Meridian Broadcasting

Meridian was a latecomer to the ITV scene, and as a result lasted a relatively short space of time on air as a full time brand in the region. Taking over from TVS as franchise holder on January 1st 1993, Meridian was the last regional franchise holder for the South and South East, and soon carved itself quite a niche in children's programming throughout the 90s. Being part of the United News and Media stable from early in its life, due to purchases by the parent consortium, the station eventually ended up in the hands of Granada in 1999. With the consolidation of ITV branding between Granada and Carlton in 2002, the Meridian name was dropped to appearing on little more than the regional news less than 10 years after it had launched. Like several other ITV regions, the name only remains on news bulletins for the area now.

Meridian - 1998

Meridian Television, from overnight 1998. The main ident of the time, just with a slight switching glitch present this time.

Meridian - 1998

No visual glitching on this Meridian ident, along with some actual continuity. Pre-recorded, but it was much rarer to hear in the overnight slots so we'll take whatever we can get.

Meridian Break - 1998

A brief flash of the Meridian breakbumper from 1998.

Meridian (Promo) - 1998

Meridian's promotional style from late 1998 had adopted the new ITV hearts branding, just with the Meridian logo overlaid in the top left. Here a promotion for the latest series of STV production, Taggart.

Meridian (Promo) - 1998

Another Meridian promotion from late 1998. No hearts endboard this time, but still with the Meridian logo overlaid in the top left.



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