Channel 4 (Lines) - 1999-2004

The third evolution of Channel 4's visual identity followed only 3 years later in 1999. Out were circles, in favour of the 4 in a square, set against coloured vertical lines. This package was to last longer for Channel 4, with a few updates including a refresh in 2002 to add more variation to the ident set. Before finally being retired on December 31st 2004.

Channel 4 (Red/Yellow) - 1999

Introduced in 1999, the next evolution for Channel 4's presentation involved placing the 4 logo in a right aligned white box, while coloured vertical lines scroll past in the background at differing speeds. Most commonly these would feature colour only, but it also allowed mixing in of background video footage. Red and Yellow are mixed together in this ident.

Channel 4 (Red/Traffic) - 1999

Red bars for this Channel 4 ident, mixed in with blurred shots of car headlights.

Channel 4 (South Park) - 1999

Based around the South Park series which was airing on Channel 4 at the time, one of several programme-themed additions to the coloured lines presentation package from 1999. Used here with continuity before the break to let you know the show is up next.

Channel 4 (Frasier) - 1999

More programme themed lines presentation. Kelsey Grammer, in his Frasier role, talks about his obsession with the number 4. Conveniently, it's also the next show on Channel 4.

Channel 4 (Blue Green) - 1999

Another of the lines idents for Channel 4, this time set in a bluey-green shade.

Channel 4 (4Later) - 1999

4Later was introduced as Channel 4's overnight strand for a time, after overnight closedowns were dropped, featuring the usual filler mix of cheap imports and low budget movies to fill those dead hours. Presentation during this segment featured a very different ident style to the rest of the day's presentation.

Channel 4 (Purple) - 1999

Revised soundtracks, and some different variations on the lines which included new ways for the Channel 4 logo to animate onscreen were introduced in a small refresh late in 1999. A purple variant here.

Channel 4 (Turquoise) - 2000

As transmitted on the first day of the brand new millennium for Channel 4, a turquoise version here, with an added water feature.

Channel 4 (Big Breakfast Promo) - 1999

The Big Breakfast was Channel 4's long running breakfast show, on the air from 1992 to 2002. Here, a promo from 1999 promotes both The Big Breakfast and the The Bigger Breakfast, a post 9am set of branding which came into place during summer holidays.

Channel 4 Daytime 2001

While the usual idents featured more use of the bright colours, daytime variants leaned towards the use of live action footage mixed in with the bars. An example from 2001, with the Channel 4 web address now added to the ident.

Channel 4 (Daytime) - 2002

Another live-action daytime ident for Channel 4 from 2002. And for reasons known only to Channel 4, the web address has moved down the screen.

Channel 4 Xmas 2000-2003

One of the Christmas versions of Channel 4's idents. Despite tweaks and updates to the normal idents, the same Christmas idents from 2000 were dug out again for 2001, 2002 and 2003 with 2004's idents being left completely unfestive presumably due to the impending relaunch a week later. Nice to see C4 putting a massive budget into Christmas Decoration anyway.

Channel 4 - 2002 (Water)

At the start of January 2002, Channel 4 unveiled some new idents. They still followed the lines theme, only this time it was tweaked with more of a live-action look. This version for example shows the logo in water.

Channel 4 - 2002 (Coloured Light)

Another 2002 ident, this time using bars of coloured light.

Channel 4 - 2002 (White Light)

A third new ident, this time using white lights(the 4 logo can also be seen to flicker like a light). Myself, I think this looks more like a Video Machine tuning signal.

Channel 4 - 2002 (Clouds)

A nice ident, showing the sky, with clouds making up the bars(well, its actually those aeroplane vapour trails, but never mind). My favourite of the new batch.

Channel 4 - 2002 (Film)

Shimmering spotlights make up the lines on this ident, usually used to lead into films. Thanks to Ashley for the clip.

Channel 4 - 2002 (Brookside)

A special ident, probably introduced prior to 2002, designed for showing before Brookside.

Channel 4 - 2002 (Menu)

On Channel 4 these days, it has become common practice to include a now and next menu over the ident, usually in Primetime. This shows one of these menus, over what looks to be a fifth new ident based around a heartbeat theme!

Channel 4 - 2002 (Sport)

Another special ident, used before sports programming. Clip courtesy of Ashley B.

Channel 4 - 2002 (Kids A)

One of a rarely seen collection of idents. Channel 4 had a weird set featuring a cartoon character, which were shown before the early morning cartoons (hence the reason few people have seen them!).

Channel 4 - Xmas 2002 (Dinosaur)

Despite the general lack of investment in new idents for Christmas 2002, Channel 4 did produce these special dinosaur versions to go before their programme 'Dinotopia'. Thanks to Ashley B for the clip.

Channel 4/E4 (Promo) - 2004

To promote the final series of Friends in 2004, a rare cross-channel promotion for both E4 and Channel 4. During the initial run of the series in the UK, Friends was aired first on E4 with the episode following on Channel 4 later.

Channel 4 (ECP) - 1999

An ECP from the 1999 Channel 4 look, here being used to promote an accompanying CD for the series. This particular end sequence also features a rarer appearance of an LWT for Sky and Sky One endcaps on the terrestrial channel.



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