STV 2014-Present

STV is the ITV network franchise holder for the two Scottish franchises, and as of 2017 the only remaining ITV company independent of ITV plc. Originally launched in central Scotland as Scottish Television in 1957, the company took over fellow Scottish franchise Grampian Television in 1997, before rebranding their whole operation as STV in 2006. The current look built upon this and was launched in 2014, featuring the logo in a stylised triangle which interacts and cuts between the various presentational elements of the channel.

STV - Pre 2014

For more archive STV idents, check out the STV2 60th Birthday page.

STV (Endcap) - 1989

With the removal of frontcaps in the late 80s, some ITV regions started adding animated endcaps with audio to their productions instead, until this practice was also stopped with the updated network branding guidelines in late 1989. Scottish Television's animated endcap from an early 1989 production here, based upon their 1989-1992 ident.

STV - 1994

Scottish Television's thistle ident from 1994. Subtly different versions of this existed, some with and some without the full 'Scottish Television' text.

STV (Short) - 1994

A shorter version of the regular Scottish Television, with the thistle already formed up onscreen, no music, and no additional text for the station name.

STV - 1994

Another longer formup thistle ident for Scottish from 1994. This time only the thistle animates onto the screen, with no 'Scottish Television' text featuring.

STV (Night Time) - 1994

Throughout the 90s, Scottish Television continued to brand up their own night time service rather than taking branding from another region. One of a few variations of night time idents in use in the mid 90s here, featuring the thistle for the station overlaid over Scottish scenes at filmed at night.

STV (Night Time) - 1994

Another overnight ident for Scottish Television, with a different set of scenes featured.

STV (Promo) - 1994

A trailer for a local show on the then-named Scottish Television from 1994, making good use of their thistle branding of the time.

STV (Promo) - 1994

Another 90s promo, this time for Scottish Television's own homegrown holiday show 'Scottish Passport'.

STV (Next) - 1994

A static next slide from Scottish Television, with subtle branding in the form of the station thistle in the bottom right.

STV (Generic - Short) - 2005

In January 2003, Scottish Television adopted the same celebrity idents that had been brought to network ITV in October 2002 across both their stations. Updating them with a slightly different soundtrack and adding Scottish and Grampian branding, as well as adding local versions shot on a regional set. These same idents were kept until 2006, outliving both the second set of celeb ITV idents in 2003 and the subsequent network rebrand of 2004. The generic graphical-only ident usually used before serious or news programming was updated in this time though, starting off with the same 2002 'smokey background' as network ITV before being updated with the 2003 'squares' background from their following package possibly to make matching up to promo graphics easier. A short variant here.

STV (Scotsport) - 2005

From the 2003-2006 look, a special graphical ident for Scottish used to lead into their local Scotsport programme.

STV (Promo) - 2005

The Scottish promo style from 2005 continued to use a similar style to that of network ITV from 2003-2004. The same four blue blocks as the idents feature, but devoid of any specific 'Scottish' mention so that they could be reused across Scottish, Grampian and their shared overnight service without further modification.

STV 2014-Present

STV - 2017

Idents for STV involve various scenes cut together with the triangular device, before it settles as the STV logo at the end. All of them come in various lengths, some with obvious connections between the footage, and others with less obvious connections. Welding, sheep and swimming appear in this one. Three things you always imagine going together!

STV - 2017

A child on a swing, followed by some random holiday photos this time round.

STV - 2017

Unicycling is the only topic to appear in this STV ident.

STV (Emmerdale) - 2017

Some of the bigger rating shows on STV come with their own specialised idents, where scenes related to the show appear cut between the usual triangle device. This particular example is used to lead into Emmerdale.

STV (Coronation Street) - 2017

The short version of the tailored ident for Coronation Street. With a voiceover script near identical to that being used by network ITV into this same junction.

STV - 2017

STV - 2017

STV - 2017

A shorter version of the ident with swimming in. But devoid of any sheep this time!

STV - 2017

Various forms of transport present in this STV ident. A car, a boat and that unicycle again - so all your common modes!

STV - 2017

Parents interacting with children, and teams celebrating victories in this STV ident.

STV (ECP) - 2017

The ECP style for STV is very similar to that of the main ITV network, which makes sense given they're cutting over an end credits already designed for that template of promotion. Once again it allows for cross promotion of channels, usually used to effect to promote things coming up on STV2 as well.

STV (ECP White) - 2018

Another end credit promotion from STV. This time in a lighter colour scheme, with the white triangle being used more than blue. Both this one and the darker version are used at different times of the day.

