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Red Bull - 1995

Red Bull have utilised a similar animation style for their advertising for almost as long as the drink has been sold. This particular one from early after their entry into the European market in 1995 doesn't use their more well known 'Red Bull Gives You Wings' slogan. However it does refer to European Members of Parliament proving just how long the subject of the EU has remained topical.

Red Leicester - 1984

Robert Fyfe provides the voice of an animated block of Red Leicester here, in the days before he went on to star as Howard in Last of the Summer Wine.

Red Star - 1990

Red Star Parcels was the parcel delivery division of British Rail, transporting parcels on regular service trains. One of several short adverts here promoting the speed of the service versus traditional road transport. In 1999, post privitisation, the remnants of the service passed to Lynx Express, who were eventually bought by UPS.

Red Star - 1990

A second short advert for Red Star, this time apparently suggesting you send your pet tortoise as a parcel.

Renault Clio - 1991

Renault Scenic - 1998

A 'Change your Scenery' ad from 1998. Various characters mix seamlessly around the car to Marvellous by The Lightning Seeds.

Rice Krispies - 1990

Snap, Crackle and Pop are relaxing on a beach in another adventure in 1990. Or at least until all the Rice Krispies promptly go missing. Anyone would think the trouble is just following them around!

Rice Krispies - 1990

A very different approach to advertising Rice Krispies this time. No sign of Snap, Crackle and Pop, and instead promoting what sweet treats you can make from the cereal.

Rice Krispies - 1991

The Benjamin Button-esque trio of Snap, Crackle and Pop appear during their adolescent phase to advertise Rice Krispies, before they would become younger later.

Rice Krispies - 1997

Six years later, and in true Benjamin Button style the famous Rice Krispies mascots Snap, Crackle and Pop have grown younger.

Right Guard - 1996

A mix of animation and live action as a man digs a hole in the middle of the road - but he's still not working as hard as Right Guard.

Rocky Bars - 1995

A well remembered advert from the 90s set to a rewritten version of the song Rockin' Robin. This time it's for Rocky biscuits, with the famous Rocky Robin.

Rolo - 1998

A 1998 ad for Rolo. With deliberate aging applied to the film, we see the Lone Ranger, Tonto and Silver all wanting the last Rolo.

Roses - 1992

Say thank you with a box of Roses... awww. Although what the bloke in the car is doing with a spare box of Roses in the glove compartment in the first place is best not questioned!

Rover Metro - 1989

A young Michael Barrymore, famous at that time for hosting Strike it Lucky, appears to advertise the Metro in 1989. Although owned by Rover, the Rover name wouldn't usually be attached to the Metro until 1990 with the car having lost its previous 'Austin' name a few years earlier.

Rover Metro - 1990

The all-new Rover Metro arrived in May 1990, bringing with it a range of new engines for a heavily revised version of the original Metro and more formally attaching the Rover branding. This futuristic advert was used to promote the launch of the updated vehicle at the time.

Rumbelows - 1990

A fast-paced advert for electronics chain Rumbelows. Rumbelows was originally started in 1969, before later being acquired by Thorn, owners of the Radio Rentals chain too. The chain lasted for several decades, before eventually being folded in 1995.


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