TTTV Next Continuity

It's a hard fact for commercial broadcasters that most people will change the channel during the breaks. They can't stop people doing it, however by teasing the viewer about what is coming up next, there's a chance they'll stay watching. That's where next slides come in. Here are just some of Tyne Tees' next links over the years.

Tyne Tees (Next) - 1984

The late Allan Cartner provides continuity in mid 1984, just after the end of Crossroads on Tyne Tees. There's a full run down on what's coming up over the evening on the station, before finishing off with a regular next slide. Also included is a still of the Channel 4 blocks whilst he details what's coming up next there. With the IBA still being in charge and the fourth station's revenue still going to ITV regions at the time, they had no qualms on announcing what was coming up on the other independent channel.

Tyne Tees Next - 1987

The same style next slide as above... only this time it's good ol' Bill Steel doing the voiceover.

Tyne Tees Next - 1987 V2

A new look next slide, from later in 1987. This time voiced by Judi Lines.

Tyne Tees Next - 1989

A *very* short file here, which was shown in Winter 1989, during the first Generic look.

Tyne Tees Next - 1990

This 'Whats On Next' clip is slightly later in the ITV/Tyne Tees period. This time it's back to saying TTTV at the top, rather than ITV.

Tyne Tees (Next) - 1991

After the generic look was dropped completely by the North East station in 1991, Tyne Tees introduced this slide to match the visual style of their new ident. Though clearly the slide was still based on the same basic template as their previous effort. The announcer this time is Clem Shaw, who did a brief stint on Tyne Tees between 1991 and 1992. (Info provided by Jase)

Tyne Tees (Next In Vision) - 1992

Here are two clips from 1992. The first next link is in-vision, and is done by veteran Tyne Tees announcer Bill Steel. The North East station were very heavy users of invision presentation. Even after the takeover from Yorkshire Television, they retained it as long as possible into the 90s, with it only finally disappearing with the closure of the Newcastle continuity department in 1995 when transmission was moved to Leeds.

Tyne Tees Next - 1992 (Out-of Vision)

Another next link from the same time as the one above, out of vision, and with a different announcer.

Tyne Tees Next - Xmas 1992

Still from 1992, only this time it is from near Christmas, after the Grey TTTV logo had been introduced. Watch out for some brilliant super-imposed snow at the end. Also note that, although TTTV's look has changed, the announcer at this point is still the same!!

Tyne Tees Next - 1993

Into 1993, and this was one of many different 'next' slides used during the grey TTTV era where the same graphics were used on parent station Yorkshire Television too, just with a minor logo swap. The announcer is our friendly Bill once again, still keeping that bit of Tyne Tees alive!

Tyne Tees Next - 1994

Another Grey Tyne Tees Next slide. Yorkshire also had the same slide, just with their Chevron on it instead. Infact, the little logo at the top is superimposed seperately by the two regions (It fades in and out at different times to everything else if you watch closely).

Tyne Tees Next - Xmas 1994

Still in the Grey TTTV Era, I also know that this next slide was used in Yorkshire(with only a few modifications). Bill provides voiceover as usual, and oh look, Robbie Williams!!

Tyne Tees Next - 1995

The same slide, just without the extra christmas branding now.

ITV End Credit Promotion - 2001

We fast forward several years, and see an example of the new 'Whats On' adverts. Since the beginning of 2001, ITV has begun standardising the endings to all of its programmes, leaving a space to show whats coming on next or later, during the credits of a programme; something known as an End Credit Promotion. This saves wasting valuable advertising time in the break, and *apparently* stops people turning over. This example is from the end of an episode of Crossroads, and on it you can see the ITV announcer advertising a programme later in the evening.

ITV1 End Credit Promotion - 2002

With the ITV1 relaunch in October 2002, the credits and ECPs changed dramatically. Now, credits are designed so they can be shrunk to a column, allowing the announcer to advertise a programme menu on the right. Notice the slight cheating with regards to the regional news, simply saying 'News Hour' onscreen, with the announcer advertising 'The latest news from your region'. This is from the end of Popstars, at just before 5.30pm in the evening.

ITV1 ECP - November 2004

The new ECP style. An exciting plain blue background replaces what we had before.

ITV1 ECP - 2006

For the rebrand came both a new ECP, and a revised set of generic credits now featuring a series of coloured bars in the background. The new ITV productions endcaps also appeared from this date, to phase in in favour of the Granada Productions cap that surfaced in 2004.



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