CBS Drama

CBS Drama in the UK is a jointly owned channel between CBS Studios International and AMC Networks International, and was originally launched on satellite in 2009 before following on Freeview in 2015, a little later than the other CBS channels had launched on terrestrial. The channel is designed to show a mix of dramas, both modern day from CBS and several other broadcasters, or older shows mostly from the vast CBS archive of US programming.

CBS Drama (Dancing/Hairdressers - Long) - 2017

Idents from the 2013-2018 package on CBS Drama consisted of 2 main scenes, filmed as a stopped moment in time as the camera pans around them. This one features both an argument and a dancing scene in a hairdressers, with shocked onlookers. Each of the idents had several shorter edits of them available to make the whole set appear larger, a trick commonly employed by Channel 4.

CBS Drama (Hairdressers - Short) - 2017

Featuring just the shocked onlooker having her hair done in this short edit ident from the Dancing/Hairdressers scene.

CBS Drama (Dancing - Mid) - 2017

A midlength ident edit from the dancing/hairdressers CBS Drama ident, this time featuring just the dancing couple.

CBS Drama (Interview/Shootout - Long) - 2017

The second main scene from the 2013-2018 package starts out with an interview, before moving to a shootout over a game of poker in the adjoining room. Whilst a clown overlooks proceedings, naturally. Those Testcard F ripoffs have gotten pretty hardcore these days.

CBS Drama (Interview - Short) - 2017

A short version of the interview/shootout ident, this time only featuring the interview part of the scene.

CBS Drama (Shootout - Short) - 2017

Another short ident edit from the interview/shootout scene, this time just featuring the shootout.

CBS Drama (Break Bumper) - 2017

The 2017 break bumper style for CBS Drama, used until it finally received the 'blue ink' rebrand in early 2018 to bring it in line with the other CBS stations.

CBS Drama (Break Bumper) - 2017

Another CBS Drama logo animation from the 2013-2018 package, sometimes used as a break bumper, and sometimes used as a general sting between other presentational elements.

CBS Drama (Promo) - 2017

An example of the CBS Drama promo style, as used late in the 2013-2017 package. Here promoting a repeat of the ITV series Bad Girls.

CBS Drama (Menu) - 2017

An animated menu slide showing several programmes coming up on CBS Drama later in the 2017 channel style. Used in lieu of an ident into a show in this case.

CBS Drama (Promo) - Christmas 2017

No significant changes to most of the CBS Drama package for Christmas 2017, although the promo style sees some slight added sparkle for the season.

CBS Drama - 2018

In early 2018, CBS Drama finally received the 'ink blot' rebrand to bring it into line with the other CBS channels. This time round blue moves in the background. The filmed idents from the previous set were also carried over in an edited form, similar to how the filmed segments for other CBS channels are used, however are intermittent in their use.

CBS Drama - 2018

Like other CBS channels, 2 main versions of the ident exist. One with the channel logo centralised, and a second version with the logo on the left complete with social media details on the right hand side. The social media variation here.

CBS Drama (Break Bumper) - 2018

The blue colouring appears inside the CBS Drama lettering rather than behind it for the 2018 break bumper.

CBS Drama (Promo) - 2018

An example of the updated promo style from 2018. Here trailering the channel's main filler Judge Judy.



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