Children's BBC initially launched as a strand on BBC1 in 1985, and for nearly 30 years was used as the brand for several hour blocks of Children's shows on both BBC One and Two. With the advent of the digital era, CBBC and CBeebies channels were both launched as additional standalone channels in Feburary 2002, coinciding with a relaunch of the CBBC strands on BBC One and BBC Two at the time. The new channels originally broadcast from 7am and 6am until 7pm, sharing the space on Digital with BBC Choice/Three and BBC Four. In the case of CBBC, hours were extended further in 2016 to 9pm with the closure of BBC Three, before being cut again with the return of the channel.


Children's BBC (Promo) - 1986

Phillip Schofield voices over a trailer for Blue Peter for Children's BBC in 1986.

Children's BBC (Valentines Day IVC) - 1991

Andi Peters presents invision from CBBC's Broom Cupboard on Valentine's Day in 1991. The regular ident music of the time has been replaced by some music for the occasion which runs throughout the link, before a rundown of programme listings are handed to Andi on cardboard hearts... which are promptly shuffled round in the wrong order.

Children's BBC - 1992

This CBBC look first appeared in September 1991, albeit with a different soundtrack. This soundtrack would be replaced again with this more familiar version in 1992. Aired here as part of the 30th birthday celebrations for CBBC in September 2015.

Children's BBC (End of Day) - 1996

Out of The Broom Cupboard and into a full size studio by the mid-90s, it's the end of the day on CBBC.

CBBC on Two (Intro) - 2004

From before children's programming was removed from the main terrestrials, some opening titles to CBBC as aired during breakfast BBC Two in 2004. Still featuring the green bugs in some form at this point inkeeping with the dedicated channels which had launched in 2002.

CBBC on One (Next) - 2005

CBBC on One promotes what is coming up on the channel next in 2005.

CBBC Channel

CBBC (Credits) - 2002

Rumoured at the time to be pretty much the basis for the BBC's entire argument of cropping 4:3 programmes - so that the programme's credits can be shrunk down to a blob in the corner, which wouldnt allow clean ratio-switching. This file shows an example of the credits from Sheeep.

CBBC (Credits Love) 2002

A special heart-shaped blob for the credits of The Animals of Farthing Wood this time, used for some sort of love-weekend.

CBBC (Promo) - 2002

A promo for Summer on the CBBC Channel. This was shown on BBC1 and BBC2 as well as on the CBBC channel itself.

CBBC (Advert) - 2002

A programme advert for CBBC, with one of those green bugs again. The problem with the CBBC channel adverts is they only seemed to produce a stock of about 3 a fortnight, which are then repeated ad nausea!!

CBBC (Bug Banner) - 2002

And here the green blob turns up in the middle of a programme, along with advertising for CBBC's text-messaging stuff. Rumour has it the channel was also here to occasionally show TV Programmes!

CBBC - Christmas 2008

No longer in the bugs look now for the main CBBC channel, 2007 saw the introduction of another logo, and a new set of idents where the letters were 'sang'. For Christmas 2008, the surreal singing animations of the CBBC Channel are given a festive facelift, with pirates fishing for puddings, and giant bubbles. Amazing what you can do with computers!

CBBC - Christmas 2008

Golf playing and dancing foxes, all with added santa hats!

CBBC (Promo) - Christmas 2008

CBBC Promotions over the festive period for 2008 didn't change much from the regular channel style, save for the addition of some snow being thrown at it. Just like their big BBC One brother then!

CBBC (Promo) - Christmas 2009

The trailer style for CBBC was also very similar to their 2008 package... only updated (rather badly) to include the floating BBC cubes element, shared across all the channels for Christmas 2009.

CBBC - Christmas 2009

Festive presentation on the CBBC Channel for 2009 also followed a similar style to that of 2008, with a mashup of christmas pictures making up the CBBC letters, before finishing with the same jingle of that time. This particular ident was marked as being the creation of a viewer.

CBBC (Trampoline) - 2017

A new logo and presentation package were introduced to CBBC in 2016, aiming to give the channel a squarer logo which would work better in apps as they tried to be all hip and down with dem kids. Idents consist of scenes featuring the colours of the new logo, with the scene here showing trampolining.

CBBC (Igloo) - Christmas 2017

The Christmas ident set for CBBC features a different set of scenes, but still forming up the multicoloured logo with signature notes at the end. Children building an igloo out of coloured blocks feature for this one, one of several in the set that has been reused each Christmas since 2016.

CBBC (Crawlers) - Christmas 2017

Children throw wall crawlers against a window for another festive CBBC ident. Essentially the same as the crawler ident from the regular rotation, just with different visual effects and a festive soundtrack added in post production.

CBBC (Graphical - Short) - 2018

A short sting for the CBBC channel, made up solely of colourful graphical elements.

CBBC (Graphical - Mid) - 2018

A mid-length sting for the CBBC channel, featuring the logo animation made up of entirely graphical elements.

CBBC (Graphical - Long) - 2020

The full length version of the solely graphical CBBC ident/sting.

CBBC (Drones - Mid) - 2018

A child controls a drone to carry his coloured bag along in this CBBC ident/sting. A mid-length version.

CBBC (Dennis and Gnasher) - 2019

A special CBBC ident based around Dennis and Gnasher Unleashed from the channel.

CBBC (Danger Mouse) - 2019

Another special ident for CBBC, this time based around their Danger Mouse reboot.

CBBC (Sting - Long) - 2019

In addition to the usual recurring festive idents, for Christmas 2019 a cutout visual style was added to the presentation. This same style was followed through on both stings and dedicated trailers for elements of the channel and website too.

CBBC (Sting - Short) - Christmas 2019

A shorter sting using the Christmas 2019 'cutout' theme on CBBC.

CBBC (Promo) - Christmas 2019

An extended amount of the 'cutout' Christmas 2019 theming is used in a promo for CBBC shows on BBC iPlayer.

CBBC (Promo) - Christmas 2019

Another Christmas 2019 promo using the CBBC 'cutout' style for that year. This time promoting parts of the website.

CBBC (Drones) - 2020

The full length version of the 'Drone' ident, featuring more time focused on the controls for the drone. In an era of childhood obesity panic, it's good to see children getting all that essential finger exercise rather than carrying heavy weights.

CBBC (Neon Dance) - 2020

ITV Nighttime as you've never seen it before! Or more specifically, some children dancing with coloured lights for this CBBC ident.

CBBC (Crawlers) - 2020

A non-festive version of the Wall Crawler ident, once again showing people throwing the toys against a window.

CBBC (Slinkys) - 2020

Coloured slinky springs are used to make up this CBBC ident.



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