Dave 2022-Present

On November 9th 2022, Dave saw a refresh to the channel. Out went the chalkboard in favour of a variety of more colourful backdrops. As well as this a whole new set of idents filmed in various locations was brought in, though still retaining that slightly surreal 'Dave' feel. In a similar approach to that taken by E4 a few years earlier, interchangable elements exist within each ident of the new package allowing them to swap in different jokes or comments within the same idents.

This page contains main presentation for the channel, with bumpers split out onto a special Witty Break Bumpers page.

Dave (Station - Short) - 2022

On November 9th 2022, a new package came into use on Dave. Having started first thing in the morning for the channel, initially aired idents were all the shortened daytime variants with limited variations and without continuity. A man walks through Liverpool Lime Street station in this one.

Dave (Football - Short) - 2022

A man paints lines in on a football stadium in another short Dave ident.

Dave (Gym - Short) - 2022

People running on treadmills in another short/off peak Dave ident, used from November 2022.

Dave (Road - Short) - 2022

A car driving along a road in another short daytime ident for Dave.

Dave (Road - Didn't Need) - 2022

One of the longer variants of the 'Road' ident from the Dave refresh in November 2022. In this version, a road sign helpfully tells you to keep going in the same straight direction with an appropriate comment to match.

Dave (Road - Town Name) - 2022

Another longer 'Road' ident. This time different decorations adorn the wingmirror, and all roads lead to 'Town Name Here'.

Dave (Road - Directions) - 2022

The road sign this time helpfully points out the names of different directions in another long Dave ident.

Dave (Road - Honk) - 2022

Another long road ident, this time encouraging drivers to honk if they love comedy. Or possibly someone at UKTV just really likes geese!

Dave (Road - Generic Long) - 2022

A longer version of the generic Dave ident based on roadsigns, using additional footage to make it up to the full 20 second length. This first started appearing a little later than the original shorter version.

Dave (Gym - Running) - 2022

A longer ident variant from the gym for Dave, bringing us some useful statistics on burning calories.

Dave (Gym - Relax) - 2022

Another long variant of the Gym ident for Dave, this time featuring words encouraging relaxing as no one is watching.

Dave (Gym - Sandwich) - 2022

Back in the Gym for another long Dave ident. Talk of sandwiches features this time round.

Dave (Gym - Custard) - 2022

Custard makes an appearance in this variation of the long Gym ident for Dave, used from November 2022.

Dave (Station - Podcast) - 2022

A long playout of the Dave ident filmed at Liverpool Lime Street Station. In this variant the destination sign talks about podcasts, with the Dave logo being printed on a ticket now instead.

Dave (Station - List) - 2022

In this longer variant of the 'station' ident, the platform destination display shows a self-aware remark about lists of stations.

Dave (Station - Goose) - 2022

Another long station ident, this time with the destination stating the ownership of a goose for a particular carriage.

Dave (Station - Dance) - 2022

A dance off in one of the carriages is being promoted in this long variant of Dave's Station ident.

Dave (Station - Generic Long) - 2022

An extended version of the generic train station ident for use in primetime.

Dave (Football - Hello) - 2022

In one of the longer variants of the 'Football' ident, the line painter spells out 'Hello' in large letters.

Dave (Football - Quit) - 2022

For this long Dave ident, the line painter spells out their resignation notice.

Dave (Football - Generic Long) - 2022

First spotted in December, another variation on the football ident for Dave used in the evening junctions. This long ident is a hybrid between the generic daytime versions, in that it ends with the same 'Dave' logo on a field and no additional joke added in, but contains additional shots of the man painting lines to bring the ident duration up to the full primetime length.

Dave (Woodland/Serious) - 2022

Dave's more 'serious' ident didn't make its first appearance until November 16th. First being used to link into the new series of Outsiders as though not actually a serious show in itself, the woodland content of the ident was also appropriate to the show.

Dave (Menu) - 2022

The updated menu style for Dave from November 2022, used in certain breaks on the channel, featured a 'chat' style to promote upcoming programmes. The UKTV-branded cross promotional menu also continued in use alongside this, albeit with the Dave logo updated.

Dave (ECP) - 2022

The refreshed ECP style for Dave from November 2022 matched that of the standalone menus.

Dave (Promo) - 2022

An example of the refreshed promo style for Dave, and not a chalkboard in sight. This promo for the comedy 'We Are Not Alone' had been airing with old branding up to November 8th just without the date listed, with the newly branded version from November 9th now including the air date.

Dave (Promo) - 2022

A promo that appeared alongside the refresh for Dave in November 2022, promoting some of the new shows coming to the channel that month.

Dave (Promo) - 2022

Another general programme promo for Dave introduced with the November refresh. This time featuring the gym setting.

