Yorkshire Weather

Yorkshire Weather - 1990

A rather bumpy cut from the newsroom features in this 1990 out-of-vision Yorkshire Weather Forecast, read by the on-duty announcer Bob Preedy. The local forecast appears to be between sponsors at this point.

Yorkshire Weather - 1991

A short out-of-vision weather bulletin from Yorkshire in 1991, at the time being sponsored by National Breakdown. In the early 90s, forecasts were still regularly read out by the on-duty continuity announcer out of vision rather than by a dedicated in-vision weather presenter.

Yorkshire Weather - 1998

A weather forecast from the sky-blue Yorkshire era, post Channel 3, with a graphical scheme to match the main channel branding. Debbie Lindley presents, whilst the sponsor is Yorkshire Electricity.

Yorkshire Weather - 2000

Jon Mitchell provides an invision forecast for Yorkshire Television from 2000, sponsored by Yorkshire Electricity. Despite the combined GMG North operation being in full swing by this point, weather graphics were still tailored specifically to each region.

Yorkshire Weather (Cold) - 2001

Sponsored by Yorkshire Electric.

Yorkshire Weather (Sun) - 2001

A young kid drops his ice-cream in the sunny sponsorship ad.

Yorkshire Weather (Wind) - 2001

This man's wig blows away in the Wind. Dont you just hate it when that happens!

Yorkshire Weather End - 2001

The accompanying ending for the above sponsorship ads, using the background from Yorkshire's 1999 ident.

Yorkshire Weather - Christmas 2001

How can we add some festive cheer to our local weather on a budget? Just stick Jo in a Santa Hat and stick a snowflake wipe on! Yorkshire Weather from Christmas 2001.

Yorkshire Weather (Snow) - 2002

A man getting lost in the snow this time.

Yorkshire Weather (Stormy) - 2002

The last of the Yorkshire Electric ads, and this time a woman's umbrella falls apart as she opens it.

Yorkshire Weather (Generic) - 2002

The sponsorless opening, under the Granada Generic Weather look.

Yorkshire Weather (Generic) End - 2002

The generic ending to the Yorkshire weather.

Yorkshire Weather (Dog/Rain) - 2002

A new sponsor, this time Yorkshire Water, and some new sponsor ads. Each of them is an animation based upon a weather saying. In this case 'When you hear a dog snore, it's bound to pour'.

Yorkshire Weather (Dog/Rain) End - 2002

From the other side of the forecast, it's the end to 'When you hear a dog snore'.

Yorkshire Weather (Sheep/Storm) - 2002

'Sheep by a Wall, Storms will befall'. Complete with a warped noise which I think is supposed to sound like sheep!

Yorkshire Weather (Sheep/Storm) End - 2002

And it gets even funnier in the ending, with Sheep being blown away by the wind!

Yorkshire Weather (Pigs/Cloud) - 2002

When a pig snorts loudly, It's going to be cloudy. This one's written by Brittany Presley, according to the caption!

Yorkshire Weather (Pigs/Cloud) End - 2002

And the accompanying ending.

Yorkshire Weather (Cows/Rain) - 2002

'When the Cows are in a huddle, you're bound to tread in puddles' is the phrase this time, with some animated cows.

Yorkshire Weather (Cows/Rain) End - 2002

The conclusion, and one of the cows pulls out an umbrella. I bet you didn't know cows could do that!

Yorkshire Weather - 2004

Kerrie Gosney presents Yorkshire's Weather in 2004. By now it's being sponsored by Carcraft, with some fairly dull sponsorship stings.



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