Super RTL (Germany)

Super RTL is one of the German Children's Channels, and was launced in 1995. Joint owned by RTL and Disney, it broadcasts via Satellite to Germany, Austria and Switzerland. As it's FTA, though, it can be picked up elsewhere in Europe too. Throughout the day, the channel is split into three distinct areas, each with different branding. Toggolino, in the early mornings, targets the pre-school audience. Toggo, in the afternoon, targets mid-range children, whilst the main Super RTL brand in the evening has an overall family slant to it.

Unlike UK channels, most of the German channels dont use idents very often, usually cutting straight from an advert or 'break end' bumper into the programme, with the occasional use of stings to break up flow.

Super RTL Break Bumper - 2002

Animated break bumpers are used into and out of every advert break on Super RTL. Unlike the silent ones over here though, these have music and a voiceover, almost like a mini-ident. The word 'Werbung' means 'Advert' just in case you're wondering.

Super RTL Advert - 2002

An advert for Super RTL. Yes its common practice on the Channel to spend more time advertising their website, than actually advertising their programmes!

Super RTL ECP - 2002

On the majority of German channels, the proper credits are rarely shown. Super RTL have their own generic credits, which basically just mention the production companies, and nothing else. This here shows them using the End Credit Promotions, which we've become so used to on ITV1 these days.

Super RTL Xmas Ident - 2002

Being a kids channel, Super RTL were pretty early with their Christmas Presentation. It started airing right from the beginning of December. Here we have... TADA... an ident. Yes, I managed to catch it, on one of its rare outings. It's a nice ident, but its strange that, whereas everything else in the graphics set is orange, the ident is blue!

Super RTL Xmas Break Bumper - 2002

A Christmas version of the Break Bumper, with a snowman falling down a hole.

Super RTL Xmas Break Bumper V2 - 2002

Another christmas bumper, this time with a load of Christmas trees being stolen by Father Christmas.

Super RTL Xmas Break End Bumper - 2002

The break bumper shown at the end of a break. This time, the snowman trips and falls apart. I dont think I need tell you what 'Werbung Ende' means.

Super RTL Break Bumper - 2003

After the Christmas break bumpers finished, this set was introduced, still based upon a 'winter' theme, only this time including a mix of live action and computer animation.

Super RTL Break End Bumper - 2003

A different bumper from the other side of the break. (ie at the end).

Super RTL Break End Bumper - 2003

Another break ending bumper. I find it hard to tell on this whether the circles falling down the mountain are supposed to represent snow or rocks. Still the great jingle makes up for it.

Toggolino Advert - 2003

Toggolino is the thread of Super RTL for younger children, and there are some slight differences in the branding and music used on adverts for the programmes. I like the remixed jingle here even better than the 'normal' version, although I'm not too sure about the graphics! (A cow - huh?)

Super RTL Ident - 2003

Yes... the new version of the elusive ident on Super RTL. It continues with the mix of live action and computer graphics. It's nice, but I cant help but wonder what exactly is supposed to be happening in it!

Super RTL Break Bumper - 2003

Early in 2003, the live action break bumpers disappeared (although the ident is still used... occasionally). For breaks, they reverted to the 'racing' theme that had been in use in 2002. Here's another break bumper in that style.

Super RTL Break End Bumper - 2003

Another variant for the break end, in the racing theme.

Toggo Game Tipp - 2003

The Toggo Game Tipp. Where the channel takes a look at a new computer game, with Super RTL branding surrounding it. Basically, it's little more than a blatent advert for a game.

Toggo Marathon - 2003

An advert for the Toggo Marathon. An event where the viewers favourite programme (From a massive choice of 2) would be played back to back one Sunday. Viewers are encouraged to phone in to vote for their favourite. Still, it's nice to see the channel branding used slightly differently.

Super RTL (Promo) - 2009

An example of the promo style for German channel Super RTL from 2009. Here promoting a show in one of their evening slots, thus sitting under the main 'Super RTL' family branding as opposed to the 'Toggo' or 'Toggolino' brands used for their mid and preschool strands.

Super RTL (Sting) - 2009

One of several short stings for Super RTL in Germany. Used before programming, in their 2009 guise each features scenes with various family members together.

Super RTL (Sting) - 2009

Another Super RTL sting from 2009, this time featuring a parent and child in a cardboard box plane.

Super RTL (Sting) - 2009

A third Super RTL sting, this time with 2 people relaxing in a hammock.

Super RTL (Break) - 2009

Break bumpers for Super RTL in 2009 feature similar scenes to the stings, albeit always in 16:9 picture ratio at this point for the bumpers whilst the stings would vary. Here some children draw on a blackboard.

Super RTL (Break End) - 2009

Biking is the theme for this 2009 break bumper for Super RTL, shown here on the return from a break.

Super RTL (Sting) - 2009

A widescreen version of the 'cardboard box plane' footage for Super RTL for a break bumper in 2009.

