Happy New Year 2022

For the fifth year in a row we take a roundup look across the channels and how they covered the calendar switch.

COVID-19 continued to have a major impact globally throughout 2021, however with things being in a better place than they had been at the end of 2020 there was still a very different feel to the end of the year for 2021. Although the 'glad to be shot of this year' theme was still there to a degree, it was scarcer with more of the focus being on 2022 being better.

For the most part broadcasters all followed similar styes with their messaging to previous years. The most noticable changes were Channel 5 and STV, who both seemed to put a lot more acknowledgement in continuity than in recent years, and on the flipside Discovery, who had moved even further away from traditional continuity on their channels throughout 2021, with all announcements up to midnight featuring the standard day adverts for their streaming service, before dropping announcements completely at midnight.

ITV (NYE - 9pm) - 2021

ITV followed their usual New Years Eve tradition of not doing much by sticking on a Bond film to run all the way from 9pm through to their New Year news at 11.45pm junction. Going in to the 9pm junction did acknowledge the occasion though.

ITV (NYE - 11.45pm) - 2021

As a result of the Bond showing, the next New Year's Eve junction for ITV was into the 11.45pm news junction. Though at least to end 2021 they announced the name of the programme correctly, as opposed to 2020 where it had been announced as the 'News at Ten'. The same news-safe ITV Creates ident as saw out 2020 was reused again.

ITV News (New Year Crossover) - 2021/2022

The crossover from 2021 to 2022 in the middle of the ITV news was a slightly bumpy affair for this year. With the video package for Berlin failing to appear, before the graphics reappeared for it over the London shot, other graphics out of sync, and some awkward pauses in sound. But it's live television, so we can forgive!

ITV News (NYD Ending) - 2022

The closing to the New Year crossover bulletin for ITV, as they exited into 2022.

ITV Weather (NYD - 12.10am) - 2022

Immediately following the New Year crossover bulletin ITV aired their first Weather bulletin for 2022, providing a chance to use their New Year weather graphics, as well as giving Becky Martin from the weather team the chance to wish everyone a Happy New Year shortly before 12.10am.

ITV (NYD - 12.10am) - 2022

With their usual short breakout for the news done, it was back to movies for ITV as usual with their first junction of 2022 at 12.10am on January 1st.

ITV (NYD - 6am) - 2022

The rest of the ITV overnight schedule was fairly typical for any day on ITV, however they did provide a special welcoming announcement for 2022 into the 6am breakfast junction the following morning. Unlike at the start of the first broadcast day in 2021, no new idents were aired but instead the Christmas ones continued in use.

STV (NYE - 8pm) - 2021

STV pres felt a bit different to recent years for the 2021 to 2022 changeover. Hogmanay has always been a big occasion in Scotland, so the broadcaster puts considerable amounts of effort into New Year's Eve programming compared to network ITV. However despite the programme efforts, continuity announcements on STV often tended to make little reference to the occasion. This time round however it seemed a lot more pointers were being made. Firstly, the 8pm junction for New Year's Eve on STV, referring back to a spectacular year of soap storylines.

STV (NYE - 10pm) - 2021

Auld Lang Syne gets referenced in the 10pm New Year's Eve junction on STV, as they take a look back at their famous home-grown soap Take The High Road. No Bond movie fillers around these parts.

STV (NYE - 11.30pm) - 2021

STV's final link for 2021 aired into the 11.30pm junction, with the channel as usual running their own Hogmanay show rather than cutting to ITV News at 11.45pm like the network.

STV (NYD - 12.10am) - 2022

STV rejoined a similar schedule to the rest of the ITV Network at 12.10am, but not before making sure to wish everyone a Happy New Year once again in the junction.

STV (NYD - 9.25am) - 2022

With January 1st 2022 being a Saturday, it meant it was a day where the traditional 9.25 junction was still retained. So STV chose to use this time to once again wish everyone a Happy New Year rather than doing it at 6am before they handed over to ITV for the breakfast hours.

Channel 4 (NYE - 9pm) - 2021

Over recent New Years, Channel 4 had tended to schedule a long show from 11pm until 1am. For the 2021 to 2022 crossover, they instead went with shorter episodes of mostly Gogglebox, with a lot more junctions either side then acknowledging the changeover, courtesy of Danny Cowen. Here the announcement into the 9pm junction on New Year's Eve, as they were building up to midnight.

