BBC Alba

BBC Alba is a Gaelic language channel jointly owned by the BBC and MG Alba. Launched on 19th September 2008 on Digital Satellite, Cable and Freeview in Scotland, it features a mix of new and classic shows either produced exclusively in Scottish Gaelic, or redubbed in the language. BBC News, CBBC and CBeebies all have strands on the channel, as well as it showing live coverage of several sports. In its lifetime the channel has had 2 looks, the most recent having launched in September 2018 to mark their 10th anniversary.

BBC Alba (Countdown) - 2019

To fill junctions where not enough trailers are available, BBC Alba have extended countdowns available, looking like they may have escaped from schools programming in the 90s. Timelapse shots of various locations around Scotland feature to fill the space. Add your own windmills and 'Digital Widescreen Test' graphics.

BBC Alba - Christmas 2019/2020

BBC Alba's Christmas 2019 ident featured wintery scenes and a lovely horse. You could almost write a song about it! This ident returned for a second Christmas in 2020, first appearing on November 23rd 2020.

BBC Alba (Last Anno 2019) - 2019

BBC Alba is an unsual channel in the BBC stable for still featuring in-vision continuity. The final announcement for 2019 on BBC Alba was made in-vision into the 11.30pm junction on 31st December leading into their ceilidh show, followed by a short edit of their Christmas ident.

BBC Alba (Queensferry Crossing - Mid) - 2020

Regular channel idents on BBC Alba from the 2018 package feature location footage of well known Scottish places, each with a colour tint and the BBC Alba logo overlaid at the end, and can be seen in various length edits. In the 20 second edit of this ident, nighttime shots of the Queensferry Crossing bridge between Edinburgh and Fife feature. A small selection of idents existed at launch, with more added to the set over time.

BBC Alba (Fishing - Mid) - 2020

A fishing trawler is the focus of this BBC Alba ident, with a matching blue tint applied.

BBC Alba (Glasgow - Long) - 2020

Various shots from around Glasgow, including the City Union Bridge and the Glasgow Science Centre, feature in another BBC Alba ident. A longer edit version at 30 seconds.

BBC Alba (Bass Rock - Mid) - 2020

BBC Alba (Autumn Loch - Mid) - 2020

People and autumnal colours around the waterside feature in this BBC Alba ident. Another mid-length edit at 20 seconds.

BBC Alba (Music - Mid) - 2020

A music gig provides the scene for this BBC Alba ident, in the mid-length variant here.

BBC Alba (Menu) - 2020

The menu style for BBC Alba uses more cuts from ident footage, with the channel graphics overlaid.

BBC Alba (Menu) - 2020

Another menu from BBC Alba, this time using footage from the 'Fishing' ident as a background.

BBC Alba (Promo) - 2020

An example of the 2020 promo style for BBC Alba, featuring similar graphics and colours as used elsewhere in their presentation package.

BBC Alba (Promo) - 2020

Another promo from BBC Alba, using a different coloured endboard from the available palette for the channel.

CBBC Alba - 2020

BBC Alba's own block of programming for older children shares branding from the main CBBC, with the simple addition of 'Alba' wording. Here a looped version of the CBBC graphical ident used for countdowns into the programming, along with the invision studio.

BBC Alba (Countdown) - 2021

BBC Alba saw a small refresh to its presentation on October 20th 2021 to bring in the new BBC blocks style that had been launched across other channels that same day. An updated version of the countdown for the channel.

BBC Alba (Menu) - 2021

The updated menu style for BBC Alba from October 2021 saw the bespoke look for the menu based around the large 'X' graphic ditched in favour of big text and bold colours, now more inkeeping with the other refreshed BBC channels.

BBC Alba (Fishing) - 2021

Refreshing the idents was a little more challenging for Alba. The same footage was used as previously, however in order to keep the same style as the other BBC channel idents, the bespoke endboard with the large 'X' had to be dropped leaving a much blander ending. The new separated BBC Alba logo was also now kept onscreen at all times, however as the local playout for Alba already included a channel DOG in the top right at all times, the result would be two logos onscreen throughout. The refreshed version of the fishing ident here.

BBC Alba (Bass Rock) - 2021

The Bass Rock ident for BBC Alba as it appeared after the refresh in October 2021.

BBC Alba (Autumn Loch) - 2021

The updated version of the BBC Alba loch ident, now missing the on theme orange X board at the end.

BBC Alba (Glasgow) - 2021

BBC Alba's Glasgow ident sees a refresh too from October 2021.

BBC Alba (Queensferry Crossing) - 2021

The refreshed 2021 version of the Queensferry Crossing ident for BBC Alba sees the same selection of night time shots complete with the new logo. This particular airing comes with an onscreen content warning too.

BBC Alba (Music) - 2021

The music ident for BBC Alba, as it appeared after the refresh for October 2021.

BBC Alba - Christmas 2021

BBC Alba's festive presentation for 2021 began airing on November 20th 2021, ahead of the mainstream BBC stations. Inline with the refresh from October, the ident remained the same as the previous year just with the refreshed BBC blocks animation now applied.

BBC Alba (Menu) - Christmas 2021

The festive menu style for 2021 on BBC Alba featured the same graphics as usual, just with the soundtrack from the ident applied in the background.

BBC Alba HD (Bass Rock) - 2023

As part of their rollout of the regions in HD in early 2023, BBC Alba was also upgraded to HD on satellite allowing their existing ident set to go out in higher quality than before.

BBC Alba HD (Queensferry Crossing) - 2023

The Queensferry Crossing ident, from the HD version of BBC Alba from 2023.

BBC Alba HD (Fishing) - 2023



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