Yorkshire News

Calendar - 1970s

Calendar (with no word after it) is Yorkshire's flagship evening news programme, a name that has survived takeovers and even corporate rebrands under ITV plc ownership. From the 70s, a quick set of titles involving flipping through a calendar!

Calendar News (Late) - 1998

Presented by Lesley Alexander, the intro to a short late news bulletin from Calendar in 1998. Headlines include an attack on a West Yorkshire pensioner and a jail sentence for a man who tapped a streetlamp for his electricity supply.

Calendar - 2001

This basic music remained the same for over 10 years, as well as cropping up during startup, with some minor remixing to keep it up-to-date, before finally being axed in 2004.

Calendar Break - 2001

Into a break on Calendar, with a rundown of whats still to come.

Calendar Break End - 2001

Back from the break with a recap of the top headlines. Watch out for a clip of the infamous Bomb Blast outside of the BBC Television studios in London.

Calendar End - 2001

The Calendar End titles.

Calendar Promo - 2001

A short advert for the Calendar, outlining what is to come on the evening's programme. It's broadcast in the 5.30pm junction, and is cropped to 14:9, to match other adverts.

Calendar Lunchtime Live - 2001

Calendar Lunchtime Live is, not surprisingly, Yorkshire's Lunchtime News/Magazine programme. Here are both the opening titles, and a brief rundown of the day's news.

Calendar Lunchtime Live Break - 2001

Lunchtime Live heads into an advert break.

Calendar Lunchtime Live - 2001

... and a few minutes later they're back again!

Calendar Lunchtime Live End - 2001

The End Titles to Calendar Lunchtime Live.

Calendar East - 2001

The opening titles from one of Yorkshire's short news bulletins. This version being for the subregion in the East.

Calendar News - 2001

A Short News Bulletin for the main Yorkshire sub-region.

Calendar Pick of The Week - 2001

Calendar Pick of The Week, is Yorkshire's weekly roundup of news from around the region.

Calendar Pick of The Week End - 2001

The end credits from 'Pick of the Week'.

Yorkshire Election - 2001

A special insert in Calendar for the Yorkshire Local Elections in 2001.

Yorkshire Election Opening - 2002

The following year's elections, and here are the opening titles to a Local Election Special.

Yorkshire Election Break - 2002

The 2002 Election special goes into a break...

Yorkshire Election Return - 2002

... A few minutes later, Welcome back, as Christine Talbot demonstrates the wonders of time travel.

Calendar - 2002

The titles from 2002.

Calendar Coming Up - 2002

What's still to come in tonight's Calendar...

Calendar Handover - 2002

The handover from the main Calendar programme, to the sub-regions.

Calendar - 2003

2003, and a whole new look for all of Yorkshire's news output. This was also to be the last regional look from Yorkshire, with the corporate looks taking over from 2004. All coverage follows from the first day of the new look; May 27th. First off, the main Calendar programme.

Calendar End - 2003

The end titles from the new Calendar.

Calendar Coming Up Promo - 2003

The 5.30 promo for what's to come on Calendar.

Calendar East - 2003

The opening titles to a short bulletin from the Calendar East opt.

Calendar Handover - 2003

The handover to the subregions from within the main Calendar programme.

Calendar Coming Up Promo - 2003

The opening titles for the lunchtime news from Calendar.

Calendar Weather - 2003

Handover from the lunchtime edition of Calendar to the weather.



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