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Pal - 1993

Letting everyone know the 5 things PAL can bring your dog. Before telling us of the exciting new flavours available. I am particularly glad to hear they've launched Traditional Marrowbone. That newfangled Modern Marrowbone just wasn't the same!

Panasonic (Barcode VCR) - 1988

Panasonic advertising a VCR with an innovative feature in the late 80s. Before keying in Videoplus codes would become ubiquitous for the machines, the idea here was that you could scan in a barcode to set the machine's recording timer instead.

Pedigree Chum - 1990

Lots of shots of dogs in the countryside. Yeah, adverts for Pedigree Chum were fairly simple in the 80s and 90s.

Pedigree Chum - 1992

Endless different camera angles showing cute little puppies in this advert for Pedigree Chum from 1992.

Pedigree Chum - 2001

The puppies above are certainly cuter than the kids in this 2001 Pedigree Chum advert. Bah, humbug!

Penguin - 1986

P-p-pick up a Penguin! This week (in March 1986), the penguins are all going on a rally in the snowy mountains, but it doesn't quite work out.

Penguin - 1991

Five years later, and although the animation has mostly been replaced with stock wildlife footage, everyone is still being encouraged to p-p-pick up a penguin.

Peperami - 1995

Peperami... its a bit of an animal, and now he's found your TV.

Peperami - 1996

An insane ad for Peperami from 1996.

Pepperami Cheezie - 1997

Pepperami Cheezie... on the radio of all places.

Persil Washing-Up Liquid - 1990

Persil Washing-Up Liquid - 1991

Robbie Coltrane appears in another advert alongside Granny. This time with the rain threatening to ruin all those nice plates she's put out to dry.

Persil Washing-Up Liquid - 1991

Coltrane is getting a little tired of Granny's lack of appreciation for the hard work he puts into the washing up in another Persil liquid advert from the early 90s.

Persil Washing-Up Liquid - 1993

Two years later in 1993, and Robbie Coltrane is still appearing in ads to promote Persil Washing-up Liquid. Only now he has a little extra help!

Persil - 1992

Fatty food stains were seemingly the biggest problem affecting the world of laundry back in the early 90s, as every detergent or powder seemed to be promoting themselves as having the same fatty-food-stain-removing power. Persil joining in with this in 1992.

Persil - 1993

In the modern age, Unilever go to great lengths to tell us to keep their detergents, including Persil, out of the reach of children. Jump back to the early 90s though and involving your children was almost a part of the washing powder ad scene.

Persil - 1995

Chariots of Fire, some washing detergent and just a touch of PMA in this 1995 ad.

Peugeot - 1991

Another car advert, only this time it is for Peugeot! What it can do will literally 'take your breath away'!

Peugeot - 2001

A modern-day Peugeot advert!

PG Tips (Board Meeting) - 1990

A board meeting provides the setting for another PG Tips chimp advert in 1990.

PG Tips - 1990

Later in 1990, and the 'Board Meeting' PG Tips advert has been edited and redubbed. Their famous pyramid bag was still a short while off at this point, so instead now the board advert is used to promote their extra large square bags as having more room for the tea to infuse.

PG Tips (Robbery) - 1990

Another chimp advert for PG, and this time there's been a bank robbery. But don't worry, the thief hasn't stolen the PG Tips!

PG Tips (Channel Tunnel) - 1991

Doing their part for Anglo-French relations, the PG Tips chimps are busy digging The Channel Tunnel in 1991.

PG Tips - 1992

There are 2 things PG Tips are famous for. Their tea, and the Chimps. The chimps were the main front for PG, for decades, until 2002, when finally they disappeared from our screens, to be replaced with the T-Birds. 4 Plasterceine characters. More recently they've revisited the chimp theme with a cunning return to the screens of Al and Munkeh. Here is one of those good-old chimp ads, from 1992.

Philadelphia - 1990

Sara Crowe makes up only half of the famous Philadelphia duo in an early advert for the spread in 1990.

Philadelphia - 1990

Ann Bryson joins Sara in another early Philadelphia ad from their long-running campaign. Here promoting the 'chive' flavour of the spread.

Philadelphia - 1993

Ann Bryson and Sara Crowe star in one of a long running series of adverts for the then Kraft Philadelphia Spread. Ann has gone away on holiday and is getting a little homesick for her Philly...

Philadelphia - 1999

Six years on, and the comedy duo of Ann Bryson and Sara Crowe are still at it in the Philly ads. Here at a funfair.

Phileas Fogg - 1989

All the way from Medomsley Road, Consett, a promotion for Phileas Fogg snacks from 1989. Dubbing over an operatic Mexican scene to describe their Tortilla Chip snacks.

Philips TV - 1989

July 6th 1989, and Philips are advertising their new televisions on Granada, complete with a cityscape made of giant electrical components, some arty people, and an Oracle page dated in April.

Pilsbury Toaster Pockets - 1997

Harry Enfield reprises his 'Kevin the Teenager' routine for this advert for Toaster Pockets.

Pizza Hut - 1995

I bet you can all remember this Pizza Hut advert from 1995. It features the Underwood Rugby family.

Polo - 1997

The late Peter Sallis provides the voiceover in his less-famous role with Aardman Animations, here promoting Polo Mints in 1997 (the advert itself having been first introduced 2 years prior).

Polycell - 1994

The secret services storm a building... only to find it belongs to some old ladies. Never mind, they'll have the place looking as good as new in no time.

Pot Noodle - 1993

Pot TV from 1993; intense stuff. Nope I can't figure it all out either!

Pot Noodle - 1998

A spoof of The Shawshank Redemption can be seen in this 1998 Ad for Pot Noodle.

Prudential - 1994

Griff Rhys-Jones stars in this ad for the pru.


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