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Wall Bangers - 1993

A animated cavemen family bang on the walls to advertise new Wall Bangers from er... Walls.

Warburtons - 1992

Warburtons from 1992 and have you ever seen such a lovely Blackpool Milk Roll?

Weetabix - 1986

Could you get much more 80s than this animated ad for Weetabix? Where a gang of Weetabix characters let you know just how cool you can be if you have a good breakfast!

Weetabix - 1987

A parody of Indiana Jones for this Weetabix ad from 1987, featuring those lovable Weetabix characters.

Weetabix (History Book) - 1989

Another animated Weetabix advert, this time to promote their free(ish) illustrated 'History of Britain' book. This writer remembers having a copy in his possession for many years!

Weetabix - 1990

A nice and humourous little advert for Weetabix from the end of 1990, based around the story of Troy.

Weetabix - 1997

A cover of Gloria Gaynor's classic 'I Will Survive' forms the basis of this 1997 Weetabix advert, featuring the trials of a countryside vet. This followed on from the previous advert set to the same song and based around a driving instructor.

Werther's Original - 2000

A well remembered campaign for Werther's Original that run throughout the 90s and 00s featuring a granddad, his grandson, and the famous 'butter candies'.

WH Smiths - Christmas 1996

Nicholas Lyndhurst takes on a variety of roles as the family in WH Smiths' Christmas campaign for 1996. After all, what is a boy to do when he can't find any wrapping paper?

Wimpey Homes - 1983

A young Paul Daniels appears in this Wimpey Homes advert in the early 80s bringing a bit of magic to the process of buying a new house.

Winalot Prime - 1991

Lots of dogs running across the countryside to promote Winalot in 1991.

Wispa - 1993

A tongue twisting song for Cadbury's Wispa from 1993. This was in the days before Cadbury strangely decided to abolish the bars and established brand in favour of 'Cadbury Dairy Milk with Bubbles', a decision which was later reversed.

WKD - 2001

Playing pranks on your mates with the help of an elevator and a giant picture of a brick wall, as part of a long-running campaign for the drink 'Wkd'.

Woodpecker - 1990

Part of the long-running campaign for Woodpecker Cider turning everyday scenarios on their head, accompanied by the tagline 'What a refreshing change'. In this one, a hedgehog goes for a leisurely stroll in the countryside...

Woolworths - 1990

Advertising songs for Christmas with a simple advert, it's the defunct UK high street chain Woolworths.

Woolworths - 1992

Remember Woolworths? They used to sell Pic n' Mix and CDs before they were one of the earlier UK victims of the 2008 recession. Relive their days as a full UK retailer, rather than just a brand sold and attached to a website.

Worthingtons - 1996

Harry Enfield stars in this 1996 Worthington's advert. Boldly proclaiming how 'she' has been breeding men for 30 years, before launching in to a parody of dog food adverts.

Worthingtons - 1997

Harry Enfield stars once again, this time as a female fashion designer in this 1997 Worthingtons ad, which lightheartedly pokes fun at the industry.

Worthingtons - 1998

Why is a man's head so full of boring old rubbish? er... its the question everyone asks!!

Worthingtons - 2001

Suggs (aka Graham McPherson) recites Rudyard Kipling in this 2001 ad for Worthingtons.

Wrigleys Spearmint Gum - 1987

A cheerful little song to remind you of that Wrigley's Spearmint Gum and how you just love to chew it.


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