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Fairy Liquid - 1989

Almost as revolutionary as when Tetley made their teabags round, Fairy have introduced a revolutionary new cap in 1989. All those hours wasted carefully cleaning your washing up liquid bottle are now a thing of the past!

Fairy Liquid - 1990

From an unusually long-lasting era where huge groups of schoolchildren and squeaky plates were seen as the best way to advertise how long washing liquid could last, Fairy brings out another one showing how far a bottle stretches.

Fairy - 1992

Fanta - 1990

Another funky little song promoting Fanta Orange in 1990 with the lyrics 'When Orange Fizzes'.

Felix - 1998

The adverts for Felix catfood, animated in Black and white, have been used to advertise the brand for a very long time now, albeit updated and tweaked in style over the years. This shows a variant from 1998.

Ferrero Rocher - 1990

The familiar Ferrero Rocher music, only this time performed by a choir to give it a festive feeling.

Ferrero Rocher - 1994

The well-remembered advert for Ferrero Rocher from the 90s, where the ambassador is really spoiling everyone. The particular version of this advert was first introduced in 1993 and, although only used for a limited number of years at the time, has been parodied ever since.

Ford - 1992

Possible references to Day of the Triffids in this advert for the Escort XR3i? Well it's a car advert at the end of the day, so it's anyone's guess!

Ford Escort (Groundhog Day Special) - 1996

A special Ford advert broadcast during the ITV Movie Premiere of Groundhog Day in 1996. Asking the question 'What do you do in yours'... but over and over again.

Ford - 2001

... and now for Ford in 2001!

Flora - 1998

Richard Wilson (star of One Foot in The Grave) remembers a Golden Childhood as he eats his Flora Buttery.

Fosters - 1984

One of a series of ads in the eighties for Fosters starring Paul Hogan.

Fosters - Xmas 1987

Mr Hogan again, this time at a Christmas party for this Fosters ad.

Fosters - 1997

One of several 'Jickle it you wrigglers' ads from the late 90s. The subject this time; rage!

Fox's Glacier Mints - 1983

A sweet and simple animated advert for Fox's Glacier Mints, where a fox tries to tell us polar bears should not be on mints... to no success! (We sensibly didn't allow polar bears to have donuts back then either...)

Freepages - 1997

Friends - 1995

In the days before the internet, the UK had the 'Friends' phone service. A pre-recorded premium rate line chat line people could call presumably to cure insomnia or something similar. For the majority of the 90s, this service was one of the few advertisers almost singlehandedly funding the overnight service on ITV.

Friends in Space - 1995

And just incase the main Friends service didn't quite float your boat, here's Friends... In Space! Now for the next question - does anyone want to own up to ever actually calling this service?

Frisps - 1991

A man stands by a bar. The opening line not to a joke this time, but to an advert for KP's Frisps from 1991 demonstrating just how much their snack can improve your dancing skills.

Frosties - 1989

Mascot Tony The Tiger brings the Kellogg's cereal to The Wild West in 1989.

Frosties - 1990

Tony the Tiger is back in another animated adventure, and this time he has to foil the creatively named Tigerman so that he can't get hold of the Frosties secret formula.

Frosties - 1995

A single woman tells of her obsession with Kellogg's Frosties, and how it's gotten her into some embarrassing situations in the past.

Fruit & Nut - 1994

Cadburys bring back their famous 'Everyone's a Fruit and Nutcase' song for the mid-90s, this time with added CGI characters.

Fruit 'n Fibre - 1986

The first of several adverts for Kellogg's Fruit 'n Fibre which ran from the late 80s through to the early 90s, and featured people in brightly colourful yet highly surreal surroundings. Firstly, on a campsite.

Fruit 'n Fibre (Twins) - 1989

Another surreal Fruit 'n Fibre advert, this time getting into 1989. Some twins are so difficult to distinguish from one another - unless you can get their mother to send you some boxes of Fruit 'n Fibre.

Fruit 'n Fibre - 1990

Continuing the surreal theme in a moment he'd probably like to forget, a young Ross Kemp stars in this jolly advert for Fruit and Fibre in 1990, based around a golfcourse on the med. Courtesy of Matt Richings.

Fruit 'n Fibre - 1991

Still being aired in 1991, although produced the previous year, in this addition to the surreal collection the theme is an Action Holiday.

Fruit Pastilles - 1991

An animated advert for Fruit Pastilles from 1991 and.... mmm... you just can't help chewing. Then for some unexplained reason typing that you're chewing out loud.

Fruit Pastilles - 1990

An alternative edit of the 'You just can't help chewing' advert. The piranha once again features just with different vocals, and this time a ventriloquist's dummy is also involved.

Fruit Pastil-Lolly - 1995

A stick man, a factory, and a lot of creepy sound effects. What better way to advertise the Fruit Pastil-Lolly (other than to include that stray -le in the name perhaps!).

Fry's Turkish Delight - 1990

First introduced in the early 80s, this famous commercial for Fry's Turkish Delight ran on both television and cinema for well over a decade. And still I don't think anyone could 100% explain exactly what was going on!


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