Currently named 5Star this week, Channel 5's first foray into multichannels originally launched as Five Life in October 2006, intending to show more lifestyle skewed programming. In the decade or so since, Channel 5 have struggled a little to find a consistent identity or position for the channel with it subsequently being rebranded as Fiver in 2008, 5* in 2011 and finally adopting the 5STAR name with the 2016 corporate rebrand. Coverage mainly from the 2016 5Star onwards follows below with older coverage to follow soon.

Fiver (2008-2011)

Fiver - Christmas 2008

For Christmas 2008 Five's sister channel Fiver, saw a series of snowy scenes dotted with their usual coloured cursor.

Fiver - Christmas 2009

2009 from Fiver saw a pres package based upon the 2008 look, with coloured lights.

Fiver (EPG Promo) - 2010

Getting a good channel number on the various EPGs is always a hard and hideously expensive task. So Channel 5 decide to take a different angle here, and encourage you to just add their digital offshoot Fiver (as it was then) to your favourites rather than mess around with remembering platform numbers.

5STAR (2016-2019)

5Star (Drums) - 2017

As part of the overall rebrand for the Channel 5 family in February 2016, new presentation was added to the channel and the name was tweaked again from 5* to 5STAR. Each ident features a scene with shapes projected in coloured light against various surfaces. A man playing some drums on the street features in this one.

5Star (Hotel) - 2017

Light is projected onto the walls of a hotel in this 5Star ident. Everyone can relate to hotels, right?

5Star (Tunnel) - 2017

The third main ident from the launch set for 5Star features light being projected off the walls of a tunnel, as people go about their everyday business.

5Star (Promo) - 2017

5Star (ECP) - 2017

The End Credit Promotion style on 5Star follows a similar graphic style to the trailer endboards with shapes over a grey background.

5Star (Green) - 2017

In Autumn 2017, 3 additional idents were introduced to 5Star. Still following the 3 signature colours, however this time the live action sequences have been dropped in favour of solely graphical elements. These idents have subsequently been used during the daytime hours on the channel whilst the other 3 continued to be used during peak.

5Star (Blue) - 2017

The blue version of the daytime graphical ident for 5Star introduced in 2017.

5Star (Red) - 2017

A third version of the daytime graphical ident for 5Star, not unsurprisingly in red this time.

5STAR (2019 - Present)

5Star (Lines) - 2019

September 2019 saw a fresh look for 5Star, with a new font for the logo and a refreshed graphical style for the daytime idents. Here the logo is made up from coloured lines.

5Star (Sunburst) - 2019

Colours burst out from the centre of the screen for this 5Star ident.

5Star (Sunburst 2) - 2019

A different animation for the sunburst effect and an alternative choice of colours in this 5Star ident.

5Star (Sweep) - 2019

Colours animate across the screen in a sweeping light style this time round.

5Star (Sunburst 3) - 2019

Another sunburst animation variation for this 5Star ident.

5Star (Vertical Lines) - 2019

Vertical lines animate on the screen for this ident.

5Star (Colour Wheel) - 2019

A wheel of varying colours make up the animation for this 5Star ident.

5Star (Segments) - 2019

5Star (Quarters) - 2019

Divided up circles make up the coloured shapes in this 5Star ident.

5Star (Sunburst 4) - 2019

Another sunburst-style ident, time with the colours coming out from the central point.

5Star (Promo) - 2019

An example of the refreshed 2019 promo style for 5Star, with a heavy slant on text usage.

5Star (Channel Promo) - 2019

5Star (ECP) - 2019

The new ECP style for 5Star, as introduced in September 2019.

5Star (Break) - 2019

5Star Break bumpers after the 2019 refresh consist of short bursts based upon the graphical idents, complete with sound. Here one of the sunburst graphics appears.

5Star (Break) - 2019

Another 5Star break bumper, this time featuring the horizontal lines graphics.

5Star (Break) - 2019

For this 2019 break bumper, another version of one of the sunburst style of graphics is used.

5Star (Break - Warning) - 2019

A slightly extended break bumper, using the same graphics but with continuity to provide a content warning returning from a break for a show which requires it for every part.



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