London Weekend Television

Being the only region on the network to retain a separate weekday and weekend franchise in the 1968 franchise renewals, the weekend franchise went to London Weekend Television, a consortium led by David Frost. After a bumpy few years early on, LWT, as it was commonly abbreviated, became responsible for some of the biggest entertainment shows on the network.

LWT continued throughout the 70s and 80s, and ultimately survived the controversial franchise auction of the 90s unlike it's weekday counterpart. But little over a year into the new franchise the company was subject to a hostile takeover from Granada in 1994 as part of their expansion drive. This left the weekday and weekend London franchises in the hands of Carlton and Granada until October 2002, when both names were subsumed into a single ITV name all week. The LWT name lasted a little longer as a production credit on shows that came from the South Bank, although this practice was also phased out over the following few years.

The LWT studios on the South Bank ended up as the base for both London Weekend and Carlton from 1993, with the latter operating a considerably cut down operation from launch. As a result, The London Studios base largely ended up as the home of ITV plc right up to the closure of the complex in 2018 for redevelopment.

LWT - 1986

The identity for London Weekend for much of its life consisted of the initials LWT made out of Red, White and Blue. Here they were making their mark with the newly available computer graphics software in the mid 80s. One of a few variations on the 'blinds' animations used to form up the letters, this one from 1986 was used here as a frontcap on productions for the network until these were dropped network-wide in 1987.

LWT (Promo) - 1987

Not quite as much use of computer graphics with the inhouse trailers still in 1987. With a rundown of Sunday evening shows on LWT, featuring some TVS-era Catchphrase, before looking at the rest of the light entertainment and drama to follow that evening.

LWT (Promo) - 1987

Another LWT promo from 1987, this time for a single show. Complete with LWT branding in the top left, and some very 80s typography.

LWT (Next) - 1987

A branded up next slide for LWT from 1987.

LWT (Break) - 1987

The breakbumper from the 'blinds' era of LWT.

LWT (Promo) - 1989

A trailer for LWT from 1989, still using their blinds branding at this point. Here promoting the thriller Star Trap.

LWT (Next) - 1989

A next slide from LWT in 1989 promoting News At Ten, although so devoid any of station branding it could have been used anywhere on the network.

LWT (Next) - 1989

A next slide from only the second day of the new ITV corporate look, with LWT still getting used to the shiny new graphics which had launched across many regions that weekend. Unlike many of the others on the network at that time, the next slides for LWT early in the rebrand still sometimes contain moving video in the centre rather than a static image. Here promoting the first episode of the 1989 Central series 'Saracen'.

LWT - 1993

LWT originally took the generic ITV look in 1989. However a few years later in late 1992, possibly to mark their continuation past the franchise renewal, they decided to replace what had been supplied to them with their own alternative creation. The LWT logo takes centre stage once more alongside a much smaller ITV logo, complete with a punchier remix of the 1989 David Dundas theme.

LWT - 1993

A static version of the 1993 ident, complete with very generic continuity.

LWT (Next) - 1993

A short but attention-grabbing animated slide to promote the next show up on LWT in 1993.

LWT (Break Bumper) - 1993

The break bumper from LWT in 1993. Still heavily borrowing from the generic IT\* look with its use of the triangle device.

LWT (888) - 1996

From quite late in this era for LWT, what with their new logo due shortly afterwards. What makes this ident different is that it is completely devoid of the ITV logo at the bottom, with a subtitle indicator now replacing it. Logowise, the focus is entirely on the weekend station's name instead now.

LWT (New Season Promo) - 1996

Promoting the Autumn 1996 season of entertainment on LWT, proudly proclaiming the weekend to be the best days of the week. Although the main station branding was still on the 1993-1996 striped look at this point, the promo is already starting to bear some signs of the separated colour lettering that would follow in the next rebrand.

LWT (Promo) - 1997

The 1997 promo style for LWT. Here promoting the Stars In Their Eyes Live Final during the week in Carlton's airtime.

LWT (Next) - 1999

An animated next slide complete with signature LWT jingle from 1999. This was based off the separated colour LWT branding that had been introduced in late 1996.

LWT - 2002

With the arrival of the 1999 ITV Hearts look, LWT initially took the same idents as the other Granada-owned regions on the network. However a short while later they were allowed a little autonomy, and broke away to create their own 'Videowall' ident. Still featuring throwbacks to the hearts, but with a decidedly more LWT-esque glitz to it. This lasted through to 2002, with only minor tweaks to add things like the ITV1 name and the address. LWT stalwart Glen Thompsett provides continuity.

LWT (Next) - 2002

Next slides towards the end were a little less creative than they had been in earlier years for London Weekend, now consisting of a formed up version of the videowall ident with continuity. Glen provides continuity again here.

LWT (Next) - 2002

Another famous LWT voice Trish Bertram provides continuity over this next slide. This time with an additional ITV2 logo present as they cross promote shows on the sister station to ITV1.



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