BBC English Regions

It's a strange phenomenon that as ITV, the traditional regional network becomes less and less regional, the BBC, a more traditionally thought of as national setup, has become more regional over the years. At one time both BBC1 and BBC2 had regional slots, although with the advent of digital, the regional slots within England were migrated to BBC One only. Here I take a look at some of the BBC Regions across the country.

North East and Cumbria

BBC1 NE and Cumbria - 1986

A North East and Cumbria version of the COW ident from 1986. The beginning of the script hasn't changed much 17 years later! Thanks to Iam Burn for this.

BBC1 North - 1996

No sign of Cumbria here, it's one big region for the North at the BBC in 1996.

BBC1 NE and Cumbria - 2002

The North East and Cumbria version of the Dancers idents. They had only one ident for the North East for more than a year after the relaunch... nothing like running one into the ground is there!

Yorkshire and Lincolnshire

BBC1 Yorks and Lincs - 2001

A Yorkshire and Lincolnshire variation on the Balloon idents. Thanks to Ashley B for this clip.

BBC2 Yorks and Lincs - 2001

BBC2's regional ident for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. Thanks to Ashley B.

BBC1 Yorks and Lincs 2002

The Yorkshire and Lincolnshire dancer ident. The small coloured box was not kind many of the long region names, with Yorks and Lincs being as much as could be fit onscreen. Thanks to Ashley B.

BBC1 Yorks and Lincs - 2002

Another regional dancer ident! Yes, there's actually more than a single variant! Thanks again to Ashley B.

BBC Yorks and Lincs - 2002

BBC2's bounce ident, complete with abbreviated name in the box again! Courtesy of Ashley B.

North West

BBC2 North West - 2001

BBC2 in the North West. The regional variation of Blade. Thanks again to Ashley B.

BBC2 North West - 2002

The North West version of bounce. Boy, doesn't the announcement over it sound familiar! Clip courtesy of Ashley B.

BBC1 North West - 2005

Tai Chi... and Manchester has never looked better!

BBC One HD Region Filler

BBC One HD - Regional News Junction - 3/11/2010

At launch, regional variations of BBC One HD were not available. Although the nations were added in the following years, as of 2016 the full rollout to regions was postponed with an expectation for it to come after the next charter renewal. As a result of this, regional slots on the channel are replaced either with trailers or with a slide advising people to tune to standard definition BBC One. The first showing of this was in the 8pm brief news update on BBC One.

BBC One HD - 10 O'Clock News Regional - 3/11/2010

The actual regional news slot on BBC One HD for the 10 O'Clock news, giving us a chance to see some more of that slide. Trust me, after 6 years it'll get old...


BBC One West - 1999

The West region's variant of the BBC One balloon from 1999.



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