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Nationwide Anglia - 1990

Smith and Jones reprise their 'talking heads' setup, albeit less comedic than usual to plug the Nationwide in 1990. At this point in time, the building society was going by the name 'Nationwide Anglia', following their merger with Anglia Building Society in 1987. They would revert to their more commonly known name in 1992.

Nationwide - 1992

People from all professions, such as Photographers from Ilford and Builders from Hammersmith visit their branch of Nationwide (back under the building society's familiar name by this point), along with a little song. One of several songs using stop motion put together in the early 90s.

Nationwide - 1998

Are you a Dunroamin or a Letsby Avenue? Another stop motion advert from the Nationwide from 1998, this time focussing on mortgages from the building society. This advert had originally aired at the same time as the above one in early 90s, before being brought back several years later with only a few slightly tweaked lyrics, a new singer and the addition of references to their website.

Nationwide - 1998

Another jolly little tune and stop motion for the Nationwide Building Society, produced a little later than some of their others as it now includes showing some of their non-branch services, such as internet and phone-banking, presented in a lighthearted way! Watch out for the Ghoulies and Ghosties!

National Lottery - 1995

One of the National Lottery ads, where we had the giant hand going 'It's You!!'. This one involves 'a little black dress', and was one of the funnier ones.

National Lottery - 1997

National Savings - 1994

Angus Deayton provides the narration over animation based upon Gary Larson's The Far Side comic strip series, originally from the early 80s. Here it's all being used to promote National Savings and Investments and how they can help you survive the financial jungle.

Natrel Plus Antiperspirant - 1992

Defunct antiperspirant product Natrel Plus advertises how to fool a pack of wolves in the early 90s.

Natwest - 1987

Natwest advertises their banks opening on Saturdays. Well, this was revolutionary at the time.

Natwest - 1990

Some well known faces of the time make appearances in this 1990 ad for Natwest, as the bank encourages you not to ask for impartial advice from biased people.

Natwest - 1991

In the early 90s, Crockett's Theme by Jan Hammer, originally written for Miami Vice, found itself being used for a series of campaigns for Natwest. In this one, a small business adviser reminisces about how his father made many mistakes as a small business owner, with his greengrocers ultimately being replaced by a video shop. They'd not quite predicted video shops would soon be replaced by the internet at this point!

Natwest - 1991

Another Natwest advert from the long running campaign using Crockett's Theme. Titled 'The Frog', this time around it focuses on a story of longer opening times for branches, and how they'd enable the local teacher to get to a bank before it closes now.

Natwest - 1993

In the years long before Brexit became a hot topic, Natwest advertise their new software to help businesses navigate the upcoming changes to the European Single Market. Full of positivity at the time with grey clouds and grainy footage, you could almost mistake it for a Eurosceptic Party Political Broadcast were it not for the solemn remix of Crockett's Theme in the background.

Nescafe Gold Blend - 1984

Ah those dark days of the mid-80s, when it was still fine to suggest that the main thing a woman at a fancy dinner would be concerned about would be the gold jewellery she was wearing. Lots of such gold abound in this advert for Nescafé Gold Blend.

Nescafe - 1989

This Nescafe ad stars Paul Eddington and Derek Fowlds, reuniting their on-screen partnership from the BBC series Yes Minister.

Nescafé - 1990

The late Richard Briers and Penelope Wilton, who had appeared together in Ever Decreasing Circles in the 80s, appear here in another sitcom-inspired commercial for the coffee brand.

Nescafé - 1990

Richard Briers and Penelope Wilton, of Ever Decreasing Circles fame, appear again in another advert for Nescafe.

Nescafé Gold Blend - 1990

Back with the 'Gold Blend' side of Nescafé in 1990, and it's an advert from the more well remembered 'Gold Blend Couple' campaign. Featuring Anthony Head and Sharon Maughan, the 'will they, won't they' storyline ran from 1987 through until 1993.

Nescafé - 1991

Nescafe - 1995

...and a much later ad for Nescafe.

Nescafé - 2001

Martin Clunes, or Men Behaving Badly fame, becomes the new celebrity face for Nescafé's coffee in 2001.

Newcastle Exhibition - 1990

Gelsen Kirchen is looking for a place to become twinned with, but the deciding factor is the beer. The actual Gelsenkirchen in Germany has been twinned with Newcastle Upon Tyne since 1948. Newcastle Exhibition was originally brewed within the region, but production was moved with sales and mergers of the breweries in the 2000s.

News of the World - Christmas 1992

Nike Airmax - 1993

Basketball player Charles Barkley kills the ref... opera style!

Nokia - 1995

Long before they were pushed off the mobile scene somewhat by new players like Apple come a few adverts from Nokia's heyday. First a short one from 1995 showing how you can use your Nokia to access all those things you need on your laptop.

Nokia - 1996

A longer advert for Nokia from 1996 going into more detail on the value of communication and keeping it simple.

Northern Electric - 1991

Heating from Northern Electric. Im sure I recognise the voice-over (Was he not on a Dettol advert at some point)

Northern Electric - 1995

A later heating ad from Northern Electric. This time the voiceover is provided by Victoria Wood.


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