STV (News Promo) - 2017

Bernard Ponsonby talks to the camera about why people like the local news from STV. Possibly the most forced candid manner ever seen, but it's nice to see at least one station within the ITV network still happy to promote their local news coverage in 2017.

STV (Promo) - 2017

From a promotion for local news, to a promotion for a top rated network show in the form of Coronation Street. A reminder that it is still possible to have that mix of local and national in the schedule in the modern era.

STV (Summer Promo) - 2017

STV (Production Sting) - 2017

Used between ident and programme on STV's own produced shows, a short animation just to remind you of how very Scottish STV are!

STV (60th Birthday) - 2017

Whilst STV2 was seeing specially put together idents to mark 60 years, the main channel for STV (which had actually turned 60) saw only a small logo added to the bottom right of the regular channel idents.

STV (X Factor) - 2017

A special programme related ident for STV with clips and photos to mark the 2017 series of X Factor.

Christmas 2017

STV - Christmas 2017

STV's 2017 Christmas presentation began airing on December 11th. Using the same style as the regular idents, but with a remixed soundtrack, newly filmed sequences cut in, and additional snow and ice effects overlaid. Families together, toasting marshmallows and fireworks feature in this one. Juxtapositioned with one of the least festive continuity links possible.

STV - Christmas 2017

Dinner parties, Santa and people on sofas in this STV Christmas 2017 Ident. With a clean version of the form-up music.

STV - Christmas 2017

STV - Christmas 2017

A night out and ice-skating, before more settling down on the sofa for this STV Christmas ident.

STV - Christmas 2017

Another mid-length Christmas ident from STV. This time featuring lights and a family out with their dog - yes, that great festive tradition!

STV (Break Start) - Christmas 2017

The into and out of break animations for STV see some slight festive tweaks too.

STV (Break End) - Christmas 2017

Coming out of a break on STV. The festive version of the STV logo at the very end fades back to the regular version in order to allow seemless transitions to the start of non-festive trailers.

STV (Promo) - Christmas 2017

An example of the festive trailer style for STV, with added snow and ice effects to the endboard. Here trailing the return of an STV classic event to see in the start of 2018 - the Thingummyjig Hogmanay Ceilidh. Officially returning as part of STV's 60th Birthday Year Celebrations.

STV (Dancing on Ice) - 2018

Marking the return of Dancing on Ice to ITV screens, a special ident for the programme from STV.

STV (Dancing on Ice - Break) - 2018

A special break bumper to mark the return of Dancing on Ice in January 2018. Blink and you might miss it!

STV (Dancing on Ice - Break End) - 2018

A special end of break bumper to mark the return of Dancing on Ice to STV in January 2018.

STV HD - 2018

Whilst the practice was dropped by network ITV with the 2013 rebrand, until 2018 STV continued to add an additional 'HD' identifier to the high definition version of their channel, although most other elements of their presentation continued to air in upscaled SD. Other than the extra lettering, the idents themselves also remained the same as their SD counterpart. Short version of the cycling ident here.

STV (Britain's Got Talent - Long) - 2018

As is common practice for many of the big Saturday Night shows, the 2018 series of Britain's Got Talent saw a special STV ident to mark the show, which was then used for most of the junctions that evening in the run up to the first airing. A longer version here, giving us an extra few seconds of video at the start before it cuts to the usual 'static photo' shots.

STV (Britain's Got Talent - Mid) - 2018

A shorter version of the special STV ident for Britain's Got Talent, used here in the junction to the first episode of the 2018 series.

STV (Britain's Got Talent - Break) - 2018

A break bumper from STV to mark the 2018 series of Britain's Got Talent in April 2018.

STV (Britain's Got Talent - Break End) - 2018

A different shot used in the accompanying close of break bumper for Britain's Got Talent.

STV - 2018

Another STV ident from the regular set, this time featuring a lot of dancers.

STV - 2018

Another ident from STV's regular set. This time around, lots of people are getting ready to do things such as playing pianos, boxing and applying makeup. All they need to do now is add a 'Get Ready for STV' tagline as no one has ever thought of that one... oh wait!

STV - 2018

We're focusing entirely on a helicopter for this STV ident. One from the regular set which was added later in the package's life.

STV (World Cup - Long) - 2018

For the World Cup 2018, STV introduced some special idents for use throughout the tournament. The long version here, featuring lots of various footballing and crowd shots.

