Super RTL (Germany)

Super RTL is one of the German Children's Channels, and was launced in 1995. Joint owned by RTL and Disney, it broadcasts via Satellite to Germany, Austria and Switzerland. As it's FTA, though, it can be picked up elsewhere in Europe too. Despite it not being English, I love this channel. It's the only one in the world to still show the Watership Down series (albeit very infrequently!). They also dont show quite so many hacked to pieces programmes, like CITV do!

Unlike UK channels, most of the German channels dont use idents very often, usually cutting straight from an advert or 'break end' bumper into the programme. When they are used, there's rarely live continuity over them.

Super RTL Break Bumper - 2002

Animated break bumpers are used into and out of every advert break on Super RTL. Unlike the silent ones over here though, these have music and a voiceover, almost like a mini-ident. The word 'Werbung' means 'Advert' just in case you're wondering.

Super RTL Advert - 2002

An advert for Super RTL. Yes its common practice on the Channel to spend more time advertising their website, than actually advertising their programmes!

Super RTL ECP - 2002

On the majority of German channels, the proper credits are rarely shown. Super RTL have their own generic credits, which basically just mention the production companies, and nothing else. This here shows them using the End Credit Promotions, which we've become so used to on ITV1 these days.

Super RTL Xmas Ident - 2002

Being a kids channel, Super RTL were pretty early with their Christmas Presentation. It started airing right from the beginning of December. Here we have... TADA... an ident. Yes, I managed to catch it, on one of its rare outings. It's a nice ident, but its strange that, whereas everything else in the graphics set is orange, the ident is blue!

Super RTL Xmas Break Bumper - 2002

A Christmas version of the Break Bumper, with a snowman falling down a hole.

Super RTL Xmas Break Bumper V2 - 2002

Another christmas bumper, this time with a load of Christmas trees being stolen by Father Christmas.

Super RTL Xmas Break End Bumper - 2002

The break bumper shown at the end of a break. This time, the snowman trips and falls apart. I dont think I need tell you what 'Werbung Ende' means.

Super RTL Break Bumper - 2003

After the Christmas break bumpers finished, this set was introduced, still based upon a 'winter' theme, only this time including a mix of live action and computer animation.

Super RTL Break End Bumper - 2003

A different bumper from the other side of the break. (ie at the end).

Super RTL Break End Bumper - 2003

Another break ending bumper. I find it hard to tell on this whether the circles falling down the mountain are supposed to represent snow or rocks. Still the great jingle makes up for it.

Toggolino Advert - 2003

Toggolino is the thread of Super RTL for younger children, and there are some slight differences in the branding and music used on adverts for the programmes. I like the remixed jingle here even better than the 'normal' version, although I'm not too sure about the graphics! (A cow - huh?)

Super RTL Ident - 2003

Yes... the new version of the elusive ident on Super RTL. It continues with the mix of live action and computer graphics. It's nice, but I cant help but wonder what exactly is supposed to be happening in it!

Super RTL Break Bumper - 2003

Early in 2003, the live action break bumpers disappeared (although the ident is still used... occasionally). For breaks, they reverted to the 'racing' theme that had been in use in 2002. Here's another break bumper in that style.

Super RTL Break End Bumper - 2003

Another variant for the break end, in the racing theme.

Toggo Game Tipp - 2003

The Toggo Game Tipp. Where the channel takes a look at a new computer game, with Super RTL branding surrounding it. Basically, it's little more than a blatent advert for a game.

Toggo Marathon - 2003

An advert for the Toggo Marathon. An event where the viewers favourite programme (From a massive choice of 2) would be played back to back one Sunday. Viewers are encouraged to phone in to vote for their favourite. Still, it's nice to see the channel branding used slightly differently.



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