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British Lamb - 2002

Some time after the peak of his BBC shows, Harry Enfield was seen to reprise his 'Tim Nice-But-Dim' character to promote British Meat in the early 2000s.

Legal & General - 1990

Legal and General in 1990 showing everyong just how easy it easy to grow your own umbrellas. Never again must you spend a pound at Poundland!

Lego - 2009

The 'Kipper' Lego advert had last aired in the UK in 1983, and rather oddly popped up out of the blue again in 2009. Featuring a Tommy-Cooper soundalike, the ad shows a series of models changing into various creatures or machines to try and outdo the other.

Lemsip - 1992

Lenor - 1992

The Lion King - 1995

The Lion King - One of my favourite films of all time (behind Watership Down of course). This is an advert for its release on video.

Liquorice Allsorts - 1991

A seemingly normal, quiet town centre... until you realise they've all been ravaged by a Liquorice Allsorts habit!

Bassetts Jelly Babies - 2003

I know it's the wrong place in the alphabet for this, but I decided to plonk this funny little 2003 ad for Jelly Babies here as it contains a modern-day Bertie.

Listerine - 1991

In a well-remembered animated advert from the early 90s, Clifford the dragon has a problem with his breath... namely that he cant talk to birds without roasting them with it. Thankfully, Listerine to the rescue

Little Chef - 1995

Better times for the Little Chef chain in the mid-90s, as it was still a well known force in the service station market. Via various buyouts and mergers, the chain grew throughout the 70s, 80s and 90s, even ending up a part of the Granada empire in the late 90s. However the 2000s were less kind. With the chain failing to modernise and losing the interest of their family audience, store numbers contracted and the group fell into administration more than once. Even a last ditch attempt to revive affairs with Heston Blumenthal wasn't enough, with the last remnants of the original chain disappearing in 2018.

Living - 2000

Promoting the subscription channel Living in 2000 with a helpful reminder that it's always best to be dressed before picking up the post when in HMO accommodation.

Lloyds Bank - 1993

This is one of several 'Tales of The Black Horse' ads, ran in the early nineties. In this one, a brave knight needs help getting a bigger place, so gets a mortgage from Lloyds Bank... happens all the time doesn't it!!

Lloyds Bank - 1994

The Lightning Loot - Another Tales of the Black Horse ad. A giant wants to buy a new cart from the local salesman, but is a little short on funds at the moment. Never fear, as the nearby Lloyds Bank branch can approve a personal loan on the spot. They apparently don't even mind if you demolish the branch in the process of applying, although I remain less convinced about this detail.

Lloyds Bank - 1995

Another Tale of The Black Horse, and this time it's the legend of The Four Rings. A dying king sets a riddle for his two daughters which will lead them to untold riches.

Lloyds Bank - 1996

Another 'Tales of The Black Horse' story from the Medieval Lloyds Bank campaign of the 90s, this time entitled 'The Unfounded Fear'. A local couple receive a letter from their bank manager that he'd like to see them. Cue visions of what horrors this may entail...

Lloyds TSB - 2000

An extended ad marking the dawn of the new millennium from Lloyds TSB, as it was then known. After thanking all of their staff and their families for all their hard work over the previous year with behind the scenes filming footage from their latest commercial, it then launches into the new commercial itself. With the song 'What Can I Do' from The Coors providing the backing.

Lloyds TSB - 2001

Another Lloyds advert from the TSB-merged days of the bank.

Lloyds Bank - 2016

Initially after the demerger of Lloyds TSB, the new bank of the Black Horse got the short end of the stick advertising-wise. Whilst TSB got beautiful artistic animation with Patrick Stewart narrating, Lloyds plumped for a series of less than inspired slideshow-style ads. In 2015 however to celebrate their 250th anniversary, the bank saw a return to form with the quality of its advertising. A long and heavily artistic trailer featuring black horses throughout the ages was put together, set to the song Wings by Birdy. The ad was used throughout 2015 and into 2016 for their birthday year in long form, then briefly disappeared for a new campaign before reappearing in a shorter re-edited form later in 2016.

Lucozade - 2004

Forget Lara Croft. Dancing scientists and cells feature in this quirky animated advert for Lucozade in 2004.

Lunn Poly - Christmas 1992

An animated Santa hearing about the unbelievable Lunn Poly deals at the end of 1992. One of a long running series of adverts for Lunn Poly featuring the tagline 'Get Away'. This particular short advert would reappear yearly from the mid 80s through to the mid 90s.

Lux - 1984

Victoria Principal, best known at the time for her role in Dallas, stars in this advert for Lux Soap from 1984. Because why not pick a soap star to advertise some soap!

Lyons Tea - 1992

An example of the quality of some early CGI animation appears in this advert for Irish brand Lyons Tea from 1992. The decaffeinated version nonetheless!


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