FreeSports was launched at 6am on August 31st 2017. A spin off free channel from the owners of Premier Sport who already had quite a catalog of rights for their subscription channel, the channel has a remit which is quite clearly described in the name - to bring Free Sports to people. With a mix of sports such as Rugby, Tennis and Ice Hockey.

FreeSports (Pre-Launch Promo) - 2017

Aired alongside specific promotions for sporting events in the run up to channel launch, this promotion serves to give a general overview on what FreeSports will bring to the UK scene.

FreeSports (Launch) - 2017

At 6am on August 31st a new free sports channel called, imaginatively, FreeSports launched. Here is the pretty low key start to the channel featuring a repeat of some coverage from the previous evening.

FreeSports - 2017

An ident for FreeSports used both into programmes and for in and out of breaks. Ice Hockey, Tennis and Rugby feature.

FreeSports - 2017

Another FreeSports ident. The same sports feature, but with more contact between the players.

FreeSports - 2018

A new look was introduced to FreeSports in July 2018 as part of a rebrand for both the free and subscription channels from the broadcaster. Yellow and black feature heavily, using animated lines to represent various sports in the most abstract ways possible. A short sting here.

FreeSports - 2018

A longer sting/ident for the channel, this time featuring motor racing and snooker.

FreeSports - 2018

Tennis (probably) features in this FreeSports sting.

FreeSports - 2018

Another racing sting, this time actually featuring the sounds of the starting line too.

FreeSports (Promo) - 2018



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