Yorkshire Television - 1968-2002

Yorkshire Television were later than some on the ITV scene, not beginning broadcasting until 1968, when they took over from the existing holder ABC. The station retained both it's distinctive Yellow Chevron logo, and the jingle based upon the local theme 'On Ilkla Moor Baht 'at' for most of it's lifespan from launch until it began being subsumed like most regions into the national ITV plc fold from 2002 onwards. Yorkshire was one of the first companies in the network to buy out another region after it became deregulated in the 90s, taking over Tyne Tees in 1992 due to both stations having overbid on their licences in the 1991 franchise auction. That early takeover resulted in the Leeds centre becoming one of the first to handle playout for multiple regions, and as a result to this day Yorkshire's facilities retain a large role in network playout for ITV. With thanks to Ashley B for a lot of the 2001 content on here.

Yorkshire 1968

From 1968, the original Black and White chevron. The first and last time an animated ident would be used for some years to come.

Yorkshire 1970s

A Yorkshire ident from the mid 70s. Caught from a repeat of Rising Damp on Channel 4, where they accidentally left on the frontcap.

Yorkshire 1988

Yorkshire Television's fairly impressive (for the time), and much-loved liquid gold ident from the late 80s. The exact example here is a frontcap.

Yorkshire - 1990

The first version of Yorkshire's generic ITV ident, from August 1990. Still featuring the very abstract Y in the end triangle at this point. Complete with Bob Preedy providing some very 'Channel 3-esque-era' continuity over this link.

Yorkshire (Serving the Community) - 1990

Although firmly in the generic look by 1990 for most links, a remnant of Liquid Gold still remains in use. Specially branded as 'Serving the Community', the mostly static ident joins seemlessly in to the titles for a short local segment known as Help Yourself.

Yorkshire (Serving the Community Close) - 1990

The accompanying closing production cap version of the above chevron. Once again integrated into the closing of the 'Help Yourself' strand, and also promoting their community values.

Yorkshire (Short) - 1994

Bob Preedy provides continuity over a static version of this Yorkshire ident. Still based off the 1989 Generic ITV ident which had been modified by Yorkshire locally to improve the prominence of the chevron, this copy dates from shortly before the next look below was introduced - airing October 9th 1994.

Yorkshire (Short) - 1994

In 1994, a new set of idents were introduced to Yorkshire Television, and were the first home-grown YTV effort to feature a different soundtrack to the famous 'On Ilkey Moor' notes that had been present since the station launch. Images, usually from the region, sit in a bar behind the chevron over various coloured backgrounds. A short version here, which doesn't include any music at all and a very short form up of the chevron.

Yorkshire (Long) - 1997

Yorkshire Television received the Channel 3 treatment in 1996, to a degree. The changes weren't as drastic as what they'd enforced on fellow-owned Tyne Tees in the North East, with the Chevron and Yorkshire's name still remaining centre stage, as well as seeing the return of the signature Yorkshire notes of On Ilkla Moor Baht 'at remixed for the late 90s. However in the longest version of the ident, the same large gold 3 is seen appearing out of the Yorkshire logo for a short time, with the same 3 background as used for C3NE. Maggie also provides a very generic pre-recorded announcement here with as many names as possible crammed in, just incase any Yorkshire viewers felt like they were missing out on those by not being in the North East.

Yorkshire (Mid) - 1997

A mid length version of the ident from the Channel 3 era, this time without the giant gold 3, although the shadows in the background remain. The focus is all on the spinning Yorkshire Chevron here.

Yorkshire (Evening - Long) - 1998

After the takeover by Granada, the Channel 3 project was very swiftly dropped. Whilst 'Channel 3 North East' had to have an entirely new ident put together to reintroduce TTTV, Yorkshire's set required fewer changes. The longest version of the ident with the giant gold three emerging from the chevron was simply dropped, and in the remaining shorter versions the background image lost all the ghosted 3s. Evening and daytime versions with different shades of blue existed, in various lengths as needed. A longer version of the evening ident here, with Maggie Mash providing continuity into the News at Ten.

Yorkshire (Evening - Short) - 1998

A shorter edit of the 1998 Yorkshire ident this time, with less buildup on the music. Evening version with Maggie again.

Yorkshire (Long) - Christmas 1999

With the ITV generic idents only arriving in November 1999, GMG had by then already commissioned locally branded Christmas idents for that year. So only weeks after the new corporate look had gone to air, the GMG North stations all swapped back to locally branded festive idents without an ITV logo in sight. Designed in Leeds, and following a similar style to the Yorkshire Television local rebrand that had been devised earlier that year, the left half was replaced with the relevant region's logo, whilst the right half featured Christmas imagery.