STV (World Cup - Mid) - 2018

Now, forget that continuity script that's gone before, because all that matters now is we can recycle it again. A shorter version of the STV World Cup ident, with shots arranged in different positions.

STV (IACGMOOH - Mid) - 2018

A specially branded 'I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here' STV ident, shown here for the 2018 series of the show.

STV (IACGMOOH - Long) - 2018

A longer variant of STV's 2018 I'm a Celebrity Get Me out of Here ident, just in case you wanted to see those few extra seconds of a giant logo being put together in the jungle.

STV - Christmas 2018

STV's Christmas 2018 idents started airing on December 8th, and featured a mix of both the previous year's Christmas idents, as well as those of STV2 from 2017 now re-edited for the main channel. One of the ex-STV2 idents here used to first open up the day at 9.25 on the 8th, featuring people at dinner parties and putting on ice-skates.

STV - Christmas 2018

The second of the ex-STV2 idents, repackaged for the main STV channel for Christmas 2018. With people putting on skates, and fun at a fairground featuring.

STV - 2019

STV (Looks - Mid) - 2019

Following the approach seen at Christmas, STV received a mini-refresh in February 2019. With the same ident set that had originally featured on STV2 and the predecessor STV Local channels being re-edited for the primary channel, retaining the music that had featured on the sister channel too. Always good to recycle! Here people put on clothes and have hair cuts.

STV (Looks- Long) - 2019

A longer formup of the same ident, featuring more of people applying makeup and getting dressed... as well as an additional appearance of someone with a hen.

STV (Ayr) - 2019

Another repurposed STV2 ident, this time featuring shots from Ayr. Although the city idents initially appeared after the mini-refresh, they seemed to almost immediately disappear again from regular use leaving only the repurposed people shots.

STV (Groups - Mid) - 2019

Various groups and clubs feature in another former STV2 ident repackaged for STV in 2019. Mid-length version.

STV (Groups - Long) - 2019

A longer form-up variant of the clubs and groups ident for STV. As the junction timings were much the same for this airing, the longer formup is cancelled out by having a shorter hold on the STV logo at the end.

STV - 2019

Another STV2 ident appears on STV from 2019, featuring people on dodgems and families with children.

STV - 2019

People in their daily jobs for this STV ident introduced in 2019. Another one which had been repurposed from their earlier STV2 channel.

STV - 2019

Another ident added to STV for 2019, this time featuring various forms of transport.

STV (Music and Dance - Mid) - 2019

Music and lots of dancing are the focus of this ident, first seen on STV2 and repurposed for STV in 2019.

STV (Music and Dance - Long) - 2019

A longer formup of the music and dance ident, featuring some extra scenes before the STV triangle appears.

STV (Emmerdale - Mid) - 2019

Despite the repurposed 2019 idents for STV, programme-specific ones continued as before, complete with the original STV music rather than the STV2 tracks. Updated static shots from Emmerdale feature in a 2019 mid-length STV ident for use before the show.

STV (Emmerdale - Long) - 2019

A longer form-up Emmerdale ident for STV from 2019. Featuring more moving footage from the opening titles in the first few seconds, before switching to another set of static shots from the show.

STV (Short Promo) - 2019

The short spot promos introduced by ITV in 2019 are also supplied to affiliate station STV. The Scottish station then add their own in house style, as well as topping and tailing them with the STV triangle device.

STV (Rugby World Cup) - 2019

A special ident for the Rugby World Cup in 2019, following the standard STV template of logo + clips cut with their triangle device.

STV (Sport Sting) - 2019

A short 'STV Sport' branded sting, used here to lead into Rugby. As most of the sport coverage carries ITV Sport branding across the network, the sting provides a good opportunity for STV to still get their brand in too.

STV Player (Promo) - 2019

One of several general promos for the STV Player introduced in Autumn 2019. Each of them picks a genre of programming, and a particular colour to apply to the triangle device outside of the regular blue colour palette of STV. Here the trailer promotes drama from STV.

STV Player (Promo) - 2019

Another STV Player promo, this time in yellow and focusing on 'True Crime' as a theme.

STV (Clap For Our Carers) - 2020

STV and ITV idents come together. At 8pm on 2nd April, an edited version of the recent NHS Workers ITV Creates ident goes out on the Scottish station in primetime too to mark out a pause in broadcasting while people Clap For Our Carers. Showing the appreciation and support of the nations during the 2020 COVID-19 crisis. Followed by a carefully chosen ident from STV with local thanks immediately afterwards.

