Channel 5 2020-Present

On Wednesday 26th February Channel 5 refreshed their presentation. Keeping the same logo that had been introduced with the previous redesign 4 years earlier, but introducing a new entirely graphical set of idents and other presentational elements. This also marked the return of the numeral to the idents themselves.

Channel 5 (Pink) - 2020

On 26th February 2020, Channel 5 introduced a refreshed look to their presentation. Keeping the same logo, but ditching the vague logo-less people idents in favour of a simpler set of coloured graphical idents, set in colours possibly intended to be a subtle throwback to their original launch colourscheme. Here a pink version, complete with their 'Channel of the Year' text overlaid. Two animations existed in each colour for the initial launch, with subtle audio variants existing for both.

Channel 5 (Pink) - 2020

Another pink ident from Channel 5 introduced in February 2020.

Channel 5 (Dark Green) - 2020

A darker green variation of the Channel 5 ident, introduced in February 2020.

Channel 5 (Dark Green) - 2020

A second dark green variation from Channel 5's 2020 package, featuring different angled shots.

Channel 5 (Light Green) - 2020

Channel 5 (Light Green) - 2020

Another light green ident variant for Channel 5.

Channel 5 (Orange) - 2020

In yet another throwback to their original colours, an orange variation of the Channel 5 ident.

Channel 5 (Orange) - 2020

Another orange variant, this time featuring different angles of the 5 logo in the build up.

Channel 5 (Light Teal) - 2020

A teal variation on the new Channel 5 ident, introduced in late February 2020.

Channel 5 (Light Teal) - 2020

The second 'light' teal variant of the Channel 5 ident.

Channel 5 (Dark Teal) - 2020

A darker shade of teal features in this ident variation for Channel 5.

Channel 5 (Dark Teal) - 2020

Another dark teal/blue ident, this time with the alternative angles featuring.

Channel 5 (Promo) - 2020

An example of the updated trailer style for Channel 5, as introduced in February 2020. Trailer endboards now feature the same coloured elements as the main idents, here finishing with orange.

Channel 5 (Promo) - 2020

Another promo, this time ending in the teal graphics.

Channel 5 (ECP) - 2020

The refreshed 2020 End Credit Promotion style for Channel 5.

Channel 5 (ECP) - 2020

An alternative ECP, this time using the teal colour palette instead.

Channel 5 (Break - Teal) - 2020

Break bumpers after the 2020 rebrand are very similar to the idents, consisting of close up shots of the numeral and either the same sound effects, or silence. Here a teal example.

Channel 5 (Break - Pink) - 2020

Another break bumper example from Channel 5's 2020 rebrand, this time in the pink colour.

Channel 5 (Break - Light Green) - 2020

A longer break bumper for Channel 5, this time using the light green colourscheme.

Channel 5 (Break - Light Green) - 2020

A silent variant of the new 2020 Channel 5 breakbumper, this time with the full numeral appearing onscreen in light green.

Channel 5 (Dark Green) - 2020

Barely a month into the new look, and a second broadcast award win saw a re-edit to the ident set for Channel 5. With no expense spared, two different sets of text now animate on and off the idents, albeit in a somewhat tidier manner than before. A dark green example here.

Channel 5 (80s Night) - 2021

The usual Channel 5 ident was recoloured in bright neon colours to mark 80s Night on the Channel, on February 26th 2021.

Channel 5 (Neighbours) - 2022

In 2022, Channel 5 announced they would not be renewing their contract for the long-running Aussie Soap Neighbours. With the soap being heavily dependent on a UK partner and no one else stepping up, it was announced the soap would finally end after 37 years in July of that year. In the week leading to the special final episode airing in the UK complete with a list of cameo characters returning, Channel 5 created some special pres with an ident showing the 5 logo formed from a Ramsey-Street-Style set of houses.

Channel 5 (Challenge Anneka) - 2023

Channel 5 brought Challenge Anneka back to UK screens for its second reboot in March 2023. Special presentation was put together to promote the occasion, playing heavily on the nostalgia of the original 90s series. Here the special animated ident complete with the original theme, which was used in the week leading up to the first episode to remind people of the upcoming show.

Channel 5 (Break - Challenge Anneka) - 2023

One of several short Challenge Anneka themed break bumpers. Following the same style as the ident, these were used throughout the evening of the first episode of the new series on March 18th 2023, with each focussing on one particular element of the show. In the case of the this bumper, the main truck.

Channel 5 (Break - Challenge Anneka) - 2023

A second special Challenge Anneka Break Bumper for Channel 5, this time focussing on the show's buggy.

Channel 5 (Break - Challenge Anneka) - 2023

A third special break bumper for Channel 5's rebooted Challenge Anneka, this time featuring Dave "The Soundman" Chapman.

Christmas 2020

Channel 5 (Dark Green) - Christmas 2020

Channel 5 kicked off their festive presentation for the year on December 1st 2020, featuring a similar graphical style to their regular idents, just with additional festive stencil effects and revised music. This same package would return annually from this point on, being reused in Christmas 2021 and Christmas 2022, and marked a move away from a new festive set each year.

Channel 5 (Light Green) - Christmas 2020

Inkeeping with the regular idents for the channel, the festive ident for 2020 is rendered out in different colours. Here the lighter green variant.

Channel 5 (Orange) - Christmas 2020

An orange variation of Channel 5's ident for Christmas 2020.

Channel 5 (Pink) - Christmas 2020

Another Christmas 2020 ident from Channel 5, this time set in the pink colour from their palette.

Channel 5 (Dark Teal) - Christmas 2020

A dark teal version of the Christmas 2020 ident from Channel 5, bringing the count to 5.

Channel 5 (Light Teal) - Christmas 2020

A lighter teal version of Channel 5's Christmas ident, following the same colours as the regular ident package on the channel.

Channel 5 (Black) - Christmas 2020

The more serious 'black' ident for Channel 5 also saw a festive version, albeit toned down over the others. The soundtrack remains non-festive and all the smaller festive graphics on the segments have been removed. Indeed the only change for the season is to add some slight sparkles to the final '5' state.

Channel 5 (Break - Dark Teal) - Christmas 2020

Similar to the regular idents, Christmas 2020 break bumpers on Channel 5 feature shorter shots of all the main idents set in different colours with music. Here a dark teal variant. The minor audio glitches were present on C5 transmission this day.

Channel 5 (Break - Light Teal) - Christmas 2020

Another festive bumper for Channel 5, this time in a lighter shade of teal.

Channel 5 (Promo) - Christmas 2020

An example of the Channel 5 festive promo style for 2020, here using the pink colourscheme.

Channel 5 (ECP) - Christmas 2020

Channel 5's End Credit Promotion style received a similar refresh to other presentational elements on the channel for Christmas 2020, with multiple coloured variations existing.



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