Dave (Break - Alarm/Yellow) - 2022

The refreshed break bumpers on Dave from November 2022 feature the newly-boxed Dave logo animated over various backgrounds. In this one, a flashing Dave alarm appears over a yellow background.

Dave (Break - Alarm/Toast) - 2022

Another outing for the 'alarm' animation on a break bumper, this time using burnt toast as a backdrop.

Dave (Break - Print/Desk) - 2022

In this bumper, the Dave logo animates on in the style of a printer, over a background of a desk.

Dave (Break - Message/Orange) - 2022

For this break bumper, the Dave logo animates on in the style of an instant messenger, over an orange background.

Dave (Break - UKTV Play) - 2022

The promotional break bumper for UKTV Play remained after the November 2022 refresh, only updated with the newer boxed Dave logo.

Dave (Break - Typing/Dull Orange) - 2022

The Dave logo is typed on (after a brief typo), this time over a muted orange background.

Dave (Break - Message/Dog) - 2022

The message animation again, this time using a dog as a background.

Dave (Break - Wiper/Turquoise) - 2022

A wiper animation of the Dave logo over a light bluey-green background features in this bumper.

Dave (Break - Typing/Stripes) - 2022

The typing animation again over a black and white striped background makes up this Dave break bumper.

Dave (Break - Vibrate/Green) - 2022

In this break bumper the Dave logo animates like a mobile phone vibrating.

Dave (Break - Wiper/Soap) - 2022

Another wiper break bumper from November 2022, this time with a 'soapy' background.

Dave (Break - Print/Purple) - 2022

The printing animation against a blueish-purple background makes another Dave break bumper.

Dave (Break - Vibrate/Rocks) - 2022

The phone vibrates again in this break bumper, only this time rocks move in the background too.

Dave (Break - Programme Promo) - 2022

The updated style of break bumper for promoting programmes on Dave from November 2022. Here promoting series 2 of Outsiders.

Dave (Football - Tree) - Christmas 2022

The new presentation package for Dave also spelled some changes to their Christmas presentation. With the break bumpers no longer having the interchangable elements, the regular idents saw some festive tweaks added instead. Here the line painter at the football stadium paints out the shape of a tree.

Dave (Football - Snowflake) - Christmas 2022

In a second festive variation of the football ident, the line painter makes a snowflake at the end.

Dave (Road - Gifts) - Christmas 2022

Festive variations of some of the other idents from November 2022 were introduced in December. Here the sign in the road ident has been replaced with one referencing 'last minute gifts'.

Dave (Road - Tree) - Christmas 2022

In another modified Christmas 2022 ident for Dave, the roadsign shows a picture of a tree.

Dave (Gym - January) - Christmas 2022

With all the indulgence of Christmas, the Gym ident saw a look in for the 2022 festive season ahead of the inevitable January regrets.

Dave (Station - Takeaway) - 2023

The replaceable elements within the main ident set for Dave continued to be tweaked into 2023 to keep the set fresh. Here from late January, the station ident sees a new addition to the destination board about ordering takeaway.

Dave (Station - Geoff) - 2023

Another later variation on the station ident featured a warning about 'Geoff' being on the train. This ident had first appeared during a one off airing in late December alongside the Christmas and New Year additions, before disappearing again until the late January additions.

Dave (Station - Labrador) - 2023

A third new variation on the station ident introduced in late January alerts people to the presence of a dog on the train.

Dave (Earth Day) - 2023 - 2023

To mark Earth Day 2023, UKTV spared no expense putting together special presentation to encourage people to switch off the lights and help reduce their carbon footprint. The Dave logo appears against a plain white background, before changing to a dark background midway through to emphasise watching TV in the dark. Of course, the savings from switching off that 5w LED bulb most people now have versus the savings from switching off the 60w+ TV which would have been showing Dave at the time has had to be glossed over somewhat for commercial reasons...

Dave (Mental Health Awareness Week) - 2023

Dave brings out their serious ident in May 2023 for a two-headed continuity link from two of the channel announcers focused around Mental Health Awareness Week.

Dave (Channel of the Year Sting) - 2023

Following the awarding of 'Channel of the Year' to Dave in the Broadcast Awards in July 2023, UKTV decided to eschew the habit many channels have followed of crudely slapping the accolade in text over their existing idents or stings. Instead a dedicated short sting in the house style was added into the mix on the channel.

Dave (Break - Schitt's Creek) - 2023

To mark the coming of Canadian sitcom 'Schitt's Creek' to Dave from July 17th, UKTV revisited their occasionally seen practice of adapting the channel name to 'David', as part of a phrase referencing one of the characters in the show. This appeared in countdown break bumpers on the channel running up to the first airdate.

