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~ BBC Ceefax ~

Ceefax was the BBC's Teletext service. Launched in 1974, the service grew quickly over the following 2 decades, even being used 'in vision' to fill gaps in programming overnight. The service finally ended with the switchover to Digital Television in 2012 - the final invision sequence of this can be found on the 'Teletext in View' page of the site.

All contents on this page have been recovered from original VHS recordings.

BBC1 Ceefax - Diana's Funeral - 6/9/1997

Everyone remembers the unprecedented disruption to the TV schedules following the tragic death of Princess Diana at the end of August 1997. From the day of her funeral in early September 1997 comes the coverage from BBC1's Ceefax service too giving a rare insight to a day we'll never see the likes of again. Similar to the broadcast, the BBC's textual medium has almost blanket coverage across the news (with a much smaller section for Mother Teresa). Television and radio listings are thrown out of the window, with a rare now and next page with all but one channel showing the same thing. Travel sections are dedicated to getting people in and out of London, and sporting pages detail events being called off. Even areas such as children and music have their own unique angle on the events of that day.

BBC1 Ceefax (South East) - 25/12/1998

From the South East region, Christmas 1998 on the BBC, and it's time to see what the festive schedules are looking like for that year - especially that varied schedule on BBC News 24. In news, Richard Branson's balloon challenge ends in failure, and with the end of the year being close everyone is doing their look back at events of the past 12 months. Also on page 619, don't miss some a feature on that well remembered BBC trailer from 1998 looking back over decades of children's television.

~ Acknowledgements ~
Jason Robertson (@grim_fandango) - For being a source of inspiration for this project -
Alistair Buxton - For creating the original recovery software -