Channel 5 (2016-2020)

With the takeover of Channel 5 again this time by Viacom, the new owners naturally wanted to stamp their mark on the new acquisition. In early 2016, a complete rebrand of all the channels was undertaken. A new '5' device made up of segments (not blocks, honestly not blocks) was introduced as a consistent link across the channels, but with branding packages for each channel and the news produced by different agencies to give a distinct style to each. The main Channel 5 branding followed in the footsteps of Channel 4 by not including the logo on their idents, with the link instead being a series of 5 items producing a feeling of joy or surprise.

Channel 5 (Parrots) - 2017

A woman in an apartment has a pleasant surprise when a flock of five birds land on her balcony.

Channel 5 (Rainbow) - 2017

Driving through the hills of Scotland on a miserably grey and rainy day. Before a sudden break through of sun brings something you don't see every day - a quintuple rainbow.

Channel 5 (Dogs) - 2017

A man driving along in his pickup truck smiles as he sees the five dogs in the back of the truck in his rear view mirror. Had he forgotten they were in there, or was it empty when he set off and he's just acquired 5 random dogs? Text your votes in now! (Remember if you're reading this on our website VOTING HAS NOW CLOSED!)

Channel 5 (Boarders) - 2017

A group of 5 people on boards evoke a smile from the car passenger as they overtake her on the road. Either that's a slow car, or those boards are going at a crazy speed. Although I did see a hoverboard outrun a speeding train pushing a Delorean this one time.

Channel 5 (Whales) - 2017

When even 5 manages 'people watching with binoculars' with more flair than the BBC, you know something has gone wrong somewhere. Here a group of people watch out for whales to appear in the ocean. Suddenly five of them do, but only if you were looking in the right direction.

Channel 5 (Promo) - 2017

Unlike the idents, the promotion style for Channel 5 actually features the logo, now made up of a series of 5 pieces that come together. We can't say blocks, as that would make it sound like someone else's logo! This particular promo heralds the return of Blind Date, the former LWT Saturday Night staple which was resurrected by Channel 5 with new host Paul O' Grady in 2017.

Channel 5 (Promo Saturday) - 2017

An alternative promotion with several programmes in this time, as it gives a rundown of upcoming Saturday Evening shows on Channel 5.

Milkshake - 2017

First introduced back in 2005 during the 'five' days, the branding for Channel 5's early morning children's shows remained unchanged right through until July 2017, despite the number of rebrands the parent channel had seen in the meantime. Although the invision studio had been updated to HD in the intervening years, this introductory animation even predates HD.

Milkshake (Refreshed) - 2017

New titles and the first link from the brand new studio for Milkshake, as the 24th July 2017 finally saw a refreshed look to the early morning children's strand.

Milkshake (Promo) - 2017

Milkshake (Break) - 2017

A short ident from the Milkshake strand, used in and out of breaks.

Milkshake (Next) - 2017

A quick Milkshake branded next slide showing what's coming up after the break. Finishing with the Milkshake logo.

Milkshake (Sting) - 2017

Blink and you'll miss it! A Milkshake branded sting, sitting between the programme and the sponsor credit.

Milkshake (Lineup) - 2017

From the end of a morning on Milkshake, and a series of invision graphics to give a runthrough of tomorrow's lineup on the station, before giving out some details of their new Youtube channel.

Channel 5 (Home Promo) - 2018

In March 2018 Channel 5 launched their 'home' campaign, where onscreen talent talk about what home means to them. Whilst feeling like a concept that may have escaped a dedicated lifestyle channel, the promo was actually part of a larger channel campaign launched by Channel 5 across both traditional and onscreen media.

Channel 5 (15 Days) - 2019

A special ident from Channel 5 aired from May 13th-16th 2019 to introduce their drama series '15 Days'.

Christmas 2017

Channel 5 (Day 1) - Christmas 2017

Christmas idents return to Channel 5 on 1st December 2017, after seeing a brief break for 2016. This time around presented in the style of an advent calendar. Day 1 shown here.

Channel 5 (Day 2) - Christmas 2017

The second day of 2017 advent for Channel 5, and it looks very similar to the first day. Even complete with the slightly juddery video!

Channel 5 (Day 3) - Christmas 2017

The third day of the advent calendar for Channel 5. There's definitely a pattern with these idents too, I just can't quite put my finger on it.

Channel 5 (Day 4) - Christmas 2017

Day 4 on the calendar for Channel 5. At least there are no snake charmers behind the squares!

Channel 5 (Day 5) - Christmas 2017

Another day on the advent calendar for Channel 5, as it hits the same day as it's numerical identity.

Channel 5 (Day 6) - Christmas 2017

Into day 6 on Channel 5 and the advent calendar opens another window. Or... has a sparkly box circling round it anyway.

Channel 5 (Day 7) - Christmas 2017

Seven days into December, and the seventh window on the Channel 5 advent calendar.

Channel 5 (Day 8) - Christmas 2017

Onto day eight of the advent calendar for Channel 5. Even the continuity mentions an 8 in an entirely coincidental manner!

Channel 5 (Day 9) - Christmas 2017

Getting further and further into the month with the 9th day of advent for Channel 5.

Channel 5 (Day 10) - Christmas 2017

Finally into double digits for the Channel 5 advent calendar.

