Drama launched in it's current form in July 2013 (although a UKTV Drama channel had existed a decade prior), and currently broadcasts free to air on Freeview as well as being available on satellite and cable. As the name implies, Drama is designed to be UKTV's home for bigger drama related shows, although some comedies also turn up on the channel.

The channel's logo as of 2017 is a large purple D with the word 'Drama' underneath, and much of the other channel presentation features hints of this shade of purple.

Drama (Bath - Short) - 2017

Idents on Drama are a mix of scenes without much of a common theme, with the Drama logo fading in over the end seconds. In this one, a bath full of soapy water overflows. Possibly the same bath that has been running since UK Gold's breakdown captions in 2003. Short version of this ident.

Drama (Pier - Short) - 2017

Short version of the ident with the man looking out from a pier to sea.

Drama (Pier - Long) - 2017

The long version of the pier ident for Drama, and with those extra seconds available to him the man casts a stone out into the sea.

Drama (Field - Short) - 2017

A man walks through a field towards a woman, with flowers behind his back in this short Drama ident.

Drama (Field - Long) - 2017

Drama (Study Telephone - Short) - 2017

A ransacked study with the sound of the phone off the hook appear in the short version of this Drama ident.

Drama (Staircase - Short) - 2017

A woman climbs a staircase in the short version of this ident.

Drama (Staircase - Long) - 2017

The long version of the staircase ident is essentially the same only features... well... more stairs!

Drama (Garden - Short) - 2017

A short version of an ident, this time overlooking a garden with washing blowing in the wind.

Drama (Car Park) - 2018

One of two idents reserved for use in post 9pm junctions. A crime scene in a multi-story car park features in this Drama ident, introduced alongside the other original idents in the set.

Drama (Bedroom Window) - 2018

Another of the post-9pm idents for Drama. This time a man watches out of his bedroom window at night

Drama (Break - UKTV) - 2017

The UKTV Network (netowork anyone?) branded version of the breakbumper for Drama, with Drama being the centred channel in the ring this time.

Drama (Break - Car Park) - 2017

An indoor car park features in the background of this Drama break bumper.

Drama (Bumper - Rain) - 2017

A slightly longer bumper to give time for the channel's tagline to be read as well set against a rainy nighttime scene.

Drama (Break - Field) - 2017

Another Drama bumper, this time based around the field ident.

Drama (Break - Sea) - 2017

Looking out to sea in this Drama bumper.

Drama (Break - On Demand) - 2017

Set by a beach, this time the bumper includes additional promotion for UKTV's On Demand service.

Drama (ECP) - 2017

Like other UKTV channels, Drama has both network branded ECPs and its own station branded ones. The Drama branded version of the ECP is shown here.

Drama (Promo) - 2017

An example of a programme trailer for Drama, here promoting them going back to the very beginning of airings with The Bill. There are a selection of standard endboards using similar imagery to the idents and break bumpers to choose from.

Drama (Promo - Season) - 2017

Drama (Summer Promo) - 2018

For Summer 2018, Drama launched a new campaign to promote their Summer Weekend classics. Bringing in the stars of many of the shows and filming them in an appropriately summery setting. In this short version of a promo, they start naming some of the shows you'll be able to see over the season.

Drama (Summer Promo) - 2018

Actually promoting a specific show this time around, this summer trailer from Drama focuses on Inspector Lynley Mysteries.

Drama (Summer Ident - Mark) - 2018

Mark Williams of Father Brown fame stars in a short special ident for Drama, following the style of the summer weekends promo campaign, and aired here on July 8th 2018. The short idents all designed for the 10 second runtime use the same footage as the longer show intros, just removing any talk from the actors, and adding the Drama logo over the end. Although a short film with the channel logo on it, used to lead into a programme, this may not be referred to as an ident officially - Similar to how I sometimes decide to call my spades a sporde instead. You're welcome to decide yourself on that one though!

Drama (Summer Ident - Sharon) - 2018

Another of the somewhat elusive short Summer Weekend Idents for Drama. Generally being aired before shows unrelated to the star of them. This time the form up features shots of Sharon Small from Inspector Lynley Mysteries before finishing on the Drama logo.

