Several years after the launch of the last free channels from ITV, ITVBe launched in October 2014. The channel's target audience was intended to be a more female-skewed younger audience, with a heavy focus on pushing their social networking credentials. Programme-wise, the channel took on many reality and lifestyle shows which had previously featured on ITV2, becoming the new home of shows such as The Only Way is Essex.

ITVBe (Diamonds) - 2017

Idents on ITVBe are visually quite simple and consist of various objects floating over a coloured background. Diamonds float in the background to this ident.

ITVBe (Sweets) - 2017

Lots of dolly mixture sweets float past in the background for this ITVBe ident.

ITVBe (Popcorn) - 2017

Popcorn floats around over a turquoise background this time.

ITVBe (Doughnuts) - 2017

For this ITVBe ident, lots of doughnuts are the star.

ITVBe (Balloons) - 2017

A purple background with balloons floating over the top for ITVBe. People are always saying how good the balloon idents were, so you all brought this upon yourselves!

ITVBe (Break) - 2017

One of several bumpers to feature 'selfie' style photos, in an attempt to show just how amazingly hip and in with dat social networking generation ITVBe are. This style is sometimes used in and out of breaks, and sometimes used to just separate other presentation elements.

ITVBe (Break) - 2017

Another photo break bumper, this time with thanks to good old Simon L.

ITVBe (Break) - 2017

A third photo bumper for ITVBe, this time with thanks to Mariana C.

ITVBe (Promo) - 2017

The promo style for ITVBe, here promoting a staple for the channel The Only Way is Essex.

ITVBe (Menu) - 2017

A fullscreen menu from ITVBe, showing programmes coming up later on the channel. Different backgrounds exist based upon the main idents.

ITVBe (ECP) - 2017

Similarly the ECP style for the channel is based off the same ident themes. Here using the balloon background.



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