ITV4 launched in November 2005 with a more 'male' skewed target audience, despite the already present Men & Motors channel owned by ITV which also continued broadcasting for several more years. A bit of an oddity in the branding stakes, at launch the channel carried the new ITV logo 2 months before the complete rebrand of ITV in January 2006. After a few packages using this logo, it was to see a complete rebrand at the same time as everything else in the next corporate ITV rebrand in 2013 though.

ITV4 - 2009

A large ITV4 logo is brutally attacked by another 4 for an ident. If you recognise anything from this Crimewatch reconstruction, please get in touch!

ITV4 (Break) - 2009

In this break bumper, the 4 is being hotly pursued by the police. Presumably for all those attacks on defenceless ITV4 logos!

ITV4 (Break) - 2010

One 4 knocks another 4 out of its coveted spot in the ITV4 logo.

ITV4 (Promo) - 2010

ITV4 (Superhero) - 2017

ITV4 saw a new set of idents and a new logo as part of the corporate ITV rebrand in 2013. Out were the computer rendered idents in favour of films showing dreamy sequences. A man proves hanging some washing on the line is a job for true superheroes in this ITV4 ident.

ITV4 (Car) - 2017

Crashing a solid gold luxury car into a swimming pool in this ITV4 ident.

ITV4 (Trophy) - 2017

A team are celebrating the win of a trophy in this ITV4 ident, with fireworks and tickertape to tax those MPEG2 encoders.

ITV4 (Cycling) - 2017

Becoming a part of the big cycling race in this ITV4 ident... well, kindof.

ITV4 (Kung Fu Movie) - 2017

Re-enacting an old Kung Fu Movie with some top quality and realistic special effects for this ITV4 ident.

ITV4 (Boxes) - 2017

Driving a car at high speed into a big pile of boxes. Milk floats were unavailable during filming.

ITV4 (Break - Tennis) - 2017

An ITV4 break bumper, with paper folding over to cover the word 'Tennis'.

ITV4 (Promo) - 2017

The ITV4 promo style from 2017. And if you were wondering where those wallpaperers had gone after being sacked from E4, wonder no more.

ITV4 (Boxes 2) - 2019

In 2019, 6 years after the introduction of the originals, additional idents that appeared to have been filmed around the same time as the original box ident were unexpectedly added to the ITV4 set. This time round, a man re-stacks the boxes knocked over by the car.

ITV4 (Boxes 3) - 2019

A third variant for ITV4 based upon the 'boxes' scenario, also introduced in 2019. This time the view of the action is shown from inside the car being driven around the warehouse.

ITV4 (Bonnet Roll) - 2019

One of a small number of ITV4 idents that were initially introduced early in the lifetime of the package and then later withdrawn from regular rotation, before being reinstated in 2019. In this scene, two police detectives perform repeated rolls over a car bonnet. Two differently coloured versions of the ITV4 logo were originally created for this.

ITV4 (Paintball) - 2019

Another ITV4 ident that came early in the lifetime of the set, disappeared from regular use, then reappeared in 2019. This time round the action takes place in a paintball match.

Christmas 2020

ITV4 (Boxes/Presents) - Christmas 2020

ITV4's Christmas idents, last seen in 2015, made an unexpected return for the Christmas 2020 season on December 1st. Used originally from 2013-2015, ITV4 had had a series of Christmas idents produced in the same style as the main channel idents, just with festive elements switched in. Here the car driving through boxes ident has had the boxes replaced by presents.

ITV4 (Boxes/Presents) - Christmas 2020

The Kung Fu Movie ident is updated with Santa hats and a Christmas tree in another ITV4 Christmas ident. First used from 2013-2015, before returning again in 2020.

ITV4 (Bonnet) - Christmas 2020

The Bonnet Roll ident for ITV4 has a Christmas 2020 variant as well, albeit without any actual roll this time.

ITV4 (2022 - Present)

ITV4 (Rural) - 2022

ITV4 adoped the common ident package alongside the other ITV channels from November 15th 2022. In their version of the rural ident, pixel artwork aliens invade the scene.

ITV4 (Café) - 2022

Former students of the Riding A Dream Academy appear in ITV4's version of the café ident.

ITV4 (Station) - 2022

The ITV4 version of the train station ident features a referee guarding the doors to the train.

ITV4 (Beach) - 2023

ITV4's version of the 'beach' ident, introduced in January 2023, saw the seafront take on more of a cycling feel. Fitting in with the heavy sporting slant of the channel.



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