Five (2008-2011)

2008 saw another large overhaul of the five logo. Out went the lowercase 'five' to be replaced by... uppercase Five, set in a new circle device. A new set of surreal idents also went to air at the same time, although these were replaced a short while later. More to come from this era soon, but in the meantime a few sequences from the channel's Christmas presentation.

Five (Ident - Snowflake) - Christmas 2008

The first christmas since Channel 5's latest rebrand, brought with it some interesting if somewhat simple playing with festive patterns. A snowflake appears in this ident.

Five (Ident - Tree) - Christmas 2008

A second ident from Five, this time with a tree shape as it's base.

Five (Pond) - Christmas 2009

A series of 3 animated idents came from Five for 2009, featuring a band of robins. In this version, hunting for worms reveals a pond in the snow.

Five (News) - Christmas 2009

Similar to the BBC, Five kept a more sedate ident for usage before the news bulletins.

Five (CSI) - 2010

A special ident appeared once again during the 'FIVE' era. Featuring CSI-lab-style clips, the ident itself saw use before most imported US-crime dramas rather than just CSI itself.

Five (Crime) - 2010

Yet another specially themed ident for use before shows like CSI, featuring the 2008 era Five logo once more. Hey for a time American US crime drama made up the mainstay of their primetime schedule, so it's not a big surprise they had so many special idents for it.

Five (Cricket) - 2010

Another special ident from the FIVE circle era, this time for use before cricket coverage on the channel.

Five (Promo) - 2010



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