UKTV History/Yesterday

UK History (later remamed UKTV History) initially started on 30th October 2002 as one of the launch channels for the fledgling Freeview service, and an early foray into free channels for the then largely subscription based UKTV. The channel remit was to carry history related documentaries and shows, although the remit has been broadened in following years to bring in other shows such as comedy.

Following the success of the distinct name rebrand for 'Dave' in 2007, UKTV History was rebranded as Yesterday in March 2009.

UKTV History - 2002-2009

UK History Promo

A long looped advert for the new BBC/Flextech channel UK History. This was broadcast on Freeview in the run up to the launch of both the 'Freeview' service and the channel itself throughout October 2002.

UK History - Ident

Personally I find UK History's ident quite impressive. A giant CGI Book with historical imagery appearing on the pages, combines nicely with the sound. These idents are a nightmare to encode to video files though!

UK History - Promo

An example of a UK History promo showing one of the channel's 'themed weeks'. They seemed to be very fond of theme weeks at launch, having one on the go at almost any given time. Like a DFS Must End Soon Best Ever Sale week!

UK History - Menu

UK History often had a programme menu like this before advert breaks reusing the 'book' theme from the idents.

UKTV History Ident - 2005

An updated ident for UK History, now mentioning its new name of UKTV History.

Yesterday 2009-Present

Yesterday - 2011

Initiially after the rebrand from UKTV History to Yesterday introduced in 2009, the new Yesterday logo was set against green and white, designed to work well with the 'logos in circles' motif UKTV were going with for all their channels at the time. This set of branding lasted through until summer 2012.

Yesterday - 2017

In 2012, Yesterday was rebranded again, with themed idents that could be used for the broader genres of programming now in use, as well as a giant Y as part of the logo making for something easier to use in icons and other areas of limited space. In this version, the Y is providing an eclipse of the light.

Yesterday - 2017

A longer version of the eclipse Yesterday ident. Just incase you'd not seen enough different camera angles of that large green Y.

Yesterday - 2017

A lesson in pyrotechnics in this Yesterday ident as sparks and flames both feature heavily. Don't try this one at home kids!

Yesterday (Promo) - 2017

An example of the 2017 trailer style for Yesterday, using the Y device to allow cutaway rotating graphics around it.

Yesterday (UKTV Break) - 2017

Like other channels from UKTV, Yesterday has some elements of the shared blue UKTV graphics mixed in alongside the channel's own presentation. Here is their tailored version of the UKTV network break bumper, starting with the Yesterday logo front and centre, before circling through the other channels.

Yesterday (Leaves - Long) - 2017

Leaves fall all around the Yesterday logo, in this long ident.

Yesterday (Gunshot) - 2018

One of the original launch set of idents for Yesterday. A giant Y is shot repeatedly, only to be fully intact moments later.

Yesterday (Archives) - 2018

New idents were introduced to Yesterday in 2018, all featuring a room/area with forgotten items put together to mark the exclusive series Forgotten History. Old cassette reels and film canisters can be seen in an old archive room here, before revealing the large 'Y' logo.

Yesterday (Antiques) - 2018

Antique artwork sits in storage in this ident for Yesterday. Someone probably doesn't realise they could be sitting on a small fortune if they were ever to take that giant green Y onto Antiques Roadshow.

Yesterday (Caves) - 2018

Deep in the sandy caves lives the fabled Yesterday ident. Feared by the nearby townsfolk, it guards a precious invisible horde.



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