Channel 5 (Season Promo) - Christmas 2017

A promo showcasing a selection of festive highlights from 5 for Christmas 2017. Starting with the same graphics as the idents.

Channel 5 (Day 11) - Christmas 2017

Onto the 11th day of the festive Advent Calendar for Channel 5.

Channel 5 (Day 12) - Christmas 2017

On the twelfth day of December, my true love gave to me - a Channel 5 advent calendar window that still didn't open. I was not impressed!

Channel 5 (Day 13) - Christmas 2017

Unlucky for some, the thirteenth day of the Channel 5 advent calendar comes round.

Channel 5 (Day 14) - Christmas 2017

Channel 5 (Day 15) - Christmas 2017

For day 15 on Channel 5, you can probably guess how this is going to go.

Channel 5 (Day 16) - Christmas 2017

Channel 5 (Day 17) - Christmas 2017

Seventeen days into December on Channel 5, and another window is marked off.

Channel 5 (Day 18) - Christmas 2017

Channel 5 (Day 19) - Christmas 2017

Day 19 of the Channel 5 Advent Calendar up now...

Channel 5 (Day 20) - Christmas 2017

Channel 5 (Day 21) - Christmas 2017

Number 21 on the calendar for Channel 5. With some bonus overrunning continuity!

Channel 5 (Day 22) - Christmas 2017

Day 22 for Channel 5 on their advent calendar.

Channel 5 (Day 23) - Christmas 2017

The 23rd day of the advent calendar, and ultimately what turned out to be the last day of the festive set. Despite days 24 and 25 being present on the calendar, respective idents with these days highlighted never aired. One can only assume they were produced, but a mistake from media planning whilst preloading the Christmas schedule led to them being missed out.

Channel 5 (Menu) - Christmas 2017

After 23 days of the advent calendar idents on Channel 5, December 24th returned to regular idents before all programming. However other festive presentation continued to air, such as this rundown menu for the evening.

Channel 5 (New Years Eve) - Christmas 2017

A week after Christmas, the ident returned for the New Year, albeit with the initial advent calendar now replaced with wording screens wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Christmas 2018

Channel 5 - Christmas 2018

Channel 5's 2018 festive idents began airing on December 1st, with the first showing of a bauble lost from a box of decorations.

Channel 5 - Christmas 2018

The second ident in Channel 5's Christmas Story appeared on December 5th, showing the bauble beginning its escape from the attic.

Channel 5 - Christmas 2018

Part 3 of the Christmas 2018 ident story for Channel 5 started airing on December 8th. With a new friend coming up the stairs towards our bauble hero.

Channel 5 - Christmas 2018

The fourth ident of Channel 5's Christmas has the pet cat carrying our hero bauble down the stairs in record time.

Channel 5 - Christmas 2018

The fifth ident in Channel 5's Christmas story started airing on December 15th, finishing with the bauble finally finding his way to the tree with his friends. Several of the other baubles also feature the special Channel 5 'Help The Animals' logo promoting their live campaign for that year.

Channel 5 (Break) - Christmas 2018

A festive break bumper for Channel 5, showing scenes of the bauble as seen in their ident for the year.

Channel 5 (Break) - Christmas 2018

A second festive break bumper for 5. This was first aired before any other idents of the season had shown, teasing a glimpse of what may come next in the story.

Channel 5 (Break) - Christmas 2018

A third break bumper from Channel 5's Christmas 2018 Package, with more scenes yet to be revealed.

Channel 5 (Break) - Christmas 2018

Break bumper number 4 from Channel 5's Christmas 2018 package.

Channel 5 (Promo) - Christmas 2018

The Christmas 2018 promotion style for Channel 5, complete with a festive endboard.

Channel 5 (ECP) - Christmas 2018

The festive End Credit Promotion style for Christmas 2018. Using scenes from their Christmas film once more.

Milkshake - Christmas 2018

Some festive branding to Channel 5's children's strand Milkshake from Christmas 2018. Although the main extended animation for the channel remained unchanged, shorter stings around breaks took on a more seasonal variation of drawings, complete with the usual jingle.

Milkshake (Next) - Christmas 2018

The updated festive next slide for Milkshake, leading into a break with the signature notes of the strand.

Milkshake (Promo) - Christmas 2018

The festive promo style for Channel 5's Milkshake strand.

Christmas 2019

Channel 5 (Daytime) - Christmas 2019

Channel 5's Christmas Presentation launched on December 1st, starting off with a fairly static daytime festive ident.

Channel 5 (Afternoon) - Christmas 2019

A second version of the festive Channel 5 ident, with the scene getting a little darker for the afternoon.

Channel 5 (Evening) - Christmas 2019

After 6pm the Channel 5 Christmas ident for 2019 changes again to a darker evening variant.

Channel 5 (Evening - Santa) - Christmas 2019

A really subtle last minute edition to the Christmas 2019 ident on Channel 5 appeared on Christmas Eve. Santa is seen flying over the town scene, as announcements give updates on where in the world his sleigh can currently be found.

Channel 5 (Promo) - Christmas 2019

An example of the festive 2019 promo style for Channel 5. Essentially the same as usual, just with the addition of a new logo flash featuring nearly the same scene as the idents for that year albeit without some of the visitors. This version uses the daytime variant of the scene, with the scheduled time for the show apparently having little to do with the choice of logo used.



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