Yorkshire (Short) - Christmas 1999

A short version of the 1999 Yorkshire Christmas ident, with the logo already formed up onscreen.

ITV Yorkshire - 2000

Initially in 1999, GMG North introduced all the filmed sequences for the Generic Hearts look in the Yorkshire region as well, with the huge new locally produced set relegated to use before a dwindling number of regional programmes only! It didn't take long for the filmed hearts sequences to also be dropped in favour of a small number of graphical only versions of the idents.

ITV1 Yorkshire - 2001

In August 2001, Yorkshire received the same tweak as the rest of the regions to replace the existing ITV logo with a much bigger ITV1 logo. The full version of the lines ident was used less much less frequently for junctions for the last year of Northern continuity, with GMG North preferring to use either the already formed copy, or a quicker formup re-edit.

ITV1 Yorkshire - 2001

After the August ITV1 logo tweak, Yorkshire received the same shortened version of the lines formup ident as the other GMG North stations for the majority of their junctions. Complete here with extra logos overlaid to cross-promote shows on other ITV channels.

Yorkshire 2001 (Stone Balls)

With the generic look for ITV being tied up in continuing disagreements over 1999, GMG decided to commission their own full rebrand for Yorkshire locally. The chevron and well known jingle were retained, alongside clips from the region. A large number of variations on these new Yorkshire idents were made, featuring different towns, cities and other locations. Ultimately they weren't to see their full intended use. They were completed only a short time before the ITV generic look arrived in November 1999, leaving them relegated to use before only a small number of regional shows when they finally started airing at the same time.

Yorkshire 2001 (Gargoyle)

A stone Gargoyle kicks off this ident.

Yorkshire 2001 (Sandcastles)

A Sandcastle with a windmill can be seen this time.

Yorkshire 2001 (Fountains)

Maggie Mash talks over some fountains.

Yorkshire 2001 (Spire)

er... it's a funny pointy thing!

Yorkshire 2001 (Castle)

Some shots of a castle this time round.

Yorkshire 2001 (Windmill) - Clean

In the programme junction prior to this, 2 announcements had been accidentally played at the same time, meaning the next junction, this one, went out clean.

Yorkshire 2001 (Groynes)

Some shots of a castle this time round.

Yorkshire 2001 (Memorial)

A memorial can be seen this time.

Yorkshire 2001 (Whitby)

Shots from across the town of Whitby this time.

Yorkshire 2001 (Glass)

Not really sure what this is, other than a load of glass!

Yorkshire 2001 (Cooling Towers)

Ooooh! Some big Chimneys!

Yorkshire 2001 (Fish Mosaic)

Just when you thought you'd seen everything, Yorkshire brings you a Mosaic fish!

Yorkshire 2001 Short A

Now for the short versions of the idents, which lack the famous jingle!

Yorkshire 2001 Short B

Lots of churchy shots in this ident.

Yorkshire 2001 Short C

It's those fountains again.

Yorkshire 2001 Short D

A short flash of the Chimneys.

Yorkshire 2001 Short E

er... it's a circle!

Yorkshire 2001 Short F

Some more buildings, in another ident.

Yorkshire 2001 Short G

More building shots, before becoming fixed on what looks like a pair of birds.

Yorkshire 2001 Short H

Yet more random shots of local buildings.

Yorkshire 2001 Short I

Pyramids again, then there's a tudor house.

Yorkshire 2001 Short J

Hey. It's the Stone Balls again!

Yorkshire 2001 Short K

Is that a statue of a swan at the beginning?

Yorkshire 2001 Short L

A Blurry shot of people walking past. Perhaps Yorkshire grew tired of filming buildings!

Yorkshire 2001 Short M

The Groynes version... in short form!

Yorkshire 2001 Short N

The sun shines over.... some big rock!

Yorkshire 2001 Short O

Sandcastles again. Oh, and listen to the announcer talk about the all-new Crossroads. That turned out to be a great success, didn't it (!)

Yorkshire 2001 Short P

Lots of arches in this short version.

Yorkshire - Last Announcement From Leeds - 28/10/2002

On the 28th October 2002, the last ever announcement from Leeds was made, with Granada moving everything to London from later that day. In a touching last announcement, Bob Preedy bids us all a fond farewell from all the Yorkshire Television announcers since 1968. Similar announcements were made in the other GMG North regions in this junction, just replacing the dates and region name as appropriate.



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