RTL II (Germany)

The second of the RTL Branded German channels launched in 1993. Despite having the name 'RTL', its actually only about 30% owned by the group. Conversely the channel 'Vox', which is nearly 100% owned by the group, doesn't have the RTL name anywhere in it's title!

Unlike UK channels, the German channels dont use idents very often (some dont have them at all), usually cutting straight from an advert into the programme. When they are used, there's no live continuity over them. To make up for it, breakbumpers at the start and end of the adverts are animated, with audio, almost like a mini-ident. Credits are often truncated off programmes too as part of an accelerated flow strategy.

RTL II Break 2003

The Break Bumper used on RTL 2. As this was recorded during the afternoon, when lot's of Animé programming is shown on the channel, this may be a special version for that time of day. That would explain the use of Japanese symbols! I dont watch the channel during primetime, so cant confirm this theory myself.

RTL II Break End 2003

Almost identical to above, only this time it's returning from the break, hence the 'break end' voiceover.

RTL II Endcap 2003

An animated, and musical, endcap for RTL 2. 'Im Auftrag von', roughly means 'in association with'. (Well, its the nearest I can translate it to).

RTL II Endcap V2 2003

This time the endcap says 'Eine Sendung von', translating to 'A Programme from'.



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