Several years after the launch of the last free channels from ITV, ITVBe launched in October 2014. The channel's target audience was intended to be a more female-skewed younger audience, with a heavy focus on pushing their social networking credentials. Programme-wise, the channel took on many reality and lifestyle shows which had previously featured on ITV2, becoming the new home of shows such as The Only Way is Essex.

ITVBe (Diamonds) - 2017

Idents on ITVBe are visually quite simple and consist of various objects floating over a coloured background. Diamonds float in the background to this ident.

ITVBe (Sweets) - 2017

Lots of dolly mixture sweets float past in the background for this ITVBe ident.

ITVBe (Popcorn) - 2017

Popcorn floats around over a turquoise background this time.

ITVBe (Doughnuts) - 2017

For this ITVBe ident, lots of doughnuts are the star.

ITVBe (Balloons) - 2017

A purple background with balloons floating over the top for ITVBe. People are always saying how good the balloon idents were, so you all brought this upon yourselves!

ITVBe (Break) - 2017

One of several bumpers to feature 'selfie' style photos, in an attempt to show just how amazingly hip and in with dat social networking generation ITVBe are. This style is sometimes used in and out of breaks, and sometimes used to just separate other presentation elements.

ITVBe (Break) - 2017

Another photo break bumper, this time with thanks to good old Simon L.

ITVBe (Break) - 2017

A third photo bumper for ITVBe, this time with thanks to Mariana C.

ITVBe (Promo) - 2017

The promo style for ITVBe, here promoting a staple for the channel The Only Way is Essex.

ITVBe (Menu) - 2017

A fullscreen menu from ITVBe, showing programmes coming up later on the channel. Different backgrounds exist based upon the main idents.

ITVBe (ECP) - 2017

Similarly the ECP style for the channel is based off the same ident themes. Here using the balloon background.

Little Be (Open) - 2018

In September 2018, ITV launched its first block of children's programming away from the CITV brand for some time, surprisingly on ITVBe. Branding it up as 'Little Be', the 3 hour block was designed for showing pre-school targeted programming with surrounding presentation to match. The opener starts with the ITVBe logo transitioning using it's usual 'rings' animation to a night sky, which turns to daylight to reveal the simple Little Be shapes against a white background. These 3 shapes always finish at the same point, allowing seamless transitions between idents and break bumpers, similar to how the main ITV logo had worked when initially introduced in 2013.

Little Be (Close) - 2018

The closing animation for the Little Be block is essentially the same as the opening one, just played in reverse. The closing sequence from the first day of operation here, before leading into the first regular ITVBe continuity link.

Little Be (Balloon) - 2018

Idents for Little Be consist of the 3 shapes animating in various ways. The smaller purple shape usually represents an object, which the two larger blue and pink shapes (representing parent and child) then interact with in some way. Here the purple shape becomes a balloon.

Little Be (Ball) - 2018

The purple shape forms a ball this time which is then bounced back and forth between the two characters.

Little Be (Chase) - 2018

For this ident, the purple shape forms a small creature which is then chased back and forth by the child across the screen.

Little Be (Keepie Uppie) - 2018

Another Little Be ident, this time round with the 'child' shape skillfully bouncing a ball on it's head.

Little Be (Lap Bounce) - 2018

For this Little Be ident, the smaller be bounces on the lap of the larger be.

Little Be (Bubbles) - 2018

The larger be blows out lots of small purple bubbles in this ident, with all but one of them then popping.

Little Be (Trampoline) - 2018

The Little Be shapes are all bouncing on an invisible trampoline this time round (or possibly just the mattress of a bed, depending on how cheap they're feeling).

Little Be (Break) - 2018

Multiple coloured variants of the logo exist for break bumpers during the block. Here a yellow variation of the Little Be logo, with the channel name's jingle played.

Little Be (Break) - 2018

A green version of the Little Be logo for this break bumper.

Little Be (Break) - 2018

A blue variation on the break bumper.

Little Be (Break) - 2018

Similar to the style used on the main ITV channel, break bumpers animate either forward or in reverse depending on the side of the break. Meaning they'll always start or finish in a state which links up to the continuous flow of other presentation elements in the block. The yellow version going into a break here is the same as the out of break bumper, just played in the opposite direction to end on the logo this time.

Little Be (Promo) - 2018

A promotion for Little Be, designed for use both inside and outside the block. After showing the connections to ITVBe, it highlights some of the shows that can be seen on the new children's strand.

Little Be (Next) - 2018

An example of the next slide style used during the Little Be block. One of the few elements on the block which doesn't flow quite as seamlessly into the other pres elements.

Little Be (Learn) - 2018

A short sequence for Little Be which uses the animated shapes of the channel to add in an educational element. Here teaching letters of the alphabet. It's not quite ITV Schools, but it's the next best thing!

Little Be (Learn) - 2018

Another 'learning is fun' slot for Little Be. This time not focusing on letters of the alphabet, but instead taking a look at shapes or US defense buildings.

ITV Be (2022 - Present)

ITV Be (Station) - 2022

Alongside all the other ITV channels, ITV Be adopted the common ident set and branding from November 15th 2022. In their version of the train station ident, someone on the train attempts to get the attention of someone on the platform.

ITV Be (Rural) - 2022

ITV Be's version of the rural ident features a tractor and some bales of hay.

ITV Be (Café) - 2022

For ITV Be's version of the 'café' ident, giant cats and rabbits are eating outside. Either that, or the café is just FAR AWAY!

ITV Be (Beach) - 2023

ITV Be's variation of the 'beach' ident was also added in early 2023, in line with the other ITV channels. Featuring a bride at the beach this time, a shot which had come up in some of the information leaked during initial filming a few months prior.



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