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five 2002 - Weedkiller

Almost cyclically now, every few years Channel 5 decide to undergo a major rebrand in an attempt to shake off their 'cheap and tacky' image, and become a more respected broadcaster. One of the earliest such attempts was the major rebrand to come about in September 2002. The name 'Channel 5' vanished, to become 'five', in lowercase lettering naturally. The Dog in the corner also disappeared for a time, as did the five colours, and the original numeral in a circle. Unfortunately whilst the idea was good, the launch set of idents lacked any particular creative direction. Cue a host of pointless scenes which bear no relevance to anything shown on the channel, but may win some obscure art awards. This one, for example, features someone spraying weedkiller on a garden!

five 2002 - Red Hair

This version features a woman with red hair driving down the road.

five 2002 - Blue

Idents into short news bulletins usually featured colours rather than pointless live action scenes.

five 2002 - Swimming

A man jumping into a swimming pool features in this version.

five 2002 - Gardening

Another gardening ident. This time, the gardener is cutting his plants. Yep, you can see the cohesive linking between all these new idents!

five 2002 - Red/White

Another coloured and announcerless news ident, this time using red and white.

five 2002 - Shoes

In this version, a woman is trying on some shoes. Also featured in this ident is five's new film ratings.

five 2002 - Advert

An example of the new 'five' trailer style. Marketing speak at the time hailed the style as somewhat revolutionary in the use of text.

five 2002 - Programme Menu

A run down of the programmes coming up on Five. This sort of menu was sometimes used instead of an ident into selected shows.

five Xmas 2002 - Snowball

Poor normal idents didn't bode well for Christmas ones, and true to form a different selection of mundane scenes went to air that year. Although the concept may have been poor, they did put in more effort than most the other terrestrial broadcasters in producing a large number of variations for use over the season. In this snowball version, we also get to hear the wonders of live continuity announcements.

five Xmas 2002 - Tree

Some people in the background pull a sledge, with a tree shown in the foreground.

five Xmas 2002 - School Play

A school play features in this ident.

five Xmas 2002 - School Play 2

A different ident featuring a school play.

five Xmas 2002 - Cold

A person tries to keep warm out in the snow in this ident.

five Xmas 2002 - Car

This time, someone's clearing some snow of their car window. Just keep 'em coming Five!

five Xmas 2002 - Tree 2

A different person pulls a different sledge past a different tree in this ident.

five 2003 - Skateboarders

Into 2003, and some more fairly conceptless idents. This time it's some skateboarders moving past some mirrors.

five 2003 - Red/Orange

Another of the musical and announcerless news idents.

five 2003 - Escalator

Back to pointless people idents, and some people on escalators make up this next thrilling installment

five 2003 - Game

2 people playing table hockey in this ident. They even let it play on for a short while after the announcement finishes. Aren't they nice(!)

five 2003 - Golf

Someone playing Golf This time!

five 2003 - Flower

A woman picks a flower in a plantpot up.

five 2005 - Forest

Five did see some sense with their launch idents, making a vast improvement in the design with their later batches of idents. Rather than just a static word over a random people scene, the word five in this batch is actually formed from part of the surrounding scene. In this case a swarm of flies form 'five'.

five 2005 - Ants

Ants are carrying five's letters across a treetop this time... until one of them meets an untimely death that is.

five 2005 - Relax

A lady sitting on a bus daydreaming... then next moment she's on a lake. Used to introduce a film here.

five 2005 - Ocean

The word floats around in the water this time.

five 2005 - Nightlife

A nighttime reflection in a puddle is the basis for this ident.

five 2005 - Ocean (Shark)

A variant of the ocean ident, and this time 'five' has brought a friend.

five - Christmas 2006

Channel 5's Christmas offering from 2006, and an attempt to get people to donate money in an ident. Obviously someone missed the whole point that people tend to respond better to such messages when they have a reason 'why' it's there rather than just tacked on the bottom, but at least they made the effort. It also saw the return of the word 'five' to an ident, the channel name having been subtly absent on some very recent idents.

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