ITV News 2009-2013

Unlike previous relaunches of the news which had seen the whole of the country seamlessly updated to the same new look on the same day, the 2009 rebrand of the ITV News was a considerably more bitty affair. The main news took on their new 'double yellow parking lines' look first. The regions one by one then had the new look phased in over the course of the next few weeks, even though it ultimately only required some lighting changes to most of their sets. Along with this rebrand, the recently introduced special branding for the News At Ten was also quietly removed.

ITV News at 6.30 (Opening) - 2009

From the first day of the new look, and coming into 6.30. After a still unchanged set of Regional News titles still in the previous teal colourscheme, we suddenly swap to yellow as the new National Evening programme takes to the air. With a look designed to fit in with the then ITV1 branding, rather than a separate set of news branding as previously, and a complete overhaul to the music once more.

ITV News at 10 (Promo) - 2009

Shown towards the end of News at 6.30 was the usual trailer for the News at Ten. Out of the window with the completely seperate look brought in a year earlier too.

ITV News at 6.30 (Closing) - 2009

And the closing titles to the new look Evening News (under whatever name it's given now!).

ITV News at Ten (Pre-Ten ECP) - 2009

Coming up after the break... it's the News at Ten. Just incase you missed the other promotions throughout the evening!

ITV News at Ten (Opening) - 2009

No longer a distinctly branded programme, the News at Ten returns to its mundane same corporate look from the 2009 rebrand, alongside the rest of the days coverage.

ITV News at Ten (Ending) - 2009

A slightly longer playout of the music to finish the first ever News at Ten, with a mention of the new look to boot!

ITV Wales News - 26/11/2009

Unlike previous news relaunches in 2004 and 2006 where all regions had changed simultaneously, the refresh of 2009 saw a somewhat more disjointed rollout. Regional bulletins continuedto use the teal colourscheme as the yellow look was rolled out piecemeal over the weeks. Wales saw it's news studio and graphics switch over on Thursday 26th November. After the first appearences of the studio during the morning bulletins, a bigger preview of the look for Wales appeared around the lunchtime bulletin.

ITV Wales News - 26/11/2009

Right before the 6pm break, a new look promotion appeared.

ITV Wales Tonight - 26/11/2009

6pm, and the new look main bulletin. Very much the same as the lunchtime one naturally, just with the appropriate use of 'Tonight' instead.

ITV Granada News - 1/12/2009

A little later than the main news as part of the staggered rebrand from Teal to Yellow in the regions. On December 1st the new look arrived in the North West, just in time for the last day of analogue broadcasting in the region. The first appearances were once again during GMTV, with the afternoon bulletin showing the fairly familiar by now set of yellow titles.

ITV Granada Reports (Promo) - 1/12/2009

Nearly 6pm, and a peek at the new look leading into the advert break again.

ITV Granada Reports - 1/12/2009

6pm, and the first main edition of Granada Reports went to air, complete with the same scenes now mixed into the yellow titles.

ITV Granada Reports (Sting) - 1/12/2009

A short sting from inside the programme, with awesome quality!!!one 3D text effects.

ITV Granada Reports (Sting) - 1/12/2009

Still to come in the new look programme...

ITV Granada Reports (Weather) - 1/12/2009

And finally, onto the new look weather for Granada.



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