RTL II (Germany)

The second of the RTL Branded German channels launched in 1993. Despite having the name 'RTL', its actually only about 30% owned by the group. Conversely the channel 'Vox', which is nearly 100% owned by the group, doesn't have the RTL name anywhere in it's title!

Unlike UK channels, the German channels dont use idents very often (some dont have them at all), usually cutting straight from an advert into the programme. When they are used, there's no live continuity over them. To make up for it, breakbumpers at the start and end of the adverts are animated, with audio, almost like a mini-ident. Credits are often truncated off programmes too as part of an accelerated flow strategy.

RTL II Break 2003

A Break Bumper used on RTL II, recorded during a daytime Animé programming block on the channel, likely explaining the use of Japanese symbols onscreen.

RTL II Break End 2003

Almost identical to above, only this time it's returning from the break, hence the 'break end' voiceover.

RTL II Endcap 2003

An animated, and musical, endcap for RTL 2. 'Im Auftrag von', roughly means 'in association with'. (Well, its the nearest I can translate it to).

RTL II Endcap V2 2003

This time the endcap says 'Eine Sendung von', translating to 'A Programme from'.

RTL II (Sting) - 2009

Possibly the least German sting you could ever imagine for RTL II from 2009. During this era, snippets of audio from Lady Gaga's Love Game plays are used whilst the graphics similarly use English wording styled around the song lyrics. Here an entirely graphical sting, using only text and the logo.

RTL II (Sting) - 2009

A longer sting from RTL II. This time featuring motorcyclists 'having fun', complete with the notes of the same song.

RTL II (Promo) - 2009

An example of the 2009 promo style for RTL II, here promoting an evening's programming on the channel.

RTL II (Break) - 2009

An RTL II break bumper from 2009, featuring the same use of Lady Gaga and dancing as a visual. Essentially this sequence is the same as the stings during this era, just with the extra addition of the word 'Werbung'.

RTL II (Break - Krass Schule) - 2019

First launched in March 1993, RTL II is a second German entertainment channel from RTL Group, largely airing a mix of imported series and reality TV shows. Winter 2019 presentation on the channels features various personalities from shows on the channel filmed in a mountain chalet setting, making symbols to represent '2'. The break opening sting features the names of those appearing, and for this one the stars of Krass Schule, a scripted reality docu-soap, feature.

RTL II (Break End - Krass Schule) - 2019

End of break stings on RTL II feature the same stars of the channel, however this time with the slogan 'Zeig Mir Mehr' (show me more) overlaid, and an additional wipe to the channel logo at the very end. The stars from Krass Schule appear again here.

RTL II (Break - Victor) - 2019

Another start of break sting for RTL II, this time featuring 'Victor' from their version of Love Island.

RTL II (Break End) - 2019

Another end of break sting for RTL II, featuring the channel slogan again.

RTL II (Promo) - 2019

An example of the 2019 promo style for RTL II. Graphics at the start and end are designed to flow very quickly into the next presentational element on the channel.

RTL II News (Update) - 2019

RTL II features short news bulletins on some hours, giving the latest headlines and a very brief runthrough of news events. The opening headlines and titles to a short bulletin here.

RTL II (Break - Jule, Dolly & Mark) - 2019

Jule, Dolly and Marc feature in this RTL II break sting, stars of the channel's reality soap Köln 50667.

RTL II (Break End - Jule, Dolly & Mark) - 2019

The end of break sting featuring Jule, Dolly and Marc once more.

RTL II (Break - Giovanni & Jana Ina) - 2019

For this break sting, Giovanni and Jana Ina appear, hosts on the German version of Love Island.

RTL II (Break - Milka Loff Fernandes) - 2019

Another RTL II break sting, this time featuring Milka Loff Fernandes. Presenter of the Naked Attraction series on the channel - yes the format made it to Germany too!

RTL II (Break End - Milka Loff Fernandes) - 2019

The end of break sting featuring Milka Loff Fernandes for RTL II.

RTL II (Break - Tobi & Marcellino) - 2019

Tobi and Marcellino appear in this break sting, more stars from the German version of Love Island.

RTL II (Break End - Tobi & Marcellino) - 2019

The RTL II end of break sting featuring Tobi and Marcellino from Love Island.

RTL II (Break - Eva Brenner) - 2019

Eva Brenner features in this RTL II break sting, away from the mountain lodge setting. Eva has presented the makeover show 'Zuhause Im Glück' for the channel, up until it's recently announced cancellation in early 2019.

RTL II (Break End) - 2019

Another 2019 End Of Break sting for RTL II.

RTL II (Break - Det Müller) - 2019

Det Müller appears in an RTL II break sting once again away from the chalet setting. Det is the host of Mein neuer Alter and GRIP, both motoring shows on the channel.

RTL II (Break End - Det Müller) - 2019

Motoring host Det Müller again, this time in the end of break sting for RTL II.

RTL Zwei (Break End - Det Müller) - 2019

October 2019 saw a graphical refresh for German station RTLII. Out went the name and logo that had served them in various forms for the past 20 years in favour of a new name 'RTL Zwei'. Despite a refreshed graphical style, break bumpers remained largely the same, complete with the same tagline as had appeared previously. Here Det Müller appears again in one of the refreshed break bumpers.

RTL Zwei (Break) - 2019

A new break bumper, designed to show the changeover from old to new logo for RTL Zwei. Clearly not done on quite the same budget as the existing bumpers it appears alongside.

RTL Zwei (Break End) - 2019

The accompanying end of break bumper, only showing the new logo now with the 'Zeig Mir Mehr' tagline.

RTL Zwei (Break - Berlin Tag & Nacht) - 2019

An updated break opening bumper from post-October rebrand. This time featuring characters from reality soap 'Berlin Tag & Nacht'.

RTL Zwei (Break - Die Wollnys) - 2019

Another refreshed break bumper for RTL Zwei, this time featuring characters from the channel's scripted reality show 'Die Wollnys'.

RTL Zwei (Break - Matthias Malmedie) - 2019

German presenter Matthias Malmedie appears in this break bumper for RTL Zwei, from after the refresh.

RTL Zwei (Break End - Matthias Malmedie) - 2019

The accompanying end of break bumper featuring Matthias Malmedie, complete with the channel tagline once more.

RTL Zwei (Redesign Promo) - 2019

For the October 2019 rebrand, an extended trailer was produced to introduce the new graphics. Shorter edits of this were then used in various junctions in the days following the launch of the look.

RTL Zwei (Promo) - 2019

An example of the updated trailer style from October 2019 for RTL Zwei, here trailering multiple car shows on the channel.

RTL Zwei (Sting) - 2019

A short yellow sting for RTL Zwei, featuring the same graphical style, tagline, and similar background music to the regular break bumpers.

RTL Zwei (Break - Patrick, Bo and Chico) - 2019

More stars from the channel's reality soap Köln 50667 appear in this break bumper for RTL Zwei.

RTL Zwei (Break End - Patrick, Bo and Chico) - 2019

Patrick, Bo and Chico appear again in the accompanying end of break bumper for RTL Zwei.



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