Drama (Summer Intro - Sharon) - 2018

Used occasionally to lead into one of the actual Summer Weekend shows are short introductions where the actors talk about their time on the show. Largely these are a collection of the same soundbites that have already heard in the Summer trailers, just now sandwiched between a regular Drama channel ident and a seperate Drama bumper, rather than being used as an ident directly like the short versions before unrelated shows are. Sharon Small from Inspector Lynley Mysteries appears in this one again.

Drama (Summer Intro - Martin) - 2018

Martin Shaw, star of Inspector George Gently, provides another introduction to sit between ident and dumper on Drama. Talking about his memories of his time on the show, between shots of him playing cricket.

Drama (Summer Ident - Lee) - 2018

Lee Ingleby appears in another short Summer Weekend Ident for Drama, with him busy fishing on a lake. Ingleby appears here due to his role as John Bacchus in Inspector George Gently.

Drama (Summer Bumper) - 2018

A short Summer Weekend break bumper starring Lee Ingleby. The bumpers appear sporadically around a small number of breaks, with regular Drama bumpers used the rest of the time.

Drama (Summer Intro - Lee) - 2018

Lee Ingleby (not Martin Shaw as the pre-recorded continuity announced) provides the opener to sit between ident and bumper on another Summer Weekend. Talking about Inspector George Gently some more.

Drama (Summer Ident - Martin) - 2018

Martin Shaw's short summer ident for Drama, used due to his appearances in Inspector George Gently and Judge John Deed. Similar to the others, the ident is a cutdown version of the filmed show intro, minus any talking and with the Drama logo overlaid at the end.

Drama (Summer Intro - Martin) - 2018

A second intro from Martin Shaw for Drama. This time based around the show Judge John Deed where Shaw had played the title character.

Drama (Summer Ident - Sara) - 2018

Another short ident for Drama, this time featuring Sara Martins who'd played Camille Bordey in the series Death in Paradise. Sara is filmed relaxing by a pool to give the summer feel.

Drama (Summer Intro - Sara) - 2018

The longer pre-show Summer Drama intro for Sara Martins. Again featuring several shots filmed by a pool, only this time with added scenes of her talking about her time on Death in Paradise.

Drama (Summer Ident - Jenny) - 2018

Jenny Agutter features in another short summer ident for Drama. Chosen primarily due to her appearance in the series Call The Midwife, which was aired as part of the Summer Weekends strand on the channel.

Drama (Summer Intro - Jenny) - 2018

The longer Summer Weekends intro featuring Jenny Agutter. With the actress talking about what she thinks people like about Call The Midwife, inbetween shots of her gardening.

Drama (Candle) - Christmas 2018

Drama's Christmas 2018 idents first went to air on December 17th featuring simple, but cosy, festive scenes. Enjoying some time by a warming fire with candles in the foreground in this first one.

Drama (Present) - Christmas 2018

A second Christmas 2018 ident for Drama, this time panning past a large present with out of focus lights in the background.

Drama (Tree) - Christmas 2018

One more cosy Christmas 2018 ident for Drama, and this around time it's a tree in the foreground.

Drama (Summer Evenings Promo) - 2019

Special presentation was introduced on Drama for Summer 2019 to mark a special 'Summer Evenings' season starting on 15th July. This was in a similar vein to what they'd done the previous summer, except no longer just for weekends (and tucked away in obscure morning junctions). Various actors from shows shown on the channel have gathered at a summer party. This presentation was used across promos, idents and breakbumpers for the season.

Drama (Summer Evenings) - 2019

A special ident from Drama for their 'Summer Evenings' season, airing from 15th July 2019. Notable for being some of the first special idents to appear on a UKTV station since the BBC Studios/Discovery split the prior month.

Drama (Summer Evenings) - 2019

A second special ident from Drama for their 'Summer Evenings' season, this time featuring swinging in slow motion in the garden.

Drama (Summer Evenings) - 2019

A third special 'Summer Evenings' ident from Drama for July 2019. This time mostly focused on actor Martin Shaw dancing at the garden party.

