Channel 4 Teletext

The main operator of the Channel 4 teletext service matched that of ITV, originally being Oracle before switching to Teletext Ltd from 1993. However it differed in the content offered, with both teletext providers splitting their pages between the two channels and cross-promoting them where appropriate.

An ancillary service, known for most of its lifetime as 4-Tel was also provided. Similar to most of the ITV services, this service was produced for many years by Intelfax and designed to give supplemental information around the Channel 4 programmes in those pre-internet days.

Teletext (North East) - 6/9/1997

Channel 4's Teletext service from the day of Diana's funeral, 6th September 1997. As well as additions to many pages mentioning disruption is to be expected due to the funeral, the entire racing service has been suspended with many bookmakers' pages being replaced by messages of condolence. A small selection of pages from across the service, although no 4-Tel pages present in this sequence unfortunately due to a poor quality recording.

Teletext (Yorkshire) - 1/1/2000

Welcoming in a new Millennium with Teletext on Channel 4 from January 1st 2000. The Digitiser section as being broadcast on the day here, making their own predictions for the next 5 years ahead. More pages to follow...



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