E4 - 2018 Onwards

With the global rebrand of all the logos for the Channel 4 suite of channels at the end of September 2018 it wasn't possible to just drop a new logo over the existing E4 branding as had been done elsewhere, due to the integration of the old E4 logo in the form of character Eefer. So the channel took the opportunity to introduce a complete new look instead. A new series of idents were put together by various animators with the only real connection being the new E4 logo in some way, taking the idea of the E-Stings that had previously been used on the channel one step further.

E4 (New Look Switchover) - 2018

A brand new look for E4 appeared on September 27th 2018, bringing a new logo to feature the original Channel 4 blocks more prominently. Given the E4 logo was an integral part of the old idents, new idents were inevitable for the station. The new branding switched over during the off-air slide shortly before 6am.

E4 (Space Station) - 2018

The first new ident featuring a spacestation shaped like the new E4 logo was aired into the 6am junction. With the announcement even acknowledging the change in presentation.

E4 (Construction) - 2018

The E4 logo is built on a construction site by a bunch of animated people.

E4 (Chips) - 2018

A near perfect recreation of the original Channel 4 blocks for E4, just made entirely out of chips to give it that E4 twist.

E4 (Holes) - 2018

Various people and creatures pop out of the holes that make up a giant E4 logo here.

E4 (Wickerman) - 2018

The first airing of the new Wickerman ident on E4. Used into the 8am junction on launch day.

E4 (Menu) - 2018

The new menu style for E4 from the September 2018 rebrand. The textual layout has been made even simpler now to show what's coming up.

E4 (Holes - Generic) - 2018

The same 5 idents were repeated throughout the rest of the launch day. Albeit with some interesting announcements played out. Here the 'holes' ident complete with comment on the use of daytime generic continuity.

E4 (Space Station - Light up) - 2018

Another use of the space station ident, but here with a CA anno about it lighting up the E part of the logo on cue.

E4 (Felines) - 2018

The next new ident for E4 finally appeared in the evening, in the 8.30pm slot. Possibly due to it's slightly raunchier content. Two felines get... friendly with one another.

E4 (Kebab) - 2018

A late debut for the next ident. E4's 'kebab' ident first aired in the 10pm junction on launch day. Looking more like an old E-Sting than an ident, a smiley kebab gets hotter and hotter until his face is cut off. Whether this is destined to be another late-night-only one we shall see...

E4 (Animals) - 2018

A 2D animated ident, aired here on the 29th September. Various animals engage in social media activities whilst trying to keep up with all the latest fashions.

E4 (Ocean) - 2018

Another animated ident for E4, this time set on the ocean floor. With all those usual things you'd expect to find underwater if E4 were involved. Aired here on the third day of the new look.

E4 (Ocean) - 2018

The longer 30 second edit of the Ocean/Underwater ident for E4.

E4 (Creature) - 2018

Airing in the 9pm junction on 30th September, BBC Two aren't the only channel to launch a new ident with a fluffy creature. Except this one drinks the purple essence of others and then spawns fresh progeny. All what you'd expect from E4!

E4 (ECP) - 2018

The updated ECP style for E4 from September 2018 breaks with the traditional left/right layout used by Channel 4 elsewhere, now preferring to trailer programmes underneath. This also means any own-produced shows for 4 for the last decade or 2 have to have their credits squashed vertically as the end credit guidelines only leave the right hand side of the screen clear for overlaying the ECP.

E4 (Promo) - 2018

The updated 2018 promo style for E4 after their rebrand. Trailers which had been airing before the rebrand were double produced in both the old and new look.

E4 (Promo) - 2018

Another example of the promo style for E4 from the 2018 rebrand.

E4 (Break Purple - Bubbles) - 2018

Break bumpers on E4 after the September 2018 rebrand now contain simple animations of the E and the Channel 4 blocks interacting in some way, and each one has a white on purple and a purple on white variant. In this one, the E turns into bubbles, leaving the remaining 4 blocks to collapse.

E4 (Break White - Bubbles) - 2018

Bubbles again, this time purple against a white background.

E4 (Break Purple - Glitter) - 2018

The E of the logo explodes like glitter in this E4 break bumper.

E4 (Break White - Glitter) - 2018

The white background version of the glitter bumper.

E4 (Break Purple - Goo) - 2018

Fluidic goo makes up the E of the logo in this bumper, with a purple background.

E4 (Break White - Goo) - 2018

The E becomes more fluidic in nature for this break bumper for the channel.

E4 (Break Purple - Tentacles) - 2018

The E4 logo is made from tentacles in this bumper, this time with a purple background.

E4 (Break White - Tentacles) - 2018

Purple tentacles suddenly emerge from the E of the logo for this bumper.