Toggolino (Short - See-saw) - 2009

One of many short animations featuring the signature cow and friends of the Toggolino strand, designed for younger children on the channel. Here they are playing on a see-saw.

Toggolino (Short - Egg) - 2009

Another Toggolino short filler animation for Super RTL. And this time the gang stumble upon an egg!

Toggolino (Break End) - 2009

An end-of-break bumper from during Toggolino - the pre-school targeted segment of Super RTL, aired early mornings on the channel.

Toggolino (Competition) - 2009

A short promo encouraging young people to get involved with the channel.

Toggolino (Promo) - 2009

An example of the 2009 Toggolino promo style. Very similar to that of the main Super RTL brand, except for a lot more use of green as the signature colour rather than orange.

Toggo (Sting - Party) - 2019

One of several stings from the winter-themed package, still airing in February 2019. In this one, a bunch of characters are having a party.

Toggo (Sting - Skating) - 2019

The characters are all seen ice skating in this winter-themed Toggo sting for Super RTL.

Toggo (Sting - Woozle Goozle) - 2019

Woozle Goozle is a popular show based around a puppet character that has aired on the Super RTL channel since 2013. Here the title character appears in his own channel sting, not branded up for any particular season.

Toggo (Break - Tree Jump) - 2019

A series of Toggo break bumpers themed up for the winter 2019 season on Super RTL, with the characters interacting with snow and lights. Here the orange character jumps from a tall tree.

Toggo (Break End - Tree Jump) - 2019

The accompanying end of break bumper for the winter tree jump sequence.

Toggo (Break - Snowman) - 2019

The characters form up a snowman in this wintery Toggo break sting.

Toggo (Break End - Snowman) - 2019

The accompanying end of break sting for the Snowman bumper.

Toggo (Break - Parachutes) - 2019

This time round, the characters all parachute down from on high in another winter themed break sting for Super RTL.

Toggo (Break End - Parachutes) - 2019

The end of break sting for the winter parachuting animation.

Toggo (Break - Lights) - 2019

For this Toggo/Super RTL break sting, one of the characters breaks into a beautiful light show for everyone else.

Toggo (Break End - Lights) - 2019

The ending break Toggo sting for the lights animation.

Toggo (Break - Pollen) - 2019

Super RTL is a primarily children's oriented channel broadcasting to the German language countries, and is split into three strands throughout the day. The bulk of programming falls under the 'Toggo' brand, which features shows targeted for 6-13 year olds. The rest fall under either the 'Toggolino' brand, for pre-schoolers, or 'Super RTL' itself, which is reserved for more broader family shows from 8pm onwards. Branding changes throughout the day to match, with most of it being presentated via short stings and break bumpers. Here a spring-themed break bumper from 2019 features a bee-like creature getting an explosion of pollen to the face.

Toggo (Break End - Pollen) - 2019

The accompanying Toggo-branded end of break 'pollen' bumper. Visually the same as the opening version, but with additional vocals to inform you the break is over.

Toggo (Break - Crash) - 2019

In this spring-themed break bumper, one of the bees fails to pay due care and attention resulting in a crash.

Toggo (Break End - Crash) - 2019

The accompanying end of break sting for the 'crash' bumper.

Toggo (Break - Hive) - 2019

All the bees fly into a hive in this spring themed break sting... well.. almost all of them.

Toggo (Break End - Hive) - 2019

The accompanying end of break sting for the 'hive' animation.

Toggo (Sting - Stuck) - 2019

Toggo stings on Super RTL follow the same seasonal animation style as the break bumpers, just with a larger logo and no 'Werbung' wording. Here, the bees fly through the Toggo logo, until one of them gets stuck.

Toggo (Sting - Higher) - 2019

In this Toggo von Super RTL sting, the bees see who can get the highest. They don't appear to be too aspirational...

Toggo (Promo) - 2019

An example of the 2019 channel promotion style for programming under the Toggo strand.

Toggolino (Promo) - 2019

A Toggolino branded trailer from Super RTL, which still retains the cow theme that has been central to the Toggolino strand since the beginning.

Super RTL (Promo) - 2019

A German promotion actually under the parent 'Super RTL' brand, as it is trailering a family movie in an early evening slot.

Toggo (In Vision Continuity) - 2019

Although not widespread, In Vision Continuity is still present on the Super RTL channel. Here present Vanessa pops up in vision to let you know what's coming up next on the channel.

Toggo (In Vision Continuity) - 2019

A second spot of invision continuity for Super RTL. Here presenter Marc lets you know what's coming up next.

Toggo (Break End - Dive) - 2019

Further into 2019, and the already downplayed secondary Super RTL brand is finally removed completely from break bumpers on the channel leaving just 'Toggo'. The style remains otherwise the same, changing by season. Here, in a summer-themed bumper, one of the characters dives into a small pool.

Toggo (Break - Lick) - 2019

For this summer themed break bumper, the ice cream characters lick and bite one another. Sometimes it's best not to ask!

