CBS Action / CBS Justice

CBS Action launched in 2009 on satellite, with Freeview carriage following in 2014. As the name implied, the remit of the channel was to carry some of their high action shows, with both classics from the earlier CBS archives as well as a heavy reliance on Star Trek making up the majority of the channel schedule. Like the other CBS branded channels, the channel is jointly owned between CBS Studios and AMC Networks.

The channel was rebranded as CBS Justice in December 2018, immediately ahead of the launch of a new ondemand service from the CBS suite. Aiming to focus the channel more on their crime-based shows (which the focus of CBS Action had gradually shifted towards), it otherwise remained very similar to the channel that had gone before.

CBS Action (Long) - 2017

The 2013-2017 package of idents on CBS Action consisted of one main ident showing a rocket running along a giant pinball course. Several shorter edits of this would then be used for idents to try and broaden out the limited set. Long version here.

CBS Action (Short) - 2017

A short pinball ident, this time featuring just the initial launch of the rocket.

CBS Action (Short) - 2017

Another short ident edit, this time with the rocket revealing all the hidden weapons it carries.

CBS Action (Short) - 2017

In this short ident for CBS Action, the focus is on the release of the giant ball onto the pinball table. Not the sort of thing you'd ever expect to find on a pinball table!

CBS Action (Break Bumper) - 2017

The break bumper for CBS Action from the 2013-2017 package. The logo animates onscreen, around a lot of the channel's bold 'orange' signature colour.

CBS Action (Promo) - 2017

The promo style for CBS Action from 2017. This would last through until the package was replaced in December 2017.

CBS Action - 2017

CBS Action became the next of the CBS channels to receive the 'inkblot' rebrand in late 2017, bringing it in line with the rebrands that had already taken place for Horror and CBS Reality. Similar to their other channels, 2 main graphical versions of the ident exist this time in orange, over which continuity is read. During peak junctions, a second filmed ident then shows immediately afterwards without continuity.

CBS Action - 2017

Following the style already set by the other channels, 2 variations of the ink ident exist for CBS Action. One with the logo centred, and this version with the logo on the left and social media details on the right hand side.

CBS Action (Holster) - 2017

One of several filmed idents introduced with the December 2017 rebrand on CBS Action. These play immediately after the graphical 'ink' ident in some peaktime junctions. Outside of peak times, only the graphical ident is used. A gun holster appears in this one.

CBS Action (Sheriff) - 2017

A sheriff loads his gun in this ident for CBS Action.

CBS Action (Windmill) - 2017

A windmill is the focus for this CBS Action ident, reminding you that there's now no way to stop that locomotive before it plunges into the ravine!

CBS Action (Sirens) - 2018

The flashing lights of a police car make up the background to this CBS Action ident.

CBS Action (Ticket) - 2018

A police officer writes out a ticket in this ident.

CBS Action (Bullets) - 2018

Bullet shells fall to the ground in this CBS Action ident. Different to some in that the objects actually fall in front of the CBS logo instead of just in the background.

CBS Action (Police Car) - 2018

A police car (with the registration plate 'police' just to make extra sure you know) skids across the view in this CBS Action ident.

CBS Action (Helicopter) - 2018

A helicopter at sunset appears in this CBS Action ident.

CBS Action (Microscope) - 2018

Looking at microscopic lifeforms in this CBS Action ident.

CBS Action (Break) - 2017

The updated break bumper style from the December 2017 rebrand. Similar to the other channels, the coloured ink appears inside the lettering this time rather than behind it.

CBS Action (Menu) - 2017

The updated menu style for CBS Action after the 2017 rebrand. Here being used to promote several shows coming up on the channel 'tomorrow'.

CBS Action (Promo) - 2017

An example of the refreshed trailer style from late 2017. Mostly the same as it had been before, but with new style endboards.

CBS Action (Warning) - 2017

A short sequence from CBS Action designed to carry content warnings such as flashing images. White text appears over the orange ink background.

CBS Action (ECP) - 2017

The end credit promotion style for the channel, more commonly used during peak hours.

CBS Justice

CBS Justice - 2018

In December 2018, CBS Action was rebranded as CBS Justice, with a simple recolour of presentation to match. Instead of orange, blue is now the channel colour.

CBS Justice (Holster) - 2018

The CBS Justice rebranded version of the 'Holster' ident for the channel.

CBS Justice (Sheriff) - 2018

The Sheriff is still loading his gun, just with a new logo slapped over the top.

CBS Justice (Sirens) - 2018

The updated CBS Justice version of the police sirens ident.

CBS Justice (Microscope) - 2018

CBS Justice shows us their refreshed version of the 'Microscope' ident.

CBS Justice (Police Car) - 2018

The refreshed 'CBS Justice' version of the police car ident.

CBS Justice (Plane) - 2018

A plane comes through a huge fireball in this refreshed CBS Justice ident.

CBS Justice (Bullets) - 2018

Empty bullet shells fall to the ground, and still continue to fall both in front of and behind the logo after the change to CBS Justice.

CBS Justice (Soldiers) - 2018

A soldier (or possibly swat team) bursts in and a shoot-out ensues in this ident. This ident originally had more of an orange hue during its CBS Action days, but took on a blue tint as CBS Justice.

CBS Justice (Ticket) - 2018

The updated CBS Justice version of the 'ticket' ident.

CBS Justice (Promo) - 2018

A new promo for the refreshed CBS Justice channel, highlighting some of the programming you can see even if it was very much the same as CBS Action already.

CBS Justice (Break) - 2018

The break bumper for CBS Justice. Following the usual style of a colour filling the logo as the other CBS channels, just with the new blue signature colour.



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