HTV West News

The news as presented in the West side of HTV's news region. In latter years post-ITV-plc, the region would effectively be merged with the Westcountry region for the South West.

HTV News (Opening) - 1999

The opening titles from HTV West's news in 1999. Complete with a pre-recorded ident attached to the programme itself. Sherrie Eugene and Kevin Owen present as headlines include The Queen's Maundy Visit to Bristol, and American Bombers gathering in the region as part of the Kosovo conflict.

HTV News (Break) - 1999

A quick look at what is coming up after the break on HTV News in 1999.

HTV News (Backtrack) - 1999

A montage of old HTV West idents feature in the titles for their Backtrack strand - A feature within HTV's News digging old footage out from the archives.

HTV (Report) - 1999

HTV News report on a special project to raise Bristol Cathedral higher off its foundations, so that it is not lost among new developments in 1999.

HTV News (End) - 2000

The end titles to the HTV West news. From 2000 here, but still in the same look as above.

HTV (Year of Promise Report) - 2000

HTV West's local news programme gets on the 'Year of Promise' train in 2000 with a special report on one of the many things done as part of that region's involvement in the campaign. Complete with more of the special Year of Promise branding, just with a slight HTV twist. And a web address that includes a stray dot at the end.



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