Toggo (Break End - Lick) - 2019

The accompanying 'lick' end of break break bumper for Super RTL/Toggo. Remember kids, don't lick or bite your friends at home!

Toggo (Break - Surprise) - 2019

One ice cream jumps out to surprise another in this Toggo Summer Break Bumper.

Toggo (Break End - Surprise) - 2019

The end-of-break variant of the 'surprise' break bumper for Super RTL's Toggo strand.

Toggo (Sting) - 2019

A summer themed sting for the Toggo strand of the channel, with the ice cream characters all standing around a giant ice sculpture of the logo... until one falls off. Similar to the other presentational elements, from mid 2019 remaining references to Super RTL have been removed leaving only the main Toggo brand present.

Toggo (Sting) - 2019

Another sting for the Toggo strand of Super RTL. Here one of the characters decides to take a lick of the giant ice sculpture, getting stuck to it in the process.

Toggo (End) - 2019

A short sting to mark the end of the day for the 'Toggo' children's strand, before the evening Primetime shows begin. Bis Morgen translates to 'until tomorrow'.

Super RTL Primetime (Promo) - 2019

In mid 2019, fresh branding was brought in for the evening slots on Super RTL, with a new purple and orange colour mix. The strand kept the Super RTL name, but gained the additional 'Primetime' label. Here a trailer promoting the overall strand on the channel.

Super RTL Primetime (Promo) - 2019

An example of the new-for-2019 Super RTL Primetime trailer style, here promoting the dubbed version of US import CSI:Miami.

Super RTL Primetime (Break) - 2019

Super RTL's breakbumper for during their 2019 Primetime strand. A very simple graphical affair, which manages to avoid either mentioning the full Super RTL name, or the word Primetime.

Super RTL Primetime (Sting) - 2019

Stings for the Super RTL Primetime strand follow the same 'Super + Word' style as seen in the main promo. Here 'Super Feierabend', a word which doesn't translate perfectly into English but approximately means when work is finished for the day.

Super RTL Primetime (Sting) - 2019

Another Super RTL Primetime sting, this time featuring fruit in a fizzy drink with the tagline 'Super Leicht' (or Light).

Super RTL Primetime (Sting) - 2019

A third Super RTL Primetime sting, this time with pillows and the word 'Entspannt' (Relaxed).

Toggo (Break - Parachute) - 2019

The autumn-themed break bumpers for Super RTL/Toggo take on shades of brown, and introduce tree-based characters. Here one of them parachutes using a falling leaf.

Toggo (Break End - Parachute) - 2019

The accompanying Super RTL/Toggo end of break bumper for the 'parachute' sequence.

Toggo (Sting - Parachute) - 2019

An autumn themed sting for Super RTL. Near identical in style to the break bumpers on the channel, with not even a different sized logo being used.

Toggo (Break - Present) - Christmas 2019

Christmas 2019 on Super RTL, and the Toggo presentation takes on a Christmassy slant once again. In this break bumper, a present bursts open to reveal a stack of characters inside. Essentially looking the same as those from Winter at the start of the year, except with a different coloured sky, and the update to remove the 'Super RTL' brand.

Toggo (Break End - Present) - Christmas 2019

The accompanying end of break bumper for Toggo featuring the characters stacked in a present.

Toggo (Break - Leapfrog) - Christmas 2019

Another festive break bumper for Super RTL/Toggo. This time the characters leapfrog over one in order to scale the ever-present tree.

Toggo (Break End - Leapfrog) - Christmas 2019

The accompanying end of break bumper for the 'leapfrog' sequence on Super RTL/Toggo.

Toggo (Break - Present 2) - Christmas 2019

Another Christmas Present break bumper for Toggo/Super RTL. This time the present bursts, scattering the various characters into the tree.

Toggo (Break End - Present 2) - Christmas 2019

The end of break variant of the second present bumper for Toggo.

Toggo (Promo) - Christmas 2019

One of several short films usually used in place of stings in the run up to Christmas 2019 on Super RTL. In each, children talk about Christmas, with simple animated segments overlaid over the film.

Toggo (Promo) - Christmas 2019

A longer festive 'Gogglebox-style' film, for Super RTL featuring more children talking about Christmas.

Toggo (Promo) - Christmas 2019

Some young football fans talk about their Christmas dreams in another short Toggo promo for the festive season.

Toggo (Promo) - Christmas 2019

Another festive promo for Toggo/Super RTL, featuring more shots of children talking to camera.

Toggo (In Vision Continuity) - Christmas 2019

How can you make your IVC seem more festive, without even going to the trouble of changing the background graphics? Simple - add some earmuffs to your presenter and tell them to act as though it's cold!

Toggo (Sting - Woozle Goozle) - 2019

Everyone's favourite blue fuzzy critter pops up playing another instrument, in another Woozle Goozle sting for Super RTL/Toggo. Now updated to remove the 'von Super RTL' tagline, inkeeping with the changes made elsewhere on the channel in 2019.



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