Granada Presentation

A look at some of the other presentational elements from Granada over the years. Despite the size of the station within the ITV network, and massive clout when it came to in house graphical skills, Granada were a bit light on their ident packages until the 90s. They continued to use other presentational elements such as invision continuity, promos, and next slides much later than many other stations, with a lot of this bespoke pres only finally dropped when playout operations were merged with Yorkshire Television's Leeds operation in 1998.

Granada (In Vision Continuity) - Christmas 1987

In the Granada Continuity booth for Christmas Day 1987 with a backdrop featuring the same festive graphical elements that were in use across trailers and next slides that year. This style, produced by Granada, was also used on the 'ITV' branded trailers which were picked up by several other regions that year, and variations of the backdrop even made it to the IVC booths for some other regions.

Granada Clock 1988

The accompanying clock from 1988.

Granada (In Vision Continuity) - Christmas 1988

Charles Foster is in the booth to provide Christmas Day 1988 continuity on Granada, leading here into the movie premiere of The Empire Strikes Back.

Granada (Next) - Christmas 1988

A festively adorned next slide for Christmas 1988 on Granada.

Granada (Next) - 1989

From June, a themed next slide from Granada in 1989. This pre-dated the full time 'Summer on Granada' branding which follows a month later, so its unclear exactly what the theme for this one might be. Could you imagine anyone ever getting away with that font choice on the mocks section of TV Forum too? With apologies for some reception issues on this.

Granada (Summer Promo) - 1989

A long promotion for upcoming dramas in Summer 1989 on Granada. With footage from Evergreen, Murder on the Moon (known as Murder By Moonlight elsewhere), and the first of Tyne Tees' Catherine Cookson drama productions for the network, based on the novel The Fifteen Streets.

Granada (Summer Next) - 1989

Granada (Summer Promo) - 1989

Granada (Endcap) - 1989

Long before most TV companies had started using credit squeezing and End Credit Promotions as standard, Granada experimented with using the technique to show their endcap in the late 80s and into the early 90s.

Granada (In Vision Continuity) - Christmas 1989

Charles Foster is in the festively adorned booth for Boxing Day 1989, here linking in to the ITV premiere of Return of the Jedi.

Granada (Clock) - Christmas 1989

A quick view of the 1989 festive clock from Granada, leading in to the news. Clocks were to be dropped completely from Granada not long after this.

Granada (Next) - 1990

A much smarter, if somewhat plain, next slide from Granada in 1990. Here promoting a show from the late Jeremy Beadle.

Granada (In Vision Continuity) - 1990

Charles Foster is in the booth again, this time to lead into Granada's late movie Rent-A-Cop.

Granada (Promo) - 1990

A programme trailer from Granada in 1990. Unlike many of the regions who were happy just to take ITV branded trailers during this era, Granada generally preferred their trailers to at least namecheck them as Granada rather than ITV. Something which was probably much easier to do for the station who, as a big network contributor, were already making a lot of those trailers.

Granada (Promo) - 1990

A rare appearance of the Granada G on the endboard in another 1990 promo for the station, here promoting the new series of 'Coasting' coming soon.

Granada (Promo) - Christmas 1990

A small child is left to forlornly look on through someone's window at the entertainment they're missing out on. What better way to open the 1990 festive schedule trailer on Granada than that?

Granada (In Vision Continuity) - Christmas 1990

From mid-December, the backdrop to the Granada IVC booth sees some festive themed graphic changes as we lead into the first ever British Comedy Awards.

Granada (In Vision Continuity) - 1990

Christmas Day in the booth at Granada, and what better time to thank all the emergency services looking out for people over the festive season. Followed by a mention of the Granada Christmas Careline, run to provide support for people needing it during the season.

Granada (Next) - Christmas 1990

Ever the sticklers for branding consistency at Granada Pres, the festive 1990 next slide features a completely different style to the rest of the package. Instead of the 'blue present tag with holly' logo that had been brought in for the IVC backdrop and on that year's ident, the next slide features a still from their trailer style, complete with a Granada G which someone had decided rendering in a gothic font was a good idea.

Granada (Promo) - Christmas 1990

Another festive programme trailer for Granada, featuring the same 'Gothic-Style' G as used on the next slide, but once again not inkeeping with the 'present tag' logo the channel were using elsewhere that year. Here trailing Mr Bean and El Cid on New Year's Day 1991.

Granada (In Vision Continuity) - 1991

Charles Foster provides an invision link into You've Been Framed here during the first Granada 'stripe' era. Despite their seemingly more formal approach to presentation at Granada (and the initial hatred of the idea by Sidney Bernstein), the region kept their friendly invision continuity team longer than many others, only finally losing it in the latter half of the 90s.

Granada (Promo) - 1991

Granada trail their long-running show for the network The Krypton Factor in 1991, using a surreal art exhibition, some spare monitors and a bunch of dancers.

Granada (Promo) - 1991

Chequerboard patterns persist on Granada promos in this later promo for sitcom The Upper Hand, now used alongside a perspex G on the endboard.

Granada (Promo) - 1991

Another Granada promo, this time for series 2 of 'Cluedo'. Another of their many contributions to the network, Cluedo featured a mix of drama and studio-based action as celebrities attempted to guess who the murderer was each week.

Granada (Promo) - 1991

Another seemingly random set of graphics on this rundown menu promo for Granada in 1991, from the era when they seemed to have something new every week.

Granada (Next - Dinosaur) - 1991

A special dinosaur themed next slide from Granada in 1991. Although only promoting a regular programme here, schedule listings from Oracle for the day highlight that the American A&E miniseries 'Dinosaur' hosted by Walter Cronkite was starting an airing on ITV around this time possibly explaining the additional theming added to the slide.

Granada (Next) - 1991

Late 1991, and as the quality of the computer rendering for the stripe improves, so too does the next slide design for Granada.

Granada (Next) - Easter 1992

Some minor graphical tweaks to the next slide on Granada for Easter Sunday 1992.

Granada (Promo) - Easter 1992

Easter Monday 1992 on Granada is coming, and what better way to promote the evening's shows than with zoom in shots on a giant perspex G.

Granada (In Vision Continuity) - 1993

Legendary stalwart for the station Colin Weston is in the booth at Granada this time round. Here leading in to the uncut showing of Fatal Attraction in 1993.

Granada (Promo) - 1993

Granada mark American Independence Day 1993 in a very subtle fashion. Here promoting a show based around American rock band The Doors, complete with some additional 'American Independence Day' branding on the endboard.

Granada (Promo) - Christmas 1993

The 1993 festive trailer style from Granada, featuring Santa flying over a town scene. Trailering the sitcom Watching here, which by the time of this particular broadcast would have finished its run

Granada (Next) - Christmas 1993

An example of the Christmas 1993 next slide style for Granada too, this time with a Christmas tree being used to decorate things.

Granada (Break) - 1997

A brief flash of the Granada G in 1997 for the channel's breakbumper. Blink and you'll miss it!

Granada (Promo) - 2000

A locally-branded trailer for Granada from well into the ITV Hearts era. Similar to the other Granada-owned stations, the regional logo has taken on the 'stencil' effect seen on the main network trailers.

ITV (Break - Football) - 2001

During the latter days of the regional continuity for GMG North, break bumpers were usually devoid of regional branding instead going with ITV or ITV1. Here, shortly after the minor refresh of ITV to ITV1 in August 2001, a special break bumper. Either promoting football coverage, or possibly some new channel called ITV7 - you decide!



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