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IBA (Yearbook) - 1988

In the closing days of 1987, a young Jonathan Ross promotes the IBA Radio and Television Yearbook for 1988. The IBA were essentially the independent television and radio broadcaster throughout the 70s and 80s holding ultimate responsibility for the entire sector which they would then contract out further to the ITV companies.

I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Light - 1994

I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Light - 1996

This time round with the cows telling us to lighten up in another advert for the lighter variant of the spread.

I Can't Believe It's Not Butter - 1999

The Spitting Image cows return in another I Can't Believe It's Not Butter advert in 1999. Here raising their complaints about adverts for the spread.

Ikea (Survey) - 1997

One of many well remembered ads for furniture giant IKEA. In a mammoth advert from 1997, we take a look at what a definitely-scientific survey has found different furniture says about the individuals who own it.

Imperial Leather - 1994

Paul Merton acts as the face of Imperial Leather in 1994, here promoting their antiperspirant range with a film crew and a bus.

Irn Bru - 1991

Taking a lighthearted shot at Coke adverts of the era, Irn Bru bring their own advert for the early 90s. Promoting the drink as Made In Scotland From Girders.

Irn Bru - 2002

An entertaining/warped (delete as applicable) ad for Irn Bru in 2002, with a woman giving birth. Don't worry, that Irn Bru will help... or will it?

ITV Digital (Al and Monkey - Christmas) - 2001

With subscriptions to the On Digital service not taking off as hoped, the service was rebranded as ITV Digital in 2001 with the hope of the stronger 'ITV' brand giving it a boost. At the same time a famous advertising double act in the form of dimwitted Al (played by Johnny Vegas) and the knitted puppet Monkey (voiced by Ben Miller) were introduced, created by advertising agency Mother. Despite the characters being popular and well remembered, they were not enough to reverse the fortunes of the ITV Digital service, with it collapsing into administration in 2002. Here a Christmas special of one of the many spots produced during the shortlived campaign, where Al has come up with some brilliant ideas in the middle of the night.

ITV Digital (Al and Monkey - ITV Active) - 2001

A non-festive ITV Digital advert from August 2001. This time extolling the virtues of their add-on 'Internet through the telly' service ITV Active.


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