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Electricity Shares (Regional) - 1990

The privatisation of the UK's electric network happened in two phases in 1990 and 1991. In the first phase in 1990, the 12 regions of Central Electricity Generating Board was split off into 12 companies in England and Wales, with shares being offered in each by the UK Government. A campaign was launched to promote this, showing a collection of horror movie characters looking at how they could get into the share offer.

Electricity Shares (Regional) - 1990

A second advert to promote the new shares in the regional electricity companies. This time round, Frankenstein's Monster doubles up as a cigarette lighter.

Electricity Shares (Regional) - 1990

Another advert promoting shares for the newly privatised regional electricity companies. This time Frankenstein's Monster is finding the £100 minimum that he needs to invest.

Electricity Shares (Regional) - 1990

HM Government continue to use the 'monsters' theme for their Electricity share campaign a few months later, as the deadline for applying looms in December 1990.

Electricity Shares (Powergen/National Power) - 1991

In the second phase of the UK privatisation in 1991, shares were offered for the power generation companies National Power and Powergen by HM Government. This animated advert encourages investors to get their own prospectus for the share offer, reusing the same phone number as had been used in the 1990 share offer.

Electrolux Power System - 1997

Electrolux in 1997 reminding us that devastating cyclones are actually caused by those in the heavens doing a bit of hoovering.

Enterprise Initiative - 1990

In an attempt to stimulate businesses, the then Department for Trade and Industry promote their 'Enterprise Initiative' help, complete with some cheesy special effects and hammy acting.

Epson - 1997

Forgotten to feed your cat today? Well you'd better hope you don't own one of the latest Epson printers in 1997 with pictures so pin sharp you wouldn't know they weren't the real thing...

Epson - 1997

Those super pin-sharp Epson printers work to everyone's advantage, as a second advert in the 'cat' series demonstrates...

Eurostar - 1996

Antoine de Caunes, of Eurotrash fame, appears in an advert to promote Eurostar in 1996. Extolling the virtues of how quickly you could be enjoying yourself in Paris, rather than suffering in the UK. Watch out for the graphical glitch at 8 seconds, which would normally have been hidden on a TV's overscan area.

Ever Ready Gold Seal - 1991

Part 1 of the tediously-long-running Ever Ready Forever Eddy story starts off with Eddy and a clown. As... all good stories do!

Ever Ready Gold Seal - 1992


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