Channel 4 2023-Present

After the softest of soft launches of a single ident and some bumpers the previous November, a more fleshed out refresh for Channel 4 was eased out in piecemeal form starting from May 2023. The generic ident and break bumpers which had first appeared some months earlier saw another tweak in colours, and other elements on the channel were gradually rolled out to match.

The blockman idents from the previous package continued to be mixed in with the new generic ident until June 14th, when the remainder of the new ident package was rolled out with a bang.

Channel 4 (Promo) - 2023

Following on from the soft-launched ident and break bumpers in November 2022, in May 2023 further elements of this brand refresh were rolled out. The refreshed promo style, used from May 3rd 2023 and pushing streaming first with the broadcast showings secondary. Wording on promos for other Channel 4 owned channels was updated on the same day.

Channel 4 - 2023

Later on May 3rd 2023 a refreshed version of the generic coloured ident that had first appeared in November also came into use alongside the 'block man' idents. The main 4 numeral was now recoloured in the same lime green to match other presentational elements, with tweaked acoustics.

Channel 4 (Streaming) - 2023

Within a few days in May 2023 an additional ident had appeared from Channel 4, further pushing their streaming service.

Channel 4 (Menu) - 2023

The piecemeal refresh continued throughout May, with End Credit Promotions and standalone next pointers receiving the refreshed 'colour' look from May 24th 2023. An example of a full screen menu pointer, as used from that date.

Channel 4 (Pride) - 2023

With the dropping of the 'blocks' animation style, special idents for Channel 4 had to take on a new style too. And inkeeping with the channel's long-running indecisiveness over whether to feature their logo or not, the first such idents featured the square style design, but without any 4 logo present in the foreground (though plenty of room for them to add obligatory hashtags). For the start of Pride Month in June 2023, an updated Pride ident for the channel began airing in this style.

Channel 4 (6pm Second to Last Junction) - 2023

The full ident set finally rolled out on Channel 4 on June 14th, marking the end of the 'blockman' idents at the same time. Throughout the day, Channel 4 made repeated references to the impending rebrand and the end of the 'giant' idents. The second to last junction into The Simpsons at 6pm on June 14th here.

Channel 4 (6pm Last Junction) - 2023

The final junction with the giant blockman idents aired at 6.30pm into Hollyoaks, leading to a somewhat jarring announcement followed by the obligatory serious content warning.

Channel 4 (The Land) - 2023

The new idents finally launched at 7pm on June 14th with a stunningly visual if somewhat pretentiously narrated extended film. Each consisted of various scenes shown within the cube block of the '4' as a camera pans round to move on to the next scene. In theory these scenes could be mixed together in different orders to create an almost infinite array of ident sequences appropriate to different programmes or junction lengths, however in reality at launch only 5 predefined edits were put together. Burning forests, crashing oceans and global warming feature in this ident.

Channel 4 (Love) - 2023

Life, love and death feature in this sequence, with teenagers, funerals, butterflies and a collapsing box around the 4 logo.

Channel 4 (Identity) - 2023

Throwbacks to the original coloured blocks of 4 in a shop feature alongside crashing kitchen supplies in this ident.

Channel 4 (System) - 2023

Warehouses and elephants are some of the films to feature in this ident.

Channel 4 (Release) - 2023

The last of the initial batch of ident mixes 'Release' also turned out to be one of the least used. Featuring people playing sport and exploding (as per Catchphrase I'm just saying what I see), firey protests, and nightlife scenes. Outside of the 5 main 20-second groupings, extended versions and slightly different cutpoints were also available.

Channel 4 (Black and Proud) - 2023

The refresh to the overall channel saw updates made to the special 'Black and Proud' ident for Channel 4 used during Black History Month in October 2023.

Channel 4 (Happy Diwali) - 2023

Slightly less effort from Channel 4 for their refreshed Diwali ident, now consisting of a single transition screen before sitting out the remainder of the ident on a static text caption.

Channel 4 (Positively Purple) - 2023

Another Channel 4 ident to remind you of how important their accessibility services and inclusion are as part of International Day of People with Disabilities on December 3rd 2023. Once again, let us just forget all about that Red Bee incident!

Channel 4 (Mog) - Christmas 2023

With the brand refresh earlier in 2023, Christmas presentation on Channel 4 was no longer going to be able to follow their usual pattern of adding a new animated ident alongside the same reused blocks. Thankfully the channel didn't fall back to no Christmas presentation at all with a weak excuse about 'being different', as they had done throughout much of the noughties. Instead when the 2023 festive presentation was finally unveiled early in December, a new animated ident based on that year's animated adaption 'Mog's Christmas' appeared. Following the same rotating scenes style as the main idents introduced in the summer.

Channel 4 (Street Lights) - Christmas 2023

The other Christmas 2023 idents introduced by Channel 4, and designed to replace the recycled 'sprouts' and 'snow' blocks of previous years, were more basic than the main Mog ident. They were based off the generic ident, just with a festive jingle, and no moving between different scenes. Two versions existed, the first here with Christmas lights around the 4 logo.

Channel 4 (Decorations) - Christmas 2023

The second non-programme-specific festive ident from Channel 4 for 2023 featured the logo sat among a box of decorations. Once again the scene remains fixed throughout, with subtle movement of the decorations in response to animation of the 4 logo itself.

Channel 4 (Promo) - Christmas 2023

With the loss of the festive blocks, the festive endboards for trailers on Channel 4 had to be updated. An example of the new Christmas 2023 promo style for the channel.



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