Drama launched in it's current form in July 2013 (although a UKTV Drama channel had existed a decade prior), and currently broadcasts free to air on Freeview as well as being available on satellite and cable. As the name implies, Drama is designed to be UKTV's home for bigger drama related shows, although some comedies also turn up on the channel.

The channel's logo as of 2017 is a large purple D with the word 'Drama' underneath, and much of the other channel presentation features hints of this shade of purple.

Drama (Bath - Short) - 2017

Idents on Drama are a mix of scenes without much of a common theme, with the Drama logo fading in over the end seconds. In this one, a bath full of soapy water overflows. Possibly the same bath that has been running since UK Gold's breakdown captions in 2003. Short version of this ident.

Drama (Pier - Short) - 2017

Short version of the ident with the man looking out from a pier to sea.

Drama (Pier - Long) - 2017

The long version of the pier ident for Drama, and with those extra seconds available to him the man casts a stone out into the sea.

Drama (Field - Short) - 2017

A man walks through a field towards a woman, with flowers behind his back in this short Drama ident.

Drama (Field - Long) - 2017

The longer version of the field ident for Drama.

Drama (Study Telephone - Short) - 2017

A ransacked study with the sound of the phone off the hook appear in the short version of this Drama ident.

Drama (Staircase - Short) - 2017

A woman climbs a staircase in the short version of this ident.

Drama (Staircase - Long) - 2017

The long version of the staircase ident is essentially the same only features... well... more stairs!

Drama (Garden - Short) - 2017

A short version of an ident, this time overlooking a garden with washing blowing in the wind.

Drama (Break - UKTV) - 2017

The UKTV Network (netowork anyone?) branded version of the breakbumper for Drama, with Drama being the centred channel in the ring this time.

Drama (Break - Car Park) - 2017

An indoor car park features in the background of this Drama break bumper.

Drama (Bumper - Rain) - 2017

A slightly longer bumper to give time for the channel's tagline to be read as well set against a rainy nighttime scene.

Drama (Break - Field) - 2017

Another Drama bumper, this time based around the field ident.

Drama (Break - Sea) - 2017

Looking out to sea in this Drama bumper.

Drama (Break - On Demand) - 2017

Set by a beach, this time the bumper includes additional promotion for UKTV's On Demand service.

Drama (ECP) - 2017

Like other UKTV channels, Drama has both network branded ECPs and its own station branded ones. The Drama branded version of the ECP is shown here.

Drama (Promo) - 2017

An example of a programme trailer for Drama, here promoting them going back to the very beginning of airings with The Bill. There are a selection of standard endboards using similar imagery to the idents and break bumpers to choose from.

Drama (Promo - Season) - 2017

A broader promotion for Drama, showcasing what's new that season on the channel.



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