STV (Visit Scotland - Long) - 2020

As part of the reopening of tourism as COVID restrictions were lifted, July 2020 saw STV tie up with Visit Scotland to promote tourism in the country through some special idents. A long variant here.

STV (Visit Scotland - Mid) - 2020

A mid-length version of the same ident from STV and Visit Scotland.

STV (Visit Scotland - Long) - 2020

A second long Visit Scotland ident for STV, featuring different locations.

STV (Sombre) - 2021

A more sombre soundtrack, previously heard on some of the channel's older idents, is added to the current STV ident footage for their sombre ident. Aired here on the day of the Duke of Edinburgh's funeral, on April 17th 2021. After the funeral, this ident was kept in rotation for use before news and serious programming in general.

STV (Visit Scotland - Long) - 2021

From 19th July 2021, STV again began airing idents promoting Visit Scotland as they had done in 2020 with wording changed from 'Sponsored by' to 'In association with'. Once again featuring shots of people enjoying themselves around Scotland. The longer formup version here.

STV (Visit Scotland - Mid) - 2021

A mid-length form-up of the Visit Scotland ident for 2021. Complete here with a little humour injected into the continuity script as STV promote a showing of Die Hard 2 on the channel.

STV News (Grampian @ 60) - 2021

A few years after their Central Scotland counterpart, the northern half of the STV area, formerly named Grampian Television, celebrated 60 years of their original namesake on September 30th 2021. Plenty of idents from throughout their history featured in between clips of their contributions both locally and to the network.

STV (Smart Meters) - 2021

For September 2021, another sponsored ident appeared on STV. This time to promote Smart Meters, shots of wind turbines and other sustainabile things make up the ident sequence.

STV (Smart Meters - Long) - 2021

October 2021 saw more Smart Meter sponsored idents, in addition to overall channel sponsoring. A long-formup version of the ident here.

STV (Smart Meters - Mid) - 2021

A mid-length formup version of the second Smart Meters ident, from October 2021.

STV (Solemn) - 2022

Following the death of The Queen in September 2022, another solemn ident was used by STV. Although the same music featured as their previous 'serious' ident, the visuals were simplified with no scenes present and the STV logo centred on screen.

Christmas 2020

STV - Christmas 2020

On 1st December 2020, STV launched their refreshed festive package for the year. The idents were very similar to that of previous years, reusing a lot of the same footage. However all had been re-edited to some degree as a result of the COVID-19 situation, removing scenes like Christmas Markets, and instead adding in features like video calling to reflect Christmas 2020. In this one, a person opens a present via video conferencing, before mixing in previously used shots of families with dogs and fireworks.

STV - Christmas 2020

A much shorter form-up edit of the 'present' ident from STV's 'socially distant' Christmas 2020 package.

STV - Christmas 2020

Small groups of people together, including a girl with a dog, and some older people with a grey cat, in another festive 2020 ident from STV.

STV - Christmas 2020

Video calling in santa hats and some fairly generic shots of decorations without people feature in this STV Christmas 2020 ident.

STV - Christmas 2020

People getting together via tablet, phone and laptop in this Christmas 2020 ident.

STV - Christmas 2020

Even face coverings, suitably adorned for the season, make an appearance in this Christmas 2020 STV ident.

Christmas 2021

STV - Christmas 2021

Christmas 2021 saw a return of most of the 2017-2019 festive idents for STV, with most of the zoom-call shots from 2020 being dropped. However some of that older set did see an occasional edit, such as this where shots of Santa with a child have been replaced with the same shot of children wearing festive face coverings seen in 2020.

STV (Irn Bru) - Christmas 2021

One fresh addition to the STV set for Christmas 2021 saw the usual STV arrow device take on an orange tinge as part of a sponsorship tie-in with the famous drink of Scotland Irn Bru.

STV (Irn Bru Sponsor Bumper) - Christmas 2021

An additional short bumper to promote Irn Bru as STV's channel sponsor for Christmas 2021, using shots from their well loved The Snowman parody advert which had been in use for some years.

Christmas 2022

STV (Irn Bru Sponsorship) - Christmas 2022

For Christmas 2022, STV brought back out most of the same set of idents that had been running for the past few years. The Irn Bru Sponsorship idea also made a return, but refreshed. This time the ident had been updated with entirely animated video clips, as well as replacing the STV triangle device and endboard with one following the same hand-drawn style as the rest of the Snowman animation. And thankfully not a 'SNOWMAN ENTERPRISES OWN THIS' bit of text anywhere to be seen!



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