Dave (Break - World Cup Lionesses) - 2023

In another example of a topical break bumper for Dave, a bumper was added in on the channel at short notice on August 16th 2023 to mark England's Women's World Cup Team winning over Australia earlier in the day and making it through to the final of the tournament.

Dave (Football - Women's World Cup) - 2023

Following on from the bumper earlier in the week, on Saturday August 19th on the eve of the final, Dave expanded their special presentation to mark the England Women's team making it to the World Cup Final. This time round the usual 'football' ident had been re-edited, with bespoke continuity links recorded to reference the upcoming event.

Dave (Football - Women's World Cup) - 2023

As well as special idents and continuity throughout prime time on Saturday 19th, the 10am and 11am junctions on Sunday 20th August received similar treatment to continue the build up to the Women's World Cup, which was due to kick off at 11am UK time. This made for a rare playout of idents with continuity during daytime hours on Dave.

Dave (Break - World Cup Lionesses) - 2023

More text-based stings/bumpers had been created to cover both outcomes of the World Cup Final match on Sunday August 20th. With Spain ultimately coming out on top over England in the match, the appropriate consolation series were added in to breaks within the evening schedule on the channel.

Dave (Break - World Cup Lionesses) - 2023

Another special sting used following the Women's World Cup Final match on Sunday August 20th.

Dave (Break - World Cup Lionesses) - 2023

A third special break sting used in primetime following the Women's World Cup Final match on Sunday August 20th.

Dave (Break - World Cup Lionesses) - 2023

The fourth special sting put out after the Women's World Cup Final makes a point about how it could have been much worse!

Dave (Outsiders) - 2023

On October 11th, the third series of their Dave's 'Definitely-Not-Taskmaster' series Outsiders began airing on the channel, with a special ident to mark the occasion.

Dave (Promo) - Christmas 2023

The Christmas 2022 idents were reused on Dave in the week closer to Christmas 2023. However for the rest of the month, pres changes were limited to festive promos and 9pm messages (the witty break bumpers that had only been introduced less than 2 months earlier taking a complete break for December). Christmas promos on Dave usually saw festive stock images on the endboards mixed in with trailers, which in themselves had varying degrees of festiveness incorporated. Here a promo for Mortimer and Whitehouse Go Fishing adds an entire song and a more bespoke endboard image.

Dave (Promo) - Christmas 2023

A second promo seasonal from Christmas 2023 from Dave, this time to promote festive editions of QI. In a bit of a change of approach for the channel, Dave had began ramping up more individual tailored promotions for all their 'filler' repeat programming from around September onwards. Previously promotion of such shows had tended to appear more as part of grouped 'season' promotions with individual channel promotions usually focusing on promoting their own originals.

Dave (Road - Danger!) - 2024

Special continuity over a specially modified version of the 'roadsign' ident was used into the 8pm junction on February 18th 2024, to mark the start of the new series of World's Most Dangerous Roads.

Dave (Promo - Meet The Richardsons - Only Fools) - 2024

To promote the fifth series of Meet The Richardsons starting in April 2024, Dave produced a series of mock trailers featuring Jon and Lucy recreating various well known TV genres and cult moments. Here the two guest stars recreate a famous Only Fools and Horses scene. In shorter versions of trailers, the majority of the trailer would be taken up by the 'mock' element before going to the endboard, whereas in longer versions the second half of the trailer would show clips from the actual show.

Dave (Promo - Meet The Richardsons - Detective Drama) - 2024

Ben Shephard and Alexander Armstrong make a guest appearance in this trailer for 'Meet The Richardsons' series 5, stepping out of daytime television to play detectives in a gritty police drama.

Dave (Promo - Meet The Richardsons - Fawlty Towers) - 2024

Jon Richardson recreates a famous moment from comedy series Fawlty Towers in another trailer for Meet The Richardsons series 5.

Dave (Promo - Meet The Richardsons - Documentary) - 2024

Jon tours a warehouse in a sendup of 'documentary' programmes in this Meet The Richardsons trailer, shown here in a longer variant.

Dave (Promo - Meet The Richardsons - Reality TV) - 2024

Becoming increasingly meta now, in this trailer for the faux-reality-TV comedy show Meet The Richardsons, Reality TV shows themselves are now being parodied.

Dave (Promo - Meet The Richardsons - The Office) - 2024

Lucy Beaumont recreates another famous TV moment in this promo for Meet The Richardsons, recreating a David Brent scene from The Office.

Dave (Break - U&Dave) - 2024

Late in 2023 plans were announced to relaunch UKTV Play as 'U' and simultaneously rename all their traditional linear channels as 'U&x', with the whole strategy unusually being revealed over 6 months ahead of time. As part of the build up to this finally going to air, in May 2024 all the free channels started airing teaser break bumpers for the upcoming name change. Dave's version here.



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