for ITV that year featured a clockwork robin hopping around in various guises. The HTV logo continued to be overlaid over the ITV one on trailers, albeit with the colours now reversed to yellow on blue.

HTV (Promo) - Christmas 2000

An alternative trailer with a different festive opening animation, and no use of the standard hearts endboard.



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