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Abbey National - 1986

An Abbey National ad from the eighties... ooh remember those interest rates though!

Abbey National - 1997

For a time in the late 90s, Abbey National took on Alan Davies as the leading face of the bank. Here he appears alongside a cat and a group of bikers in a rural pub.

Access - 1988

Access Card in 1988 promotes their use in international markets, as part of the attempt to grow the Mastercard name some years before it would take over globally.

Access - 1991

An animated tray of seafood helps advertise Access card in 1991, this time with the slogan 'does you does or does you don't take Access'. And some people say English language standards have slipped!

Action for Jobs - 1987

During the 80s, when unemployment was at a terribly high rate, the ever-helpful UK government brought out... a leaflet. Perhaps not a brilliant scheme, but the overexagerrated screaming makes this an interesting ad.

After Eight - 2000

Stephen Fry and Naomi Campbell have a dinner party with a selection of historical figures, all in order to promote After Eight chocolates.

Agfa Film - 1990

Many people still remember 35mm film for cameras with great fondness. However far fewer remember that at one time such films were big enough to kidnap a fully grown adult woman! Here's a reminder from Agfa.

All Bran - 1992

All Bran - 1997

Allinson Bread - 1993

Allinson reminding us in no uncertain terms that 'Its bread wi' nowt taken 'owt'... (and they dont make Brown!)

Alive Yoghurts - 1992

Cool it brothers - it's 3am. The yoghurts are having a party downstairs but it's keeping the fridge magnets awake. Hey I only commentate on these things, I don't write the advert script!

Ambrosia Devon Custard - 1991

Ambrosia Creamed Rice - 1999

What better way to celebrate Ambrosia Creamed Rice than with a train station (intended to look like Paddington, but actually St Pancras due to refurbishment at the time), a farmer riding a cow, and a cover of Village People’s Go West?

Amstrad PC 1512 - 1987

Back from the days when Lord Sugar's company made more than just Sky boxes, this man has £450 to spend a computer, so why not buy himself an Amstrad? In a throwback to The Generation Game.

Anchor Butter - 1988

An earlier 'singing cows' advert for Anchor Butter, from 1988. Computer video animation isn't quite as advanced at this point, so a lot more looping of shots is used to try and create the effect of the cows singing.

Anchor Butter - 1991

Football fever strikes the Anchor singing cows in 1991, as the video animation continues to improve.

Anchor Butter - 1993

The anchor cows sing, as they do battle against the evil lawnmower taking all of their grass. There's some serious stuff going down in fields these days!

Anchor Butter - 1994

1994, and in a later Anchor advert the cows sing a different song. Perhaps attempting to animate in additional lip motion wasn't the best plan.

Anchor Dairy Cream - 1992

Not a talking cow in sight for another product from Anchor. But there are a lot of cats. ALL THE CATS!

Andrex - 1987

Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk meets The Andrex Puppy. It's the crossover everyone has been waiting for!

Andrex - Christmas 1991

This advert for Andrex originally aired with a more sedate soundtrack in the early 80s, featuring a puppy and a duck interacting in the snow. However it was the later remix of it which saw the visuals teamed up with 'Merry Christmas Everybody' by Slade as well as adding the poignant Dogs Trust message about a 'Puppy Is For Life Not Just for Christmas' that became much better remembered. Becoming a recurring feature of British Christmas television for many years to follow.

Andrex - 2001

A much smaller plant for the ageless Andrex puppy to deal with this time round.

Angel Delight - 1995

An advert for the well-known dessert, here showing an alternative and somewhat questionable production method of vibrating a cow.

Appletise - 1990

A jolly little song to advertise the drink 'Appletise' in 1990. At this point the drink hadn't adopted the ending R of the international name due a trademark dispute with the owners of Tizer. However the drink would eventually be renamed in the early 2000s.

Aquafresh - 1994

A fondly remembered animated campaign for Aquafresh from the mid 90s, using the tagline 'Not Just a Pretty Paste'.

Argos - 1987

An Argos ad from the late 80s... with a song telling us how 'it's so easy' to shop with them.

Argos - 1997

10 years later with Argos and you'd be forgiven for thinking it was 10 years earlier. Out are moving shots and cheerful jingles in favour of a series of static product shots with a voiceover in 1997.

Argos - 2000

A refreshed logo and brash colours as Argos welcomes in the new millennium, with Whatever You Want from Status Quo used as a backing track.

Asda - 1991

One of a series of adverts for Asda from the early 90s, using Perfect from Fairground Attraction as a backing track. Plenty of 'everyday life' shots mixed in with items you could buy from Asda. Budding ident designers the world over may have been looking at this and thinking 'hmm, random lifestyle shots. Could we make channel idents out of this?..'.

Asda - 1991

An advert for Asda from the very early 90s. At the time the chain was undergoing a lot of financial issues behind the scenes, but it didn't stop them knocking 9p off a tin of soup! The style of this continues the style of the previous, and use of the song 'Perfect', only this time features more practical pricing shots rather than vague lifestyle ones.

Atari ST - 1990

An advert for the Atari ST from 1990, showcasing its variety of capabilities. Being 5 years since the release of the original version by this point, the specific model mentioned is one of the later revisions which came with a built in floppy drive, the Atari 520STFM.


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