Drama (Summer Evenings) - 2019

Ident 4 for Drama's 'Summer Evenings' strand features Danny John-Jules, actor in the series Death In Paradise which the ident here introduces.

Drama (Summer Evenings Break) - 2019

A themed break bumper for Drama's 'Summer Evenings' season. The special break bumpers are usually based on the same scenes as the idents, just re-edited slightly different or at a later point. Here a scene slightly further on from the 'swing' ident appears.

Drama (Summer Evenings Break) - 2019

Another special break bumper to mark Drama's 'Summer Evenings' season, based on the same footage as the dancing ident.

Drama (Festive Promo) - Christmas 2019

For Christmas 2019, Drama largely repeated their Summer Season approach. With a bunch of actors from largely the same shows as usual filmed talking about their time on their shows, only this time filmed in a more wintery surrounding. This was used to produce an extended promo used throughout December, with edited segments being used for idents into the featured shows themselves appearing later.

Drama (Father Brown) - Christmas 2019

Sorcha Cusack appears in this Christmas Drama ident, based around the show 'Father Brown', using sequences edited from the extended promo. This ident appeared on air from around the 21st December 2019.

Drama (Death in Paradise) - Christmas 2019

Another Drama ident cut from the Christmas Promo, this time featuring Chris Marshall from Death in Paradise.

Drama (Summer Evenings) - 2020

Drama returns with special 'Summer Evenings' presentation into the same collection of programmes for Summer 2020. This year, most likely due to the impact of COVID, no people feature, and instead its a solely graphical affair.

Drama (Summer Evenings Break) - 2020

A specially branded 'Summer Evenings' break bumper from Drama for 2020, following the same collage style as the promos and main ident, only focused on a particular programme instead. This time 'Death In Paradise'.

Drama - Christmas 2020

After several weeks of teasing in trailers, Drama's full festive presentation went to air on December 21st. Featuring scenes made up from lights against a wall.

Drama - Christmas 2020

Another Christmas 2020 ident from Drama, made up from light cast against objects and walls.

Drama (Promo) - Christmas 2020

The full version of the festive 2020 promo for Drama. Still promoting the same four shows as every other special season on the channel, just using a light-cast-on-wall style.

Drama (International Women's Day) - 2021

To mark IWD on March 8th 2021, UKTV handed over continuity on all their channels to female members of the team, as well as dedicating the schedules and presentation of subscription channel W to celebrating women. Drama avoided continuity at all in many of their earlier daytime junctions, in keeping with the usual channel policy, however Emma popped up into the 1pm junction to mark the day. And get used to this particular Drama ident...

Drama (International Women's Day) - 2021

Another special International Women's Day announcement from Chloe on Drama, aired here into the 3.20pm junction on the channel.

Drama (International Women's Day) - 2021

Cheryl provides special IWD continuity for the 5.20pm junction on Drama. Yes, over that same ident again.

Drama (International Women's Day) - 2021

For the 7.20pm junction on Drama, Marina provides special namechecked continuity to mark International Women's Day on the channel.

Drama (Jonathan Creek Intro) - 2021

Following the approach from their Summer Seasons in previous years, for 2021 to mark the airing of Jonathan Creek on the channel, Drama put together a trailer featuring actor Alan Davies. As well as this, short anecdote films were put together to air between the Drama ident and the show itself featuring talk of time on the show.

Drama (Blossoms) - 2022

In late April 2022 a small set of extra idents were added to Drama. All featuring scenes depicted in slow motion, they were initially mixed in alongside the existing ident set for the channel. Blossoms fall in the garden of a manor house in the scene for this ident.

Drama (Chase) - 2022

A night time police chase in the rain features in this Drama ident, introduced from April 2022.

Drama (Street) - 2022

A bright street scene features in another ident for Drama introduced in April 2022.

Drama (Queen Minute Silence) - 2022

Like the rest of the UKTV network, and many other broadcasters, Drama joined in the one minute silence for Queen Elizabeth II at 8pm on September 18th 2022. Special presentation was used to lead in to this.



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