E4 (Break Purple - Worms) - 2018

Worms make up the E of the logo this time round. The purple background version here.

E4 (Break White - Worms) - 2018

The white background version of the worms break bumper, with the worms making up the E of the channel logo.

E4 (Break Purple - Extrude) - 2018

For this break bumper, the shape of the E is squeezed out from rest of the logo.

E4 (Break White - Extrude) - 2018

The white background version of the extrude effect bumper for E4.

E4 (Break White - Sand) - 2018

The E in the break bumper this time is made from purple sand, which suddenly falls apart.

E4 (Break White - Ooze) - 2018

The E of the E4 logo oozes with a substance in this break bumper. White background version here.

E4 (Break Purple - Ooze) - 2018

The purple background version of the 'ooze' break bumper, where the E appears to leak a substance.

E4 (Break - Celebs Go Dating) - 2018

Just over a week into the new look special Celebs Go Dating bumpers appeared once more on E4, usually used to lead in and out of breaks, although occasionally used just to break up other channel elements. Marking the fifth series of the reality show, the celebs now appear against new E4 backgrounds, with Sam Craske featuring in this one.

E4 (Break - Celebs Go Dating) - 2018

Another Celebs Go Dating series 5 break bumper, this time featuring Alik Alfus.

E4 (Break - Celebs Go Dating) - 2018

Chloe Sims stars in this Celebs Go Dating break bumper.

E4 (Break - Celebs Go Dating) - 2018

Another Celebs Go Dating break bumper, this time starring Mutya Buena.

E4 (Break - Celebs Go Dating) - 2018

Olivia Attwood appears in a fifth Celebs Go Dating bumper for E4.

E4 (Break - Celebs Go Dating) - 2018

Vas J Morgan appears in another Celebs Go Dating break bumper for E4.

E4 (Break - Celebs Go Dating) - 2018

Eyal Booker appears in another Celebs Go Dating bumper for E4.

E4 (Break - Celebs Go Dating) - 2018

Appearing a few days into the series, Amy Tapper from Gogglebox appears in this break bumper.

E4 (Break - Celebs Go Dating) - 2018

Another break bumper for the Celebs Go Dating series, this time featuring Callum Izzard.

E4 (Construction - #NationalComingOutDay) - 2018

To mark National Coming Out Day, E4 replaced their continuity links with specially pre-recorded messages throughout October 11th 2018 in association with LGBT rights charity Stonewall. Adele Roberts from Radio 1 provides a message here over the construction ident.

E4 (Wickerman - #NationalComingOutDay) - 2018

Ollie Locke from Made In Chelsea provides the National Coming Out Day message over the Wickerman ident.

E4 (Chips - #NationalComingOutDay) - 2018

Comedian Suzy Ruffell provides a message over the Chips ident for E4 on National Coming Out Day 2018.

E4 (Holes - #NationalComingOutDay) - 2018

Another National Coming Out Day link from E4, this time with film director Dustin Lance Black providing his own message.

E4 (Animals- #NationalComingOutDay) - 2018

The Animals/Social Media ident, this time with Tom Allen providing a message for National Coming Out Day in October 2018.

E4 (Ocean - #NationalComingOutDay) - 2018

Annie Wallace from Hollyoaks provides a National Coming Out Day message over the Ocean ident. Appropriately into Hollyoaks itself, although with no reference to the programme so the regular announcer chimes in at the very end.

E4 (Creature - #NationalComingOutDay) - 2018

Another ident to mark National Coming Out Day. This time the Creatures one features a message from broadcaster June Sarpong.

E4 (Mouth Party) - 2018

The end of October saw the next of the new idents appear on E4. In another surreal addition, the scene focuses in on various characters, showing parties happening in each person's mouth.

E4 (Mission Impossible) - 2018

Another new ident from the end of October 2018. This time round an obstacle course features, with an odd reward at the end.

E4 (Summoning) - 2018

A group of powerful beings summon the great E4 in the sky to take them away in another new ident from the end of October 2018.

E4 (Dog Head) - 2018

Another ident introduced at the end of October 2018 features a purple anthropomorphic dog pulling up in the woods with a special key to create the E4 logo.

E4 (Pirate) - 2018

A pirate follows a treasure map to an island in this late-October addition to the ident set... only to find someone has already beaten him to the E4 treasure.

E4 (Mecha Monster) - 2018

One more ident introduced in the late October batch. This time around a robot wielding the immense power of E4 comes down to stop a monster invasion. Before deciding to do some dancing. As you do! Complete with some trademark E4 continuity humour here to try and explain the US Midterm Elections...

E4 (Creature Machine) - 2018

Various creatures go into a machine to form some hybrids in the latest E4 ident, introduced in December 2018. Although never try and combine anything with a 4!



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