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News at Ten - 1987

The News At Ten was ITN's popular flagship news programme for more than 25 years, before being axed in 1999 for a time as part of changes at ITV. Here are the 1987 titles, complete with Bill Steel introducing the programme over Tyne Tees' clock. Clip Courtesy of Iam Burn.

News at Ten - 1989

Computer graphics had arrived at ITN in the late 80s, leading to this famous sequence for the News At Ten. First introduced in 1988 and featuring a flyby over a rendered London at night, this set of titles would last right through until 1992. On this edition from June 30th 1989, headlines include new talks between British Rail and Unions, MPs against all Hong Kong Chinese being allowed into Britain, and a resignation in the White House over rent boy allegations.

News at Ten - 1993

This look to the News At Ten remained in use, albeit with some minor changes, until 1999.

News at Ten - 1996

Slightly tweaked titles to the News At Ten from 1994, essentially the same as before except for the removal of all the shots of the ITN headquarters, and with an updated ITN logo overlaid.

Morning News - 1992

The ITN Morning News began in 1988 with the advent of 24 hour broadcasting and initially had the quite colourful slot of 5.00 in the morning for all those insomniacs. Unlike many of the news bulletins, its slot was only shortened once with the programme moving to 5.30 where it remained unchanged well into the ITV years, before finally being axed in 2012. This example is from April 1992.

Morning News - 1996

Another example, this time from 1996, with a different presenter and music.

ITN News at One - 1990

From February 1st 1990, John Suchet and Trish Willamson present the News At One from ITN. This set of titles had first been introduced in 1989, and lasted through until 1992, being slightly modified to feature '12.30' in the title during the First Iraq War in 1991. Headlines today include South Africa in new talks with Nelson Mandela, and new research showing links between Mad Cow Disease and other species.

Gulf War Report - 1991

During the Gulf War conflict, ITN ran regular updates in the days before large numbers of UK rolling news channels existed. This file shows an entire 3 minute bulletin, bringing some of the latest developments, as well as giving phone numbers for more information, although with such frequent updates how many people needed to call them.

ITN News Update - 1991

During the overnight ITV block throughout the 90s, ITN provided frequent short summaries of the news, to keep those huge numbers of people who were still awake at 3am informed of all the late-breaking developments. Anne Leuchars presents this edition from 1991.

ITN World News - 1992

The ITN World news showed international news, and orginally used to be broadcast via satellite worldwide at night, in British time. It would then be repeated to terrestrial viewers here the following morning as part of the ITN Morning News. It no longer exists, but does anyone know which year it was abolished in? Also watch out in the file for a young(Well.. younger) Trevor McDonald!!!

ITN News at 5.40 - 1992

The ITN News At 5.40 was the precursor to the 'Early Evening News' - with the time eventually being dropped from the title to avoid the need to rename it every time it moved slightly. Bill Steel proudly introduces this bulletin on Tyne Tees.

ITN Weekend News - 1994

The Weekend News from 1994 with shots of the ITN headquarters featuring in the titles.

ITN (Evening News) - 1995

The Evening News from ITN, from 1995. Gone are the grand shots of the headquarter building or atrium in favour of a much more understated zoomed in shot of the studio itself.

ITN (Short Bulletin - C5 Launch) - 1997

Just hours after Channel 5 launches, an ITN short update bulletin from overnight ITV on 31/3/1997. During the bulletin, Tim Willcox gives a very brief nod to the new station launched the previous evening. Check the accompanying Teletext service for some more views around the launch.



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