Yorkshire Weather

Yorkshire Weather (Cold) - 2001

Sponsored by Yorkshire Electric.

Yorkshire Weather (Rain) - 2001

A different set of Yorkshire Electric sponsorship ads. In this version, a man tries to hold a barbecue in the rain.

Yorkshire Weather (Sun) - 2001

A young kid drops his ice-cream in the sunny sponsorship ad.

Yorkshire Weather (Wind) - 2001

This man's wig blows away in the Wind. Dont you just hate it when that happens!

Yorkshire Weather End - 2001

The accompanying ending for the above sponsorship ads, using the background from Yorkshire's 1999 ident.

Yorkshire Weather (Snow) - 2002

A man getting lost in the snow this time.

Yorkshire Weather (Stormy) - 2002

The last of the Yorkshire Electric ads, and this time a woman's umbrella falls apart as she opens it.

Yorkshire Weather (Generic) - 2002

The sponsorless opening, under the Granada Generic Weather look.

Yorkshire Weather (Generic) End - 2002

The generic ending to the Yorkshire weather.

Yorkshire Weather (Dog/Rain) - 2002

A new sponsor, this time Yorkshire Water, and some new sponsor ads. Each of them is an animation based upon a weather saying. In this case 'When you hear a dog snore, it's bound to pour'.

Yorkshire Weather (Dog/Rain) End - 2002

From the other side of the forecast, it's the end to 'When you hear a dog snore'.

Yorkshire Weather (Sheep/Storm) - 2002

'Sheep by a Wall, Storms will befall'. Complete with a warped noise which I think is supposed to sound like sheep!

Yorkshire Weather (Sheep/Storm) End - 2002

And it gets even funnier in the ending, with Sheep being blown away by the wind!

Yorkshire Weather (Pigs/Cloud) - 2002

When a pig snorts loudly, It's going to be cloudy. This one's written by Brittany Presley, according to the caption!

Yorkshire Weather (Pigs/Cloud) End - 2002

And the accompanying ending.

Yorkshire Weather (Cows/Rain) - 2002

'When the Cows are in a huddle, you're bound to tread in puddles' is the phrase this time, with some animated cows.

Yorkshire Weather (Cows/Rain) End - 2002

The conclusion, and one of the cows pulls out an umbrella. I bet you didn't know cows could do that!



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