First off, I'd better get the negative stuff sorted out. I try to be friendly as much as possible, but it's inevitable some problems will arise, so...

1) If you message me it's always appreciated, but bear in mind this is a hobby site in my spare time and I work full time, so I can't always promise a prompt response. I normally will if you are polite and not badgering in your communication, however some people do get the idea into their head they can demand me to do things; such people will be ignored. And blaming certain medical conditions will not wash.

2) I cannot and will not get involved with tape exchanges or allowing for download full episodes of anything which appears on here. Short clips showcase and review producers work, and help people remember them. Full copies do nothing but lose them money.

3) I dont actually make any of this stuff, nor do I have direct contact to any of the companies involved. Whilst if you ask a question on a programme or something which I know the answer to I'll answer it, there are some things which need to be addressed to the duty office of the company responsible. Look at the links page, or the credits at the bottom of each page for an official website address.

Anyway now that I've got that out of the way, to more pleasant bits.

1) If you want to make any general comments or queries about the site, then the best way to do this is to either leave a message in the Guestbook, or you can reach me on those modern-fangled Social Networky thingies via Twitter. Just mention me at @TesTVWhirl.

2) If you prefer the more traditional longform way of messaging, email is still available by dropping me a message at

3) I appreciate any useful bits of information or corrections if a mistake is spotted as it's impossible to catch everything.

4) I am always keen to make sure to keep things working on the site, so if you spot anything which is broken let me know and I will get it sorted asap!


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