BBC Sport - 1994

The BBC corporate sport ident from the mid-90s. A brilliant piece of music accompanies what looks like an old logo for Ariel Automatic.

BBC Snooker - 1994

BBC Embassy World Snooker... from the Crucible Theatre, Sheffield!

Eurosport 2003

And now for a collection short idents from British Eurosport, all sent in by Iam Burn. Each of them features animated figures in sporting situations.

Eurosport 2003

Version 2...

Eurosport 2003

About to kick a ball...

Eurosport 2003

A running variant.

Eurosport 2003

A 5th version, with some hurdling.

Eurosport 2003

This time our sporting stick-man hero plays tennis.

Eurosport 2003

Another tennis variant, this time hitting the camera.

Eurosport 2003

Another tennis version. I almost have to think this little stick guy cannot be serious!

Eurosport 2003

Hammer throwing this time.

BBC Euro - 2004

Euro 2004 from the BBC, sent in by Iam again.

BBC Sport (Promo) - 1999

Promoting their upcoming Wimbledon coverage, a BBC Sport branded promotion from June 1999.

BBC News Channel (Sportsday) - 2013

To fill the regional slot on the News Channel simulcasts of the main BBC One bulletins, an extended version of their sports news coverage is presented from studios up in Salford, with branding more closely aligned to BBC Sport than BBC News. The opening titles to Sportsday from 2013.

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