BBC Two (Christmas)


~ BBC Two at Christmas ~

Whilst having even more of a shoestring budget applied to it in recent years resulting in mostly recycled christmas presentation now, traditionally BBC Two would get in on the festive action - particularly throughout the 90s where the very flexible 2s provided a wide scope! Although the early years of the yellow 2001 look did try their best!

BBC Two - Christmas 1997

From Christmas 1997 and a snowglobe sits around the usual 2. Not quite as elaborate as the 'twelve nights' set in use on the sister channel, but better than the efforts the channel would get in later years.

BBC Two - Christmas 2000

The BBC2 ident originally from Xmas 2000. This was unusual in that it shows the 2 from an angle for an extended time, rather than face-on(like normal!). The ident was to make several reappearances in later years. First during the 2006 Winter Olympics, now sporting the purple box in the bottom right and with an updated piece of music. And then again after the whole set were brought back in to use in 2014.

BBC Two - Christmas 2001

The BBC2 ident from Christmas 2001. This was the first of the Christmas idents introduced under the new 'yellow' look, and shows the 2 character, with an angel exploding out of its hand (You know, as angels do!!).

BBC Two - Christmas 2002

As well as recycling last years BBC2 ident, for Christmas 2002, this new version was added to the set.

BBC Two - Christmas 2003

Although BBC2 recycled both 2001 and 2002's idents for 2003, at least they did introduce a new one to make a set of 3, unlike the none-existent effort from their bigger brother BBC1 that year. Sadly though, the following year for Christmas 2004 things were different. Whilst BBC1 did finally bring in a new ident, BBC2 simply recycled the same set of 3 from previous years.

BBC Two - Christmas 2005

2005 saw a complete return to traditional form for the BBC. Not only did BBC1 have a new ident, but BBC2, widely expected to just recycle the same christmas package once more, surprised us all with 3 lovely idents. Either someone at the BBC had a guilty conscience, or they just feared ITV outshining them again. In somewhat of a break from the usual style of the channel presentation, the traditional jingle is almost indistinguishable, whilst the usual bright yellow background has been toned down to mere yellow spotlights against a 2 formed from shooting stars. The presentation resurfaced again for the last year of the yellow 2's in 2006.

BBC Two - Christmas 2005

Subtle differences in the behaviour of the shooting stars make the 3 variants (And whilst they are *very* minor differences, it's still nice to more effort being made than the previous year)

BBC Two Sting - Christmas 2005

Only barely distinguishable from the idents by their length and positioning, some edits were made to produce the stings for use between trailers.

BBC Two - Christmas 2006

Christmas 2006 on BBC2 didn't bring any particular surprises. A rehash of the 2005 package was brought back out, although given the channel was already expected to rebrand early in 2007 this was understandable.

BBC Two (Ident) - Christmas 2008

BBC2, as widely expected, brought back out 2007's ident for Christmas 2008, complete with the same oddly creepy cutouts. At least it was a nicely produced ident the first time round!

BBC Two (Promo) - Christmas 2008

Promos on BBC2 in a matching style, this time highlighting the return of a classic comedy from the 90s for a one off special on the channel.

BBC Two Wales - Christmas 2009

What with budget cutbacks and recessions and similar... it was no surprise in 2009 when the BBC dug out the same BBC Two idents again for the third year running, albeit slightly tweaked to move the BBC Two box to the other side of the screen. Shown here is the Welsh variant.

BBC Two - Christmas 2009

And just incase you've had your head under a rock for several years, and not already seen it, the network variant of the gremlin paper cutout ident....

BBC Two Wales (Promo) - Christmas 2009

Trailers saw a little bit more change to them for 2009, with the new endboard style being used, as well as the shared floating cubes for the BBC logo.

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