Channel 4 (NYE - 11.05pm) - 2021

The last announcement for 2021 was made shortly after 11pm on New Year's Eve, managing to get in the 'Altogether Different' tagline that 4 had been using for the past few months in in ways you may never have thought possible.

Channel 4 (NYD - 12.05am) - 2022

With the 11.05pm starting show running until just past midnight on New Year, the first announcement of 2022 actually fell to the end credit promotion over the finishing show. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year.

Channel 4 (NYD - 12.05am) - 2022

A few minutes later, the first full link of 2022 also appeared on Channel 4. Once again welcoming people in to the New Year, much nearer to midnight than had happened in most recent years for Channel 4.

Channel 4 (NYD - 2.10am) - 2022

References to New Year 2022 continued well into the early hours on Channel 4, with an example here from the 2.10am junction on the channel.

More4 (NYE - 9.40pm) - 2021

The Channel 4 offshoot channels tended to be quite good at mentioning the New Year 2021 to 2022 changeover, as had been the case in previous years too. Leading the continuity stakes once again was More4, with tailored announcements both before and after midnight. The 9.40pm junction on New Year's Eve here.

More4 (NYE - 11.45pm) - 2021

Getting very close to midnight on More4, with more special continuity into the 11.45pm junction on New Year's Eve.

More4 (NYD - 12.50am) - 2022

Welcoming everyone in on the other side, the first announcement of 2022 for More4 appeared into the 12.50am junction on the channel.

Film4 (NYE - 11.30pm) - 2021

Film4 also marked the New Year with announcements either side of midnight. The final junction for 2021 aired at 11.30pm on New Year's Eve mentioning how they were ringing in the New Year.

Film4 (NYD - 1.35am) - 2022

On the other side of midnight, the first announcement for 2022 on Film4 aired into the 1.35am junction on the channel.

E4 (NYE - 9pm) - 2021

E4 were the last of the Channel 4 offshoot channels to make several mentions to the New Year in their continuity, albeit some of them looser than others. The 9pm junction here, reminding everyone of 2019 when there was much less to worry about.

E4 (NYE - 11.05pm) - 2021

E4's final junction of 2021 aired at 11.05pm, introducing another repeat of Naked Attraction to welcome in 2022.

E4 (NYD - 12.10am) - 2022

With the Naked Attraction repeat spanning midnight, the first announcement on E4 for 2022 was an End Credit Promotion over the show's credits around 12.10am. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year.

E4 (NYD - 12.10am) - 2022

This was followed up on E4 a few moments later with their first junction of 2022, introducing another repeat of Naked Attraction. If you were worried that naked people in boxes had completely replaced the obligatory E4 New Year marathon of 'The Inbetweeners' by the way have no fear - that followed for the rest of the early hours.

4Music (New Year Changeover) - 2021/2022

For the switchover from 2021 to 2022, 4Music used the same countdown animation that had been used for the previous year too across all the Box Music channels. However unlike the last year, the countdown was simply placed between two songs this year with no ident for the station appearing.

S4C (NYE 10.30pm) - 2021

To see in the New Year in Wales, S4C had a long version of their magazine programme Heno starting from 10.30pm and running until shortly after midnight. The programme junction and start for the special show features here, with the channel still using their Christmas presentation package at this point.

S4C (New Year Crossover) - 2021/2022

A brief look at how S4C covered the changeover of the calendar itself at midnight, in the middle of their Heno programme.

S4C (New Year Crossover) - 2021/2022

S4C's Heno programme finished shortly after midnight. The final junction at 12.10am before handing over to overnight teleshopping featured a trailer for upcoming 2022 shows, before continuity finished the night with their first 2022 announcement.

Channel 5 (NYE - 9pm) - 2021

Channel 5 historically tended to make little mention of the New Year, running long shows around the crossover instead. For the change from 2021 to 2022 they continued with several long music-party style shows. However continuity made reference to the actual reason behind the shows this year. The 9pm junction New Year's Eve junction on Channel 5 here.

Channel 5 (NYE - 10.55pm) - 2021

More mentions of 'Hogmanay' in the 10.55pm junction leading in to the show which would cross midnight for Channel 5.

5Star (NYE - 11.05pm) - 2021

References to the New Year on Channel 5's offshoot channels were very scarce for the 2021/2022 changeover, with 5USA, 5Select, Paramount and 5Star generally all running business as usual. However the 11.05pm junction on 5Star did at least make mention of some New Year's Day programming that would be coming up on the main channel.

Horror Channel (NYE - 11pm) - 2021

Horror even managed to acknowledge the New Year changeover from 2021 to 2022, with a tailored announcement into their 11pm junction on New Year's Eve. This was the only one of the CBS channels to have anything specific for the New Year, with the rest of the CBS family using their usual pre-recorded content warnings or no announcements at all over their respective idents.

Dave (NYE - 9pm) - 2021

For New Year 2021 to 2022, Dave ran their typical marathon schedule of Gavin and Stacey over the crossover. However unlike the previous year where continuity had been left mostly generic, this time round they'd once again gone to the effort of pre-recording a large amount of tailored continuity for the evening. The 9pm junction from New Year's Eve first, where they were appropriately showing a Not Going Out New Year special.

Dave (NYE - 10pm) - 2021

The 10pm junction for Dave on New Year's Eve, reminding you it's New Year's Eve incase you'd forgotten.

Dave (NYE - 10.40pm) - 2021

The 10.40pm junction from New Year's Eve on Dave, still showing more Gavin and Stacey but making the effort on a fresh announcement for each junction.

Dave (NYE - 11.20pm) - 2021

The final junction for 2021 from Dave aired around 11.20pm on December 31st.

Dave (NYD - 12am) - 2022

Dave aired their first junction for 2022 mere seconds after midnight on January 1st, wishing everyone a Happy New Year in another tailored junction for the occasion. After this junction, the station mostly returned to generic continuity for the rest of the early hours.

Drama (NYE - 9.20pm) - 2021

UKTV chose to focus their New Year continuity efforts on Dave for the 2021 to 2022 crossover, with their other free channels Drama and Yesterday continuing with mostly the same un-occasion-marked announcements throughout the evening. Drama did get some acknowledgement of the New Year into this 9.20pm junction however.

DMAX (NYE - 11pm) - 2021

The Discovery-owned channels long since eschewed proper continuity in favour of prerecorded adverts over every ident for their Discovery+ streaming service. Although for New Year 2021 a few junctions with New Year acknowledgements had slipped through, for the 2021 to 2022 changeover this had been trimmed back even further. Every channel ran with the same Discovery+ adverts as feature any other day until midnight when even that much was dropped and idents would just play out without speech. An example of a typical New Year's Eve junction from DMAX just for completeness sake, though this style was identical across Quest, Quest Red, Really, Food Network, HGTV and DMAX so you could have picked any. A sad fall from grace from only a few years ago where Quest Red were leaders with their New Year presentation.

Forces TV (NYE - 9.50pm) - 2021

Having been one of the smaller channels to punch above their weight with continuity effort for the 2020 to 2021 crossover, for New Year 2022 Forces TV went even further with the amount of tailored junctions recorded. The 9.50pm junction on New Year's Eve for the channel (with the channel running a lot of odd timings this time round).

Forces TV (NYE - 10.25pm) - 2021

The 10.25pm junction on Forces TV continued the build up to midnight by jumping 50 years back in time.

Forces TV (NYE - 11.25pm) - 2021

The last junction of 2021 for Forces TV aired at 11.25pm into a show which would cross midnight, with continuity inviting everyone to raise their glasses.

Forces TV (NYD - 12.25am) - 2022

Forces TV aired their first 2022 junction at 12.25am on January 1st, wishing everyone a happy, healthy and positive new year.

Forces TV (NYD - 1.25am) - 2022

Forces TV kept their New Year wishes going even longer to welcome in 2022 than they had the previous year, with the announcement into the 1.25am junction also making a Happy New Year message with a change of announcer. There's a slight error that she says allow her to be the first to wish you a Happy New Year despite actually being the second one by now, but after having put this much effort into recording these all in the first place we can overlook that one. Discovery Networks could certainly learn a thing or two here!

BBC News Channel (NYE - 11pm) - 2021

The final Top of the Hour sequence for BBC News in 2021, aired at 11pm following an extended playout of the countdown sequence. Going off the introduction, the news at this point looks to have been a simulcast between both the domestic and BBC World News channels.

BBC News Channel (NYE - 11.30pm) - 2021

At 11.30, BBC News saw out most of the last half hour of the year with their 'Review' programme remembering people who had been lost in 2021.

BBC News Channel (New Year Crossover) - 2021/2022

For the actual crossover from 2021 to 2022, the BBC News Channel largely linked up with the fireworks coverage from BBC One as usual. However ever the fun of live TV late at night, it wasn't the smoothest operation. After a short live shot of the London skyline with the usual countdown overlaid the news started off just with quite a few awkward pauses and some initial audio issues at the switchover point. For the purposes of the site, we've cut away at the start of the fireworks sequence on this clip before rejoining it at the very end.

BBC Scotland (NYE - 7pm) - 2021

With Hogmanay being a huge event in Scotland, BBC Scotland were out in full force for the evening. The 7pm opening to the channel leading into their usual short news bulletin here.

BBC Scotland (NYE - 7.50pm) - 2021

The refreshed blocks version of the powder ident recoloured with the Scottish Saltire colours got a large number of showings for Hogmanay on December 31st. Here into the 7.50pm junction on BBC Scotland.

BBC Scotland (NYE - 9pm) - 2021

The countdown to midnight continued in the 9pm junction on BBC Scotland.

BBC Scotland (NYE - 9.30pm) - 2021

Plenty more Hogmanay shows to promote in the 9.30pm junction on BBC Scotland as it was a busy night for the channel.

BBC Scotland (NYE - 10pm) - 2021

The 10pm junction on BBC Scotland, not particularly mentioning the New Year, but as that was the slant of most of the programmes in the schedule it was hard not to imply it even without mentioning it.

BBC Scotland (NYE - 10.30pm) - 2021

The special 'Saltire' version of the powder ident made a reappearance for the 10.30pm junction on BBC Scotland.

BBC Scotland (NYE - 11.30pm) - 2021

As had been the case the previous year too, at 11.30pm BBC Scotland joined up with BBC One Scotland to air their main Hogmanay show to see in the New Year. For this junction on the BBC Scotland channel, they went with the fireworks ident.

BBC Scotland (NYD - 12.30am) - 2022

With the conclusion of the Hogmanay show on both Scottish channels, the first announcement for 2022 on BBC Scotland was an extended one over the Saltire Powder ident to close down the channel for the night.

BBC Alba (NYE - 11.30pm) - 2021

With Hogmanay being such a big occasion for Scotland, BBC Alba certainly weren't going to miss out on having their own party too. The last junction of 2021 leading in to their own celebration at 11.30pm, complete with some slight padding from the channel countdown before they were ready to join the show.

BBC Four (NYE - 7pm) - 2021

BBC Four had filled most of their schedule for the evening with archive music shows and repeats of The Detectorist, however several junctions in the evening had been recorded with announcements making reference to the New Year. The opening junction for the channel at 7pm on December 31st.

BBC Four (NYE - 8pm) - 2021

Continuing the New Year's Eve countdown in the 8pm junction on BBC Four.

BBC Four (NYE - 10.40pm) - 2021

The last BBC Four junction for 2021, and also the last to use their Christmas presentation package for the year, aired at 10.40pm on New Year's Eve.

BBC Four (NYD - 12.10am) - 2022

BBC Four's first junction for 2022 aired shortly after midnight, and signalled the end of Christmas pres for that year.

BBC Four (NYD - 12.40am) - 2022

The remainder of the broadcast schedule for BBC Four for overnight on January 1st 2022 was given over to a repeat of the entire series of Detectorists. Announcements continued to make reference to the new year, but were often reused over the course of the early hours. The 12.40am junction on the channel here.

BBC Four (NYD - 1.40am) - 2022

Another BBC Four New Year announcement which was recycled over the early hours, first aired here at 1.40am on New Year's Day.

BBC One (NYE - 9.30pm) - 2021

As is normal for the flagship channel at the year changeover, a lot of references were made to the New Year from pres throughout the evening on BBC One, as well as having a schedule of shows dedicated to ringing in the New Year. An end credit promotion from network just before 9.30pm here giving a rundown of the programmes to expect for the remainder of the night.

BBC One (NYE - 9.30pm) - 2021

The following program intro for the 9.30pm junction on New Year's Eve on network.

BBC One (National News Ending - NYE - 10.20pm) - 2021

The ending to the late national news on BBC One around 10.20, giving Huw Edwards the chance to wish everyone a Happy New Year on behalf of the news team.

BBC One (NYE - 10.20pm) - 2021

The 10.20pm BBC One Network junction, following the late news on the channel.

BBC One (NYE - 11.25pm) - 2021

11.25pm saw the last junction of 2021 for BBC One on network, and though not mentioned it would also be the last appearance of the Christmas idents for that year.

BBC One (NYD - 12.40am) - 2022

The first junction of 2022 was at 12.40am on New Years Day, with Duncan Newmarch welcoming everyone to the New Year alongside some slightly cheesy sound effects (ed - apparently all genuine sounds being created from the team with real crackers according to the man himself!), but it's all in good fun. Non-festive presentation also made a return from this point.

BBC One (NYD - 2.10am) - 2022

Continuing into the small hours with the network announcement into the 2.10am New Year's Day junction. By this point, Wales and Northern Ireland were also taking the network continuity.

BBC One (NYD - 2.15am) - 2022

The final link for the end of programmes early on New Year's Day morning on network (and Wales and NI who were also taking this) was at 2.15am.

BBC One (NYD - 10am) - 2022

After nearly 8 hours of simulcasting BBC News, the first junction of the morning at 10am on New Year's Day gave a warm welcome to 2022, as well as highlighting the 100th anniversary of the BBC that year.

BBC One NI (NYE - 9.30pm) - 2021

BBC One Northern Ireland followed the same schedule as network. The end credit promotion from the 9.30pm junction here giving a run down of the New Year's Eve programming with a very similar script to that of network.

BBC One NI (NYE - 9.30pm) - 2021

The 9.30pm New Year's Eve continuity link for BBC One Northern Ireland.

BBC One NI (NYE - 10.20pm) - 2021

The post-news junction on BBC One Northern Ireland, from 10.20pm on New Year's Eve.

BBC One NI (NYE - 11.25pm) - 2021

BBC One Northern Ireland's last link of 2021 was at 11.25pm on New Year's Eve.

BBC One NI (NYD - 12.40am) - 2022

The first junction of 2022 for BBC One Northern Ireland was at 12.40am on January 1st, welcoming viewers to the New Year. This would be the last link from Northern Ireland team, with the remainder of the night handed over to network.

BBC One NI (NYD - 10am) - 2022

With the remainder of the night handed over to network, then morning news simulcasts, it was 10am on New Year's Day before the next announcement from BBC One Northern Ireland. Welcoming viewers into 2022 with their good morning announcement for the new day.

BBC One Wales (NYE - 9.30pm) - 2021

BBC One Wales also followed the same schedule as network BBC One for New Year's Eve. The 9.30pm end credit promotion giving a rundown of what to expect to ring in the new year with the channel.

BBC One Wales (NYE - 9.30pm) - 2021

Moments later, the following programme link for the 9.30pm junction on BBC One Wales.

BBC One Wales (NYE - 10.20pm) - 2021

The 10.20pm New Year's Eve junction on BBC One Wales, aired just after the late news update.

BBC One Wales (NYE - 11.25pm) - 2021

BBC One Wales' last announcement of 2021 aired at 11.25pm the same as network and Northern Ireland.

BBC One Wales (NYD - 12.40am) - 2022

Like BBC One NI, BBC One Wales made their first announcement of 2022 into the 12.40am junction to welcome everyone in to the new year. After that, they handed the rest of the night over to network.

BBC One Wales (NYD - 10am) - 2022

The next announcement from BBC One Wales wasn't until 10am on New Year's Day, welcoming people once more to 2022. The script used was unchanged from that of network, without the 'Bore Da' Welsh greeting that often appears in the first morning junctions.

BBC One Scotland (NYE - 9.30pm) - 2021

As per tradition, BBC One Scotland had the most diverged schedule from the other BBC One nations for New Year's Eve, due to the greater prominence of Hogmanay celebrations in Scotland. The 9.30pm end credit promotion for BBC One Scotland started off very similar to that of the other nations, but quickly changes once the details of their different schedule started to appear.

BBC One Scotland (NYE - 9.30pm) - 2021

A few minutes later, and the 9.30pm junction for BBC One Scotland. Still showing the same programming as the other nations for this timeslot.

BBC One Scotland (NYE - 10.20pm) - 2021

Though BBC One Scotland had a 10.20pm junction like the other nations after the late news, the programming for Scottish viewers from this point began diverging much more.

BBC One Scotland (NYE - 10.30pm) - 2021

BBC One Scotland's next link for Hogmanay was only 10 minutes later at 10.30pm, leading into the comedy series which had been trailered in special 'Happy Hogmanay' stings throughout the evening.

BBC One Scotland (NYE - 11pm) - 2021

The 11pm junction on BBC One Scotland, as Hogmanay celebrations continued.

BBC One Scotland (NYE - 11.30pm) - 2021

BBC One Scotland's last announcement for 2021 was at 11.30pm, into their own Hogmanay show, simulcast across both BBC One Scotland and the BBC Scotland channel.

BBC One Scotland (NYD - 12.30am) - 2022

Immediately after the end of their Hogmanay show at 12.30am, BBC One Scotland directed anyone who wanted to continue the celebrations over to BBC Alba, what with Alba's programme still scheduled to run for another hour.

BBC One Scotland (NYD - 12.30am) - 2022

As is the case for every New Year, with BBC One Scotland having such a diverged schedule the local team has to run continuity for the rest of the night. The 12.30am junction on the channel was used to welcome viewers to 2022, before leading into a timeshifted showing of earlier network programming.

BBC One Scotland (NYD - 1.35am) - 2022

The 1.35am New Year's Day junction on BBC One Scotland continued with the local announcing for their timeshifted showings of what had gone out slightly earlier in the other nations.

BBC One Scotland (NYD - 3.05am) - 2022

As a result of their timeshifted schedule to accommodate their own Hogmanay shows, BBC One Scotland joined the overnight BBC News feed about an hour later than the other nations. The 3.05am junction, leading into the late night weather.

BBC One Scotland (NYD - 3.10am) - 2022

The final link of the night for BBC One Scotland aired around 3.10am on January 1st 2022, handing over to BBC News for the night. Unlike the other nations, BBC One Scotland didn't have a startup link at 10am the following morning, taking network for this junction.

BBC One Scotland (NYE Sting) - 2021

For Hogmanay in Scotland, BBC Scotland put together a selection of short stings featuring the cast of their spoof mockumentary series Scot Squad wishing everyone a Happy Hogmanay, while also promoting a special of the show that would air on BBC One Scotland that evening. These were aired across both BBC One Scotland the BBC Scotland channel.

BBC One Scotland (NYE Sting) - 2021

A second 'Scot Squad' sting wishing everyone a Happy Hogmanay on BBC One Scotland.

BBC One Scotland (NYE Sting) - 2021

Another sting to wish everyone a Happy Hogmanay, while at the same time promoting 'Scot Squad' on BBC One Scotland.

BBC Two (NYE - 10.40pm) - 2021

Although the nations did tend to share the scripts a lot, there were some differences in how pres in each referred to the New Year on BBC Two. The 10.40pm junction on BBC Two Network first, as seen in England and Wales.

BBC Two (NYE - 11.25pm) - 2021

The last junction for 2021 on BBC Two aired at 11.25pm on New Year's Eve.

BBC Two (NYD - 1.25am) - 2022

The first junction of 2022 aired after the end of the yearly Jools Holland Hootenanny show, into the 1.25am junction, and also saw the return of the regular non-festive pres. With continuity from Kate Walsh wishing people a Happy New Year from the BBC Two team. Northern Ireland also took this junction, though Wales continued to announce locally.

BBC Two (NYD - 6am) - 2022

Another welcome into the new year was to be heard at the 6.25 start of programmes on January 1st 2022.

BBC Two NI (NYE - 8.30pm) - 2021

The 8.30pm junction on BBC Two Northern Ireland featured an extra friendly hello from continuity for New Year's Eve.

BBC Two NI (NYE - 10.40pm) - 2021

Another junction for BBC Two Northern Ireland building up to the New Year around 10.40pm, with a decidedly accurate time check on how long remained until midnight.

BBC Two NI (NYE - 11.25pm) - 2021

With BBC Two Northern Ireland calling it a night after the 11.25pm junction into Jools Holland, the last announcement for 2021 was also used to provide the Happy New Year wishes from the pres team in Belfast.

BBC Two Wales (NYE - 9pm) - 2021

The 9pm junction on BBC Two Wales featured a warm welcome to anyone joining them for New Year's Eve programming.

BBC Two Wales (NYE - 11.25pm) - 2021

The last junction of 2021 for BBC Two Wales aired at 11.25pm saying a farewell to the year.

BBC Two Wales (NYD - 1.25am) - 2022

Unlike BBC Two NI, Wales returned for one more junction after midnight at 1.25am. Using this now no-longer-festive junction to give their full Happy New Year message to everyone, before handing over to network for the rest of the night.



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