ITV1 2022-Present

On November 15th 2022, a brand new package was introduced across all of the ITV channels. Alongside new graphics using a signature colour for each channel, the channel idents all shared a common set of the same locations, just tailored with specific scenes for that particular channel. For ITV, the occasion also saw a return of the ITV1 name which had been banished back in 2013, with the channel adopting a turquiose colour.

ITV1 (Station) - 2022

The ITV1 name makes its onscreen return in a low-key ident at 6am on November 15th 2022. The new idents from the rebrand consisted of a series of the same locations used across all ITV channels, just with different action happening depending upon the particular channel. In the ITV1 variant of the 'train station' ident, people are seen dancing on the platform.

ITV1 (Rural) - 2022

ITV1's variation on the 'rural' ident feature people flying kites in the countryside setting.

ITV1 (Skyline - Evening) - 2022

A city skyline makes up one of the 'news safe' idents for ITV1, here shown in an evening variant despite first appearing at lunchtime on launch day.

ITV1 (Skyline - Morning) - 2022

A lighter sky can be seen in another variation on the news safe 'skyline' ident for ITV1.

ITV1 (Skyline - Daytime) - 2022

A third variation of the 'skyline' ident was added to ITV1's set in December 2022. Set in the middle of the day, this time the scene features additional post production work to add in a rollercoaster sequence around the buildings too.

ITV1 (Menu) - 2022

A menu at the end of daytime, just before the 6pm news, continued to be used after the November 2022 rebrand. But the new graphic style and channel name was applied to this.

ITV1 (Rural) - Christmas 2022

For the first Christmas since the November 2022 rebrand, ITV had produced a limited number of idents for ITV1 using some of the same filming locations as their new regular package. The rural setting sees a festive addition in this variant.

ITV1 (Skyline) - Christmas 2022

With the addition of some simple CGI, the usual Evening Skyline ident for ITV1 takes on a festive twist for Christmas 2022.

ITV1 (Station) - Christmas 2022

The train station location also sees some festive additions for ITV1 in Christmas 2022.

ITV1 (Beach) - 2023

January 2023 saw the introduction of another location across all the ITV channels, this time using a beach setting with various activities depending on the channel. Filming for this ident in Lytham St Annes had been mentioned heavily in press releases from the local council during back in October, so its arrival was not unexpected.

ITV1 (Café) - 2023

An ITV1 variant of the 'Café' scene was conspicuously absent in the initial launch batch of idents, despite ones airing for all other channels, and one being present in showreels. A different edit finally appeared in January 2023 to bring the main channel in line with the others.

ITV1 (Break - Big Brother) - 2023

To promote the return of Big Brother to ITV2, special presentation was introduced across multiple channels in the ITV family. A special break bumper for ITV1 here.

ITV1 (Cityscape/Skyline - Big Brother) - 2023

The Skyline ident for ITV1 is also adapted with the eye device in order to promote the return of Big Brother on ITV2.



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