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Galaxy - 1992

Galaxy - 1997

Gateway - 1988

An advert from the late 80s promoting the Gateway chain. Gateway was a well known chain of supermarkets which expanded throughout the 70s and 80s to much of the UK. Many of the stores were subsequently sold off in the early 90s, and what remained was then rebranded as Somerfield. A chain which itself was eventually subsumed into The Co-operative Group.

Gino Ginelli - 1990

Gino, oh Gino, Ginelli. We're not sure anything else about this ice cream advert was particularly memorable, but the song lives on forever.

Golden Crackles - 1991

Two adverts here for Kellogg's cereals in 1991, that have since been dropped from the market in the UK. Both of them with the word 'Golden' in the name. This first one is for Golden Crackles, and possibly is meant to present a harsh dystopian vision of the terribly localised impacts of climate change!

Golden Oatmeal Crisp - 1991

Another defunct cereal from Kelloggs in 1991, set to Beethoven's Symphony No 6. This time with a lot of people expressing their shock that you could make a tasty cereal out of oats! Who knows why else they would think the word 'oatmeal' was on the box.

Granada Rentals - 1998

A young Jeremy Clarkson in one of his less well remembered roles. As the face of Granada Rentals in their latter days of 1998, promoting 'TV 2000' - an upcoming deal for digital television equipment, what with the impending launch of DTT later that year. With the rapidly declining TV rental market, Granada Rentals was merged with Radio Rentals in 2000 to form Boxclever, before the original operation fell into administration in 2003, nowadays having been sold on and existing as an online-only brand. A dormant business from the Granada Rentals operation remains registered at ITV plc's headquarters in London to this day.

Guinness - 1990

Rutger Hauer has been to the barbers, and now he's going to share a secret with you via telepathy in another surreal Guinness campaign.

Guinness - 1992

Guinness - 1992

Rutger meets himself in this advert for Guinness, although there is a way to tell them apart.

Guinness - 1993

More adverts for Guiness, starting with another of the long running strange adverts from the early 90s featuring Rutger Hauer. Once again the point of which is lost on my simple mind!

Guinness - 1996

Scenes of madness are mixed in with scenes of... fishing... in an advert from the Guinness 'Not everything in black and white makes sense' campaign of the mid 90s.

Guinness - 1997

Another advert from the 'Not Everything in Black and White Makes Sense' Guinness campaign from 1997 Guinness features various absurd statistics, before concluding with Vic Reeves stating that '88.2% of statistics are made up on the spot'.

Guinness Bitter - 1995

Not quite Guinness... it's Guinness Draught Bitter this time. You have to endure the rough, to